I’m sure that someone far more wise and sage than I, say Ursula Faw, has already written about Kellyanne Conjob’s interview with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg over the stormy Daniels hush money payment. But I heard something today that I hadn’t heard the last day or so, and it might put a new light on the whole thing.

According to the initial reporting Conjob was called in due to the fact that she appears to have been a go-between between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump during the transaction. One report I saw said that when Cohen called Conjob with an update on the process she replied, Thanks Michael, I’ll give him the good news.

Conway is a lawyer, so she has to know she’s in deep shit here. She can’t claim executive privilege since Traitor tot wasn’t President yet, just a horny old bastard. And she can’t claim attorney-client confidentiality, since Bragg will just hit her with the crime-fraud exception. And as a lawyer herself, Conway has to know that by replying, Thanks Michael, I’ll give him the good news in response to what she has to know is a criminal enterprise, she’s at risk of being named a co-conspirator. 

But what if there’s something else that Bragg has, something deeper. Something not directly tied to the hush money payment, but that Conway would almost certainly be involved with, and might just be enough for him to offer her immunity? Read on.

The new information I heard today was based on information posted in the last Dominion lawsuit filing in the FUX News defamation case. In deposition, FUX News CEO Rupert Murdock had to admit that he gave confidential Biden campaign advertising and debate prep information directly to Scarecrow in an Armani Suit, Jared Kushner. Way to step in it, Rupert!

Both Murdock personally, as well as FUX News corporately are constrained by FEC regulations regarding the maximum amount of lucre you can contribute to an individual or campaign in a single cycle. If you’re maxed out, and try to contribute more by the use of 3rd parties, those are called straw donors, and you end up in federal court, just ask Eliot Broidy about that one.

One way wise guys try to get around that is to provide non cash support to the campaign instead. But not so fast clowns. The FEC wasn’t born yesterday. They even have an official title for it, they’re called in-kind donations. And both the donor, as well as the campaign have to file them on their FEC reports.

Let’s just say that you make the decision to underwrite a poll for a candidate you’re maxes out with. The FEC question is, Is there a monetary value to the non cash service or materials you provided to the campaign? And if the answer is YES, then the donor has to list the value of that poll on its filing, as well as providing that information to the campaign so they can list it as well. because there are rules and limits to those kinds of campaign contributions too.

So, y’all tell me. You think that confidential campaign advertising and debate prep information might just be worth something? Simple question. If the Trump campaign undertook to do a deep dive opposition research operation to try to discover that information, how much do you think it would cost them? It doesn’t really matter if it cost Murdock anything or not, if it had a cash value to the campaign, then a good faith estimate must be made to the FEC by both sides. And it appears that neither side made the declarations.

By admitting that he personally gave the information to Kushner, Murdock basically outed himself as a co-conspirator in federal election fraud. And in naming Kushner specifically as the recipient, he made Kushner a co-conspirator too.

But what about Kellyanne Conjob? This is what. At the time Conway was the Chief Legal Counsel for the Trump campaign. She was in the inner sanctum with Traitor Tot every day. When Kushner brought that goldmine to Daddums, Conway’s first question should have been Where the fuck did you get that? When Kushner told her, her next question should have been, Did you get a FEC in-kind valuation for that thing? And if the answer was no, as expected, her sole advice should have been Turn that shit over to the FBI right now, claiming an anonymous donor. And if she failed to do that, then she’s a co-conspirator too.

I know, all this shit are FEC violations, and the DOJ should be handling it, and maybe they are. But I’m pretty sure that New York state has their own state election contributions laws, and I’m also pretty sure that this tramples all over them. Bragg went in looking at a hush money scandal, and Murdock may have gifted him New York state criminal election fraud charges too.

Oh, and just an FYI for you to close. I have no idea of what the criminal or civil penalties for this kind of stunt are in New York state. But in federal court? A conviction carries a penalty of Up to five years in federal prison, and a fine of 200% of the original value of the illegal donation. And that’s for each party convicted. I expected this kind of loose-lips-sink-ships shit from a moron like Rudy Giuliani, but Rupert Freakin’ Murdock? Just stick a pin in this one. First for any possible charges from the Manhattan DA, and also for an announcement of the DOJ opening a criminal investigation. It isn’t every day that a criminal admits to the crime under oath.

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  1. Everything and everybody having anything at all to do with diapers has a taint about it. Are they tainted before they meet him or do they get tainted after, who knows, but if they’re working for/with him, they carry the taint.

  2. Unfortunately, the FEC is equally divided between Republican and Democrat appointees, and the GOP side always refuses to investigate or enforce violations against their party members.

    The Trump administration laid bare that many rules and laws are worthless, if the people in charge refuse to enforce them. The Hatch Act, Federal Ethics rules, etc., mean nothing if the executive branch doesn’t care to enforce them.

  3. I’d always heard that politicians were liars and crooked, but i think the orange stain group takes the cake. Did they do anything on the level? Surely they can’t get out of all of this. Surely.

    • Well we would hope not. But if time has taught me anything, it’s that justice and the law do not necessarily go hand in hand. This is especially true when those charged with enforcing said laws decide to either enforce those laws with malice, or take a siesta with regards to their duty.

  4. There are other problems for Conway et al. The campaign videos Kushner obtained from Murdoch were likely copyright. It was intended for broadcast and the Biden campaign was paying Fox to do JUST that. The ‘redistribution’ that occurred would be a violation of copyright, if not the specific terms of the contract to air the material. Even if the FEC manages to get its act together this time and prosecute Murdoch and his co-conspirators, there is a good chance they could end up in yet another civil suit, this one brought by the Biden team.


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