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At the end of Judge Ketanji Brown Jacksons’ first day of being pilloried by the GOP for the inexcusable sins of being black, female, and a surrogate for Brewski Brett Kavanaugh, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when commentators said that the GOP had reached rock bottom, it couldn’t go any lower. I knew better.

Because the first day of a high level Senate confirmation hearing with the nominee being questioned is the one that basically tends to get gavel-to-gavel coverage. So that’s the day that the preening peacocks of the Senate bring their A-Game shit to the table. Because they have a captive audience. And it turns out that the GOP’s A-Game shit was about as lame as the character Tiny Tim in Dickens A Christmas Carol.

Which left another full day of questioning, which pretty much left the GOP with the leftover shit off of the cutting room floor. And it was truly pathetic. Just a brief sample of the deep dive judicial philosophy questions ranking shitheads Hawley,Cruz and Graham peppered Judge Jackson with; What is your definition of “A woman”? Rate the depth of your faith on a scale of 1-10? In his hearing Judge Kavanaugh was ambushed! How would you like it if we did that to YOU? You honestly think that someone with 100 child porn images on his computer should serve less time than someone who gets two pictures in the mail? Ummm, as far as I know, they’re both the same crime dumbfuck.

And Judge Jackson had to sit there and put up with that lame bullshit, back straight, eyes clear, head up, and take them to school for the second time in two days. But thankfully, she let her fangs show just a little. Several times she told these strutting popinjays that she had already answered the question multiple times, and stood on her previous answers. And Chairman Durbin gave her an assist, reining in Cruz and Hawley, at one point telling the judge, Don’t bother answering that, he’s only going to interrupt you again.

But it was Democratic Senator Cory Booker, in an emotional, inspirational 10 minute preach to Judge Jackson when it was his turn to speak, that rammed it home to me that with their callous, racist, sexist, dismissive treatment of Judge Jackson over the last two days, The Three Stooges et al had all just shit in their mess kit.

Booker is a staunch advocate for Jackson. Yesterday, he lauded her in his questioning, and poked holes in th racist bullshit she had to put up with from the GOP. But today he topped himself. If you haven’t seen it, find it online, it’s must see. He told her how when he looked at her, he saw his own mother, and some of her struggles. He brought up the common struggles of both of their ancestors to reach this point. He compared her to Harriet Tubman. And he told her that It didn’t matter what the GOP said or did, they weren’t stealing his joy at this moment. And he closed by saying that when the final vote was over, and she placed her hand on the bible to take her owth, he was going to rejoice, because America had just become a better place.

And that’s when it hit me. Cory Booker wasn’t getting overly emotional on a personal level, Cory Booker was channeling black America. For the African American population, this is a moment on national ethnic pride and accomplishment. Joe Biden made a promise to them in return for their support, and now he’s actually delivering on it. And generations of black Americans are now experiencing something they never honestly thought they would see in their lifetimes. Kind of like me seeing the Cubs win the World Series. You always kept believing, but somehow you never quite believed it would happen.

Here’s why this is so important. Biden promised the African american community, specifically African American women, the backbone of the party, and now he’s delivering. Talk about motivation. But the GOP just spent two days flinging shit all over a black trailblazer. They treated her with disdain, they treated her with distrust, and they treated her with disrespect. It was like flinging paint on Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child to a catholic.

  • In November, there is an open GOP Senate seat in North Carolina, a state with a large and growing black population
  • There is also an open GOP seat in Pennsylvania, with a large black population that helped to flip Pennsylvania to Biden in 2020
  • In Georgia, incumbent Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock is facing a tough battle. Another state with an already large and growing black population
  • In Texas, another state with a large and growing black population, as well as an exploding population of wanna be included minorities, you have a Governor’s race with a popular and well set up and funded Democratic challenger
  • And in 50-70 suburban swing districts that will determine House control, you have various black populations, but also large populations of college educated white women who might not look too kindly on privileged white GOP Senators throwing shade all over a highly qualified black woman taking her place in history.

