I cannot honestly believe that I even have to report on this shit. I am not a lawyer, I don’t play one on television. Hell, I don’t even pretend to be one in here. But you don’t have to be a barred attorney to litigate the extent of this kind of legal stupid.

Late tonight,  disgraced numb nuts Dipshit Donnie filed a lawsuit against the New York Times, as well as his own niece Mary Trump. The lawsuit alleges that the New York Times coerced Mary Trump into turning over personal tax documents that were not hers to reveal under a confidentiality agreement. The NYT was not available for an immediate comment, but reached by Buzzfeed News, Mary Trump said, Personally, I think Donald is a loser. I couldn’t put it better myself.

Just a little background. I read Mary Trump’s book, so I’m familiar with this episode. At the time, Mary Trump was embroiled in a lawsuit against her uncles Donald and Robert, as well as her aunt Maryanne Trump, over her deceased fathers share of her Grandfathers estate. The tax documents were family records, and had been held in storage for decades. They were also part of discovery in the lawsuit, so she had access.

Mary removed the documents by the simple process of signing them out, and took them home. After looking at them, she called a NYT reporter who had been asking her for assistance, and invited them over for a look. The result was a Pulitzer prize for the NYT reporters who finally shed a light on Trump family taxes, although not those of Donald trump personally. No client signs a confidentiality agreement for documents that are destined for public disclosure in court.

But here’s where we get to the truly inspirational stupidity of this saga. Trump is well known as the world champion of litigation. He sues every debtor he owes to try to weasel out, and he tells every small vendor to go ahead and sue, and he’ll tie him up in court until the next century. But Trump is also world renowned for stiffing his lawyers on their legal fees. Which is why ne now apparently gets his representation from the Fly By Night law firm.

No shit. The lawsuit tried hard to slander Mary Trump as an opportunist loser trying hard to capitalize on the wealth of her relatives. But then this third rate hack threw in a line that scuttled the entire premise of the rest of the lawsuit, He said in the filing, It is impossible to underestimate her greed, or her personal agenda.

Wait a minute, what?!? Lawyers involved in civil litigation are the masters of hyperbole, they try to overstate everything to make the defendant look as bad as possible. But in the legal filing, Trump’s lawyer said that it was impossible to underestimate Mary’s greed and personal agenda.

What the fuck? By using the word underestimate in that context, Trump’s legal beagle was basically telling the court, No matter how greedy you think Mary Trump is, fuggedabouditit. You’re overestimating to the nth degree! She’s nowhere near that greedy and conniving.

No wonder Mary Trump told Buzzfeed that her Uncle Donald was a fucking loser. In his initial filing document, the lawsuit accused her of unbridled greed, and then turned around and told the court that it was impossible to underestimate her greed and hubris. Only in Trumptopia.

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    • Trump is like those geese walking around the pond in the city park, they are on one of their stop-overs for a water re-charge along their path of migration … enjoying their proud strutting posture from across the well-manicured lawn is ok, until you get close enough to notice the mounds of ejected bird ballast …

      Trump’s method is slightly different, he lets the flow go right out of his mouth at every opportunity … I suppose with an intelligence much lower than those geese, Trump’s mentality, makes his blathering more understandable, but I believe, and always have, Trump IS a *ucking idiot/moron …!!

  1. The truth hurts, huh, Donnie? The only good thing Trump’s ever done is divide the GOP like never before, making them a much weaker party.


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