The Irony Of Defeat


Well, well, well, what a day, huh? In a stunning 6-3 ruling the Supreme Court has ruled that Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that protects people from workplace discrimination due to sex, includes such perky considerations as gender identity and sexual orientation. This is a crushing defeat for conservative religious groups, since it now brings federal uniformity to the 29 states that had steadfastly refused to write any anti discrimination laws based on sexual preference at the state level.

While the ruling itself surprised me, there was one component in the majority that stunned me. Since the ascension of “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I have written frequently that he has forced conservative Chief Justice John Roberts into the personally uncomfortable tole as the 5th swing vote that retired Justice Anthony Kennedy used to hold. Since Trump so publicly bragged that Kavanaugh’s confirmation gave him a bulletproof conservative majority on his court, Roberts has had to deliberate decisions almost as much on the effect of the ruling on the legacy of his court as on the case merits.

But sweet Jesus, Neil Gorsuch? Gorsuch is a solid, consistent conservative judge. Were it not for the Merrick Garland debacle, Gorsuch would have been about as non controversial conservative pick there is. And this case is a poster child for why the Federalist Society had him on their short list of nominees for Trump in the first place. Gorsuch not only joining Roberts in the majority, but actually writing the decision was a resounding slap.

Which was something I’ve actually been expecting, If y’all recall correctly, when I’ve written in the past about Roberts new role as the swing vote on the court, I’ve also said that I expected in at least one case that it would be Gorsuch that would give Roberts a break and make the critical swing vote in the liberal direction. That wasn’t just a hunch or wild guess, I had a logical reason behind it.

Gorsuch, as much as Roberts has been tarred by the filthy Kavanaugh brush. And even worse, as one of two nominees appointed by Trump, he is directly smeared every time that Trump prattles on about how loyal his court will be in ruling on his behalf. But here’s what I’ve always felt was the overriding factor. Now matter how you cut it, deep in his heart,m Justice Gorsuch knows that his is an illegitimate seat. That seat rightfully belongs to Judge Merrick Garland. While Gorsuch bears no personal responsibility for the situation, it is what it is. I have always had the feeling that Gorsuch has been biding his time for an opportunity to shoot Moscow Mitch McConnell a double barrel Fuck You! and this case, with its devastating consequences to the religious right was the perfect vehicle. It also allows Gorsuch to graphically demonstrate the fact that he’s not just some RWNJ stooge in a black mumu.

Just a suggestion. Keep an eye on Justice Gorsuch for a while. President George H. W. Bush privately complained to friends that the worst mistake he ever made as President was to appoint Justice David Suter to the Supreme Court. This is the problem with appointing justices. Like any job applicant, a SCOTUS nominee will say whatever the boss wants to hear to get the job. But once he’s sworn in, the kid gloves come off. They can’t be fired, and you can’t control them. And who can foretell what happens to a mans thought process when he realizes that his decisions now affect an entire country and society instead of just the participants in a single case.

I cannot tell you just how pink today’s ruling tickles me. With my fish belly legs, I look like a giant ball of cotton candy. The decision is right for so many reasons. But mostly because of the double barrel birds that Justice Gorsuch just shot out to both His Lowness and Moscow Mitch. And this decision really gets my juices flowing in anticipation of the upcoming ruling on Trump’s tax returns and financial records. Fingers crossed folks.

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  1. At this point, folks like Gorsuch HAVE to start thinking beyond Trump. In a few months, he expects, with the rest of us, to be dealing with a new administration. Ergo, he needs to show sufficient grounds not to have anyone try some unprecedented impeachment proceedings against HIM when Trump is no longer a factor. We’ve hit the “every man for himself” phase of the party…and it’s gonna be glorious to watch.

  2. Murf, about this: “But once he’s sworn in, the kid gloves come off. They can’t be fired, and you can’t control them.”

    They can, however, be IMPEACHED. Don’t be too surprised if calls for his impeachment start coming (mostly from the right-wing anti-gay “conservatives”). I also wouldn’t be surprised if the right-wing starts demanding that he recuse himself from any future cases involving LGBT rights.


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