No man! The Dude will not abide! You don’t have to have a masters in poli-sci to see how the 30 second ads write themselves. Just show a shot of a smiling Judge Jackson, in her robe, taking the oath of office. Then cut to Cancun Teddy Cruz Show a picture of her in a SCOTUS group shot, and then cut to a ranting Josh Hawley, angrily calling her a liar, because she didn’t remember one case in more than 100 criminal trials that she presided over. Show another puff shot of Justice Jackson, and then switch to a purple faced Lindsey Graham yelling at her at the top of his lungs, asking her How she’d like being ambushed the way that Justice Kavanaugh was?!

These GOP morons haven’t just given the Democrats an incredible gift going into 2022. They just gave an even more valuable gift. They gave a gift to the armies of Democratic African American grassroots organizations to hammer home voter registration and GOTV operations. Talk about pure motivation! The GOP can pass more and more restrictive voting laws, but the but the one thing that they can’t do is to stop legally registered, highly motivated voters from actually going to the polls. Especially when your older voters are pissed off about new restrictive mail in voting laws. I don’t think the GOP quite realized what they’ve just done.


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  1. During the hearings, I kept wondering why Dick Durban wasn’t taking more control and shutting down some of the asshole-ishness. Then I heard Claire McCaskill on MSNBC last night saying she thought Durban was most likely giving them enough rope to hang themselves. I almost lost it when Booker was giving his soliloquy and they cut to KBJ and she was trying to maintain her composure, but you could tell it was a relief someone was validating her and her accomplishments.

  2. I don’t know……..if their aim was to come off as racist, moronic assholes for their illiterate redneck base, I’d say they were a booming success.


    • Indeed they were, their hillbilly base would love every minute … if it was watching every minute. It’s not. It’s getting fed clips via FOX or Newsmax, just like the clips of Tucker extolling the virtues of Putin’s War. It’s all the same asshole message going to the same asshole audience, and that’s the Repugnican’s weakness. That audience isn’t growing, in fact it’s shrinking, which is why the GOP’s dedicated to vote suppression and fraud. But the audience for Judge Jackson is already huge and it IS growing. The more she gets slandered and disrespected by the asshole wing of Congress, the more the big Black and Liberal audience will be motivated to cripple (and one day kill) a political party so corrupt and morally repugnant.

  3. One expects such antics from cancun and the howler monkey. Senator Graham just keeps degrading himself in these later years of his political career and it’s sad to watch his rapid decline. What a come-down for a veteran and someone who, while not of my political persuasion, has until about 2016 served his constituents to the best of his abilities. It’s too bad he’ll basically be known as a major ass-kisser and pretty much nothing more.

  4. How Judge Jackson was able to maintain her composure and dignity is truly a testimony to her worthiness for the Supreme Court. Remember Kavanaugh sobbing and yelling “I like beer, okay?”. Did someone really ask her for her definition of woman? I would have lost it at that point.

  5. She is doing great with the “judicial temperment” as my boss says… I would have cussed a bunch of them out by now. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. I worry about Warnocj. Herschel.Walker,,exNFL player and possibly the stupidest man on the planet ( I have seen House plants with a higher IQ):is his opponent. Every white red neck will.vote for him,,and,,sadly, some PoC simply because he played football. After reading some of the things he doesn’t believe in–the correct shape of the earth,the moon landing,pretty much oall.of science,Covid vaccines,– he is terrifyingly dumb, which will endear him to aTrump.voters.

  7. The massive smooth projection of her answers, even as Graham stepped into the pool of idiocy after Durbin, basically called the assholes out, with their continued binging on the kiddy porn train to nowhere, she early on explained where her history on that stemmed from and what it really was before being distorted and re-imagined into expensive charts …

    Which to me were so infantile and disrespectful, that I could not help commenting out loud about Teddy’s shit covered boot in his own mouth, ANYBODY that had been watching the grilling scene up to that point had already heard her explain her history there …

    She has earned an incredible legacy of approvals from so many ACTUAL legal minded individuals and legal lawyer groups, that these attempts to throw curve balls into her pursuit of a SCOTUS position show nothing but the stupidity and simple unknowing minds of the GOP …

    Cruz should just crawl back into his hole like any self-respecting viper snake …

  8. Yeah I caught some of that and you could fairly say the three stooges shit in their helmets and put them on. But you forgot about Marsha Blackburn. Where does she get off. How do you find the definition of woman. Makes you want to check her parents. A. Whether her parents were married. Or B. Whether or not they were related. Or C. She’s just plain racist. I’m thinking all three myself. But hey I’m a optimist.


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