Sunday in Washington was ugly. There were several thousand QAnon supporters, and other mental retreads that showed up at the Washington Monument to march to the Lincoln Memorial in a giant anti vaccine rally. Only don’t call it that! They prefer to think of themselves as anti vaccine mandate protesters. I guess they don’t sound so rock headed that way. Maybe.

The media reported that there was a sprinkling of Democratic anti vaccine fruitcakes there, headlined by RFK Jr., but the Trump GOP has so taken over the anti vaccine movement that these were seen as nothing more than the usual flotsam and jetsam of any large protest.

It was ugly because of the crowd, and the participants. The speeches leaned heavily on racism and anti Semitism, including references to Nazi extermination camps, medical experiments, and Anne Frank. The protesters carried signs with swastikas, white supremacist symbols, and the gold Stars of David that Jews had to wear. What does any of that shit have to do with vaccines?

Welcome to the 2022 general election season. This was a textbook example of the GOP ginning up their base for the primaries. A bunch of bedsheet banditos and goose steppers parading around licking their nuts. But it’s what the GOP has. And it’s going to be a problem for them.

An NBC poll showed that 75% of Americans felt that democracy was under serious threat. It sure ain’t coming from the Democrats, who are bending over backwards to try to strengthen voting rights. And even amongst the angst and gloom of the polling numbers, the poll still showed that the Democrats enjoyed a 47-46 advantage in a generic poll for control of congress. That is a clear sign that while voters may not be thrilled with the Democrats performance, when they look at what the GOP is offering, they still prefer the Democrats.

The Democrats need to start stressing their positives, because all the GOP has is negatives. Does anyone really believe that white suburban women were swayed to the GOP by that ragtag mob on display on Sunday?  GOP primary candidates are already beating each other over the head to be the Trumpiest of the Trump.

More than ever, I am convinced that the 2022 midterms is going to come down to messaging. And the GOP has nothing to offer. At the RNC Convention in 2020, the GOP didn’t put forward a platform! Their sole platform was Trump. And it still is a losing platform.

The Democrats need to high gloss their accomplishments under Biden, take a scaled down bipartisan voting rights bill if they can get it in the Senate, and then pass as much of the BBB Bill that Manchin and SInema will support. Pile up the victories, and slam the GOP for taking credit for bills that they voted against in the House and Senate. Keep it simple. The GOP is thrashing around like a trout in the bottom of a boat.


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  1. I feel fairly confident we’re going to hold on to the Senate and probably pick-up at least two seats. Anything more than that would be gravy. The rethugs are making the same mistake they made in 2010 – selecting the fringiest candidate regardless of baggage. Sean Parnell (PA), who had tRump’s full and complete endorsement, has already had to drop out due to domestic violence and Herschel Walker (GA) has some serious issues.

    The House I worry about. Dave Wasserman, at Cook Political, says redistricting was basically a wash but still gives rethugs the advantage. I think that conclusion is based on history, but the current zeitgeist favors the dems (I hope).

    In any event, the general is nine months down the road and we’ve many miles to travel before then.

  2. None of this makes any sense to me. Vaccines are mandated to attend school, join the military, so why is this any different? Politics alone. It’s beyond stupid.

  3. I am so happy that the unvaccinated get together is great crowds periodically. It increase their infection and death rates, God’s real way of sorting out the stupid.


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