After a two-and-a-half-year investigation, District Attorney Fani Willis reached a long-awaited milestone late in the evening of Monday, August 14. In the Fulton County Superior Court, the grand jury handed up to Judge Robert McBurney a single indictment naming 19 co-conspirators. At the top of the list is Defendant Trump.

Defendant Trump – or Perp-T for short – is increasingly finding himself headlining lists of criminal charges, so much so that most people are losing track of them all. That’s where Politizoom’s Tracking series comes in.

In January this year, we set out to help our readers track the progress of multiple elections for Speaker of the House. After four or five ballots, it was hard to keep up with who was voting for whom. With easy-to-read tables and daily updates, it was much easier to follow the shifting alliances. It became a record of a historical event and we’re set to do it again.

Now that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is finally on the board, we’re ready to present the first running total.

It’s an impressive haul of charges for Perp-T. In just five months, he’s only 9 charges shy of his first 100. There’s bound to be more coming soon – we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Nineteen in total in Georgia. I can think of two more indictments I would love to see. The first would be the addition of Miz Lindsey Graham in the Georgia case, as she’s already talking trash about the indictment and did try to influence Georgia officials.
    The second is an investigation and indictment of Mark Meadows in North Carolina on voter fraud, as he was registered in a place he did not live, as wee hi wife and son, whose physical presence in the trailer on the property is still in question.

    • I’ve been saying for weeks now that Lindsey Graham wouldn’t be indicted. From the very beginning, Fani Willis told him he wasn’t a target of her investigation which is why she found it so odd that he was fighting it so hard. I bet she now knows far more about Lindsey Graham’s situation than we do. It will all be under seal though, and I suspect it will stay that way until Perp-T is convicted and safely incarcerated.

  2. Excellent. I can’t wait for the wonderful day when you get to add a new category: Convictions!

    In the meantime, might I be so bold as to make a suggestion? Keep an eye out for what I suspect will be an increasing number of memes (there’s a pretty good start already) of Trump being perp-walked, behind bars and/or in an orange jumpsuit and so on. Perhaps the furkids can help you create a Sunday post using Carly Simon’s song Anticipation? Maybe after another trial date is set which will be in a couple of weeks. Perhaps once that gets sorted out even a third date might get set. Fani Willis is pushing for six months which given the number of defendants isn’t realistic BUT if the case gets split into trials of “lesser” defendants than Trump and the top few, and since some people will probably decide it’s time to cop a plea (bet the race is already underway today!) there will be fewer defendants so maybe. And by fall the NYC trial will be firmed up.

  3. My husband went to.high school with Bob Cheeley. He was,A bit of a pr*do even then,white, Christian entitled and the son of a, judge. We are enjoying an extra large helping of schadenfreude at my house,and it is delicious.

    The only drawback from the PoV of optics is that Willis is Black, female and a Demwho held a,fundraiser for another Dem. Trump wanted her removed for that reason, but he was told to.sit down and shut Judge McBurney, who handled the grand jury and special.grand jury and signed off on the indictments. Back when it was the special.grand jury,he told Willis to drop Jones from her list because he was the one whose opponent she hosted the fundraiser for, not for actual bias, but optics. He was,appointed by Nathan Deal,originally a Dem but by then a centrist, not too crazy Republican.

    At the moment two prosecutors are Black Dems. Smith is whute,male,,and an independent.

    Of the judges, m Burney seems to be a by the book centrist type who oruled against the GA abortion ban as unconstitutional but was overruled. Merchan is a former prosecutor who was,appointed by Bloomberg originally court. No info on political.affiliation but he is a former prosrcutor. He oversaw Banning and Wiesselberg’s cases. Trump.hates him.(he is,Hispanic5!). Chutkan is Black and female and appointed by Obama,a trifecta of every Trump.hates. She was,approved 95-0 in the Senate which means a lot of Republicans voted for her approval. And there is,Loose Cannon who appears to have been appointed for her looks because it sure wasn’t based on her experience. She doesn’t have any.

    Sadly it would be better if the judges and prosecutors were,all Republican appointees or Republicans elected to.their jobs,as prosecutors. When’s not If Willis wins,Trump’s cultists won’t accept because she is a,Black female Dem, even if the judge is a Republican appointee.

    And it only takes one lying masters Trump if to hang the jury. This is a,felony case and verdicts must be unanimous. Doesn’t matter if it is televised and he is revealed as,A lying @$$hole felon. They won’t care.

    • No, they won’t care because they’re too invested in their beliefs and they cannot bring themselves to ever believe they were wrong.

      As for juries, McBurney has put together two juries – the special-purpose and this grand jury – and both returned unanimous findings. So I reckon McBurney can do it again. That means Cheeley is headed for a jail cell and good riddance.

      Meanwhile, you and your husband finally got to enjoy that long-awaited, delicious feeling of schadenfreude!


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