On September18th of 2020, the liberal lion of the Supreme Court let out her final roar. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was dead. Having lost my own beloved mother to cancer, I know how heroic her struggle was.

Notorious RBG was born fir her moment and time. She was brash, funny, with more brains for breakfast than most people have all day, and as eloquent as Shakespeare to boot. She became an instant force in the court.

Her majority decisions were taught in law school, and her minority dissenting opinions sent the conservative majority running to their bathroom to change their Depends. She was a proud and unabashed liberal. And her passing left liberals wondering who would replace her in a super majority conservative court.

Not to worry. We have it covered. Full Disclosure. I have been a serious fan of Justice Sonia Sotomayor since her confirmation hearing, when she said that the court could benefit from the Wisdom of a wise Latina woman. When the GOP lost its collective shit, she doubled down and threw it back in their faces. Do you see any Latina women, wise or otherwise, on the court? If we are to interpret the Constitution, shouldn’t we be reflective if the people of the country?

After taking her seat, Sotomayor was a solid vote, but comfortable letting the senior Justice Ginsberg take the lead. But when she was given the opportunity to write a minority dissenting opinion, they were works of art, scathing in their rebuttal of the majority decision.

Since being thrust into the spotlight by the death if Justice Ginsberg, Sotomayor has consistently shone. Her questioning in hearings is direct, blunt, acerbic, and her phrasing leaves no doubt as to what idiots the conservative majority is. Her statement today was absolutely brilliant, when she stated that she didn’t know how the Supreme Court could survive The stench of overturning Roe v Wade when in the last 48 years other than the composition of the court. If the people see the court as politicizing this issue, they will lose confidence in the impartial nature of the court. Basically she nailed it.

Will it be enough to stop Brewski Brett and the handmaidens of doom from tanking Roe v Wade? Probably not. But her minority dissenting opinion will excoriate the majority, and leave them in shame forever. But at least the liberals know that we have a strong, vibrant liberal voice on the court. Now we just need to retake the House and increase the Senate in 2022, and let Sotomayor start writing majority decisions  for a change. We can do this.

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