How are we, mere mortals with stuff going on in our lives, supposed to keep up with all the craziness coming out of the US House of Representatives? After fifteen rounds of ballots for Speaker, how is one supposed to recall what happened in round 3? You can try googling “results for round 3” but because of the whole algorithm thingy, you’re more likely to get a list of media articles reporting the latest results. Either that or Google will treat you to a list of the latest motions for adjournment which, throughout the whole election shambles, were the only votes McCarthy could win until adjournment vote #5.

Because I live in a time zone several hours removed from Washington DC, and my need-to-know is greater than my patience, I became distinctly annoyed with the difficulty of finding ready references to the information I most wanted: results of each round of Speaker ballots, which GQP radicals are opposing McCarthy, and a potted history of Speaker elections decided by multiple ballots. As you’ll see in the final image, the 118th Congress came in fifth in the multiple ballots challenge.

Since I figure I’m not the only one craving this information in a quick-to-read format, I set about putting together some info-images for everyone who wants them. Feel free to share.

This is the final update.

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  1. It’s pretty obvious to me at this stage of the sh*t show, that this was all planned to high jack the government by the house republicans and the former fake president. Gaetz,Boebert,Gozar, Biggs, and the others behind this sh*t show would never go against fake 45. And if they did fake 45 would come out against them so fast they would be in Florida on their knees begging for forgiveness. Not caring about what happened in Washington DC.Apparently Hannity wasn’t informed ahead of time because he was truly pissed at Boebert for saying 45 should tell McCarthy to step down. McCarthy is stupid but he wouldn’t be going along with being humiliated 11 votes. He knows he is going to be Speaker. He doesn’t even act humiliated anymore. He done a good job acting humiliated the first day, but no more. Fake 45 hasn’t shown any animosity towards any of them. That is proof it was planned. If they were truly having concessions. The vote for McCarthy would be going up not down. Boebert nominating a different representative today proves it also because if this was for real she would still be fighting for Donalds or Donaldson not sure what his last name is. Cory Bush was right he was just a prop for the pubes, the insurrectionists all the above named people are racist as hell. They may have thought they would get the Democrats to vote for him since he is black. But you could bet your next paycheck they would have made sure Donalds would not have won it. They are all lying,corrupt,evil racist,facets,assholes. And this is to own the Libs. They have made it very clear and still continue on the floor in their speeches every day that they are going to destroy democracy. Tomorrow is January 6th the 2 year anniversary of their attempt to overthrow the government. That is another reason they are doing this. To continue their insurrection. The DOJ better hold them and everyone else involved accountable soon or we are doomed.

  2. I am very worried about what they are plotting for tomorrow. I plan to write about my concerns later today. Just need a little sleep first!


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