Live from the Saudi backed LIV golf tournament at drumpf’s Bedminster golf course, where the trophy will no doubt be a gold plated bonesaw, comes the pic the Orangeutan would rather you did not see…

This somewhat compares with him walking with the toilet paper on his shoe up the steps of Air Force One. Remember that?

Or, there was that great time, also on Air Force One, when the wind blew his combover all askew and you saw the bald head underneath what one comedian called his “cotton candy soaked in piss hair.



Now you know that Trumpy sees himself in the same league with Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Sean Connery. He even sent Connery a birthday greeting when he was in the White House, hoping that they would become BFFs. (Pssst…didn’t happen.)



And he’s looking really macho male in this short video as well.


The envy of all who see him, right.



Ding, ding, ding!!!

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    • No way. I read about this. He has maids who always have three bottles of his makeup on hand. Two of the bottles have to be full and the other bottle can only be 2/3 empty. Trump tells them when he wants to throw out something, makeup, soap, whatever, by throwing it on the floor.

      Believe me, he didn’t run out. Heads would roll if he even got close.

  1. His waist-length pic reminds me of the old saying “If the termites ever stop holding hands, that tree’s going to fall apart.”

    • What’s a ‘shame’ is how many childrens’ lives he has destroyed at the border, in Yemen, in Ukraine,(yes his effort at destroying NATO led to this), the over million dead Americans due to the virus he let loose, lied about for over a year, while getting vaxxed himself & the best treatment when he got sick, & the millions of children demonized due to his racism & shallow homophobia. I could go on with hundreds of examples YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO SUPPORT due to this traitor, but that would require you to visit the great & wonderful OZ to get a heart, brain & courage. I don’t know where you & his supporters misplaced your souls. Good luck with that. Guess you weren’t using yours anyway.

  2. One thing you have to say about this pic of former guy: it really reflects his I.Q….or lack thereof. I am reminded of nothing so much as Goofy or Bullwinkle. I always saw his total lack of anything going on behind those eyes. I hope now everyone else can see it.

    I had a dog several years ago. A kind of snow-dog mixed breed. She was a good dog but definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You just looked at her, looked in her eyes, and you’d say “well, she’s so pretty”.

  3. He looks ghastly, like he’s not at all well. And he should never wear a white shirt like that. Even if he’s not orange-complected, it doesn’t look good on him, never has. He looks in need of strong medication and a doctor’s care.


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