I’m not kidding. This is no joke, and the MAGAt GOP hasn’t gotten the memo. Starting in 2015 the GOP ceased to be a traditional political party, espousing platforms and ideas, arguing with the other party, and trying to govern. Instead they chose, thanks to Traitor Tot to align themselves with the worst, most anti Democratic forces the underbelly of the country has to offer.

The country has already been paying the ultimate price, for years now. Trump wasn’t even around in the political arena yet when the despicable Caribou Barbie posted a political ad with literally sniper sights on a map, highlighting vulnerable Democratic districts. As a result, Arizona Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head in a meet-and-greet in a supermarket parking lot, barely surviving.

It has only gotten worse. In the last seven years, the increasingly violent GOP rhetoric has only increased the far right threats and in some cases, even outright attacks. In no particular order;

  • Then President Trump riled up a post election crowd, some of them armed, to a violent frenzy, and then turned them loose on the Capitol. In the resulting mayhem, multiple police officers were maimed, crippled, killed, or committed suicide, along with multiple rioters were killed
  • During the heights of Covid, Michigan Governor Gretchen Wittmer imposed strict mandates. In response, Traitor Tot started a 
    Free Michigan 
    media and online media campaign. As a result, the Michigan Senate was overtaken by armed militia members roaming the gallery, intimidating the Senators from their work. Months later, multiple arrests were made of far right militia members who actively planned to kidnap Governor Wittmer, hold a kangaroo court trial, and execute her
  • The insufferable Machine Gun Marjie held a presser in which she literally called Speaker Nancy Pelosi a traitor, and called for her removal from government. Since treason is a crime punishable by death, Greene was calling for Pelosi’s execution. Death threats on Pelosi went through the roof
  • Since every bad show deserves an encore, Greene went on an islamophobic rant that members like Democrat ilhan Omar were taking over the government, and demanding their removal. Omar’s death threats went through the roof
  • A truly disturbed Trump acolyte, who was living in his van, which was a shrine to Trump, took him seriously and started sending mail bombs to every Trump announced enemy he could find an address for
  • Another pitifully deluded Trump supporter ran over and killed a Capitol Hill police officer while trying to ram through the barricades to get to Capitol Hill. On a goddamned day when congress wasn’t even in session
  • Democratic congressmen Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff have both had death threats go through the roof after being targeted by Trump
  • Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was whacked viciously over the head with a hammer by yet another rabid Trump supporter that could have cared less about Paul. He then told the police that he was waiting for Pelosi, so he could kneecap her with the hammer to show her the consequences of her actions
  • Mental midgets dressed in tactical gear, their chickenshit faces covered by masks, showed up at Maricopa county drop boxes to intimidate voters legally dropping off their ballots
  • In 2020, Maricopa County election workers had to be escorted to their cars by armed sheriffs at end of shift because of a large, rowdy, armed crowd of Trump supporters
  • Following his 2020 electoral loss, Trump went on a vengeful public rant against two Fulton County election workers for no more sin than doing their jobs. They later had to vacate their own homes on FBI advice, when organized mobs of Trump supporters started showing to threaten and harass them

And that’s just a partial list! My point is simple, the GOP, especially the House GOP has no idea of who or what they’re actually dealing with here. Trump certainly does, and he loves it, he finally has a loyal, homicidal army at his command. But the rest of the GOP, especially the GOP House is clueless.

For one simple reason. The GOP House MAGA caucus is made up of mostly rich, spoiled, pappered, cloistered motherfuckers. They have no idea of who they’re really dealing with, because they have no idea of just how dark and dangerous the underbelly of this country can be. Because they’ve been protected from it.

And even Trump is an idiot. If that imbecile actually thinks that these far right militias are pledging loyalty to him because they agree with his politics, he needs an intervention. These far right nihilists will pledge allegiance to anybody in power who gives them official sanction to pursue their anti government, racist goals. Trump is nothing more than a means to an end, and now that he’s out of power, and in legal difficulty, they’ll drop him like yesterdays diapers.

Here’s a Newsflash! for the GOP House. A whole lot of these people aren’t really too tightly packed. And when you open your big, fat, ignorant GOP mouths, you had better be careful what you wish for. Because these Freddie Krueger’s are going to take you at your word! And how are you going to feel when some of the targets of your bad tempered tantrums start showing up at a morgue, fitted with toe tags?

Nah. Forget about it. I just wasted my time. As long as none of these selfish, narcissistic, ego driven GOP pricks don’t suffer the loss of anybody they know and love. it’s no skin off their noses. Hell, it’s all just a game. I;ve said it before and I’ll say it again now. The Republican party is a domestic terrorist organization. And they know it, and welcome it.

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  1. “If that imbecile actually thinks that these far right militias are pledging loyalty to him because they agree with his politics, he needs an intervention. These far right nihilists will pledge allegiance to anybody in power who gives them official sanction to pursue their anti government, racist goals.”
    But that IS Trump’s politics, to the extent he actually has any. He’s an authoritarian because he only cares about himself. So they DO agree with his politics. If some of them are less loyal to him now, it’s because they think he’s gone soft on them, or he’s a loser, or both.
    He’s not actually a conservative, and he’s certainly not religious, if that’s what you mean. But conservatives and the religious right support him to the hilt because his politics has been to support THEIR politics, because it’s good for HIM.

  2. Sadly, I have to disagree with you. These vile, despicable “leaders” know EXACTLY what kind of violence they are unleashing. You and I and so many others have said of so much GOP policy in the Trump era that cruelty isn’t a bug, but a feature. The same is true of the politically based violence and mayhem that we see on an increasing basis. The terrifying thing is that just as the old-school GOP establishment thought they could control their radical element only to see it mutate beyond their control, that same element which is now in charge thinks IT can control the sick, violent people they have unleashed.

    MTG and her ilk have already gotten people killed and not just a few. It’s going to get worse, much worse before it gets better, and better is by no means assured. But we have to try, even knowing the costs (including human) of the effort to shove the crazies back under their slimy rocks and fearful of coming out, at least most of the time.

    • Sadly with the advent of the internet, all those crazies you mention discovered that the world is teeming with other misfits who have the same focus they have. The sheer volume of other nut cases has convinced most that the world is full of other malcontents just like them. Give them a leader who gives them a voice and there’s your recipe for what’s happening now? Who would ever have guessed that the Christian Right would so happily abandon the teaching of the one they profess to follow, to follow this illustrious orange haired Pied Piper instead? How can you confuse the two? Here’s a thought from perhaps the most illustrious Republican of them all, Abe Lincoln, who said it may even be true that you can fool some of the people all the time

  3. Thanks for the reminder Joe. This is why the head of this fascist deadly cult needs to be severed sooner than later. The longer he’s loose the more his ‘troops’ get fed the cult ideology, i.e., get yourself and others killed for ME! If the DOJ continues getting convictions for conspiracy for January 6th, then they need to bring charges for the head of this fascist movement. Hopefully Jack is ready to go soon and Garland lives up to his public statements. Given the clear violations of the document case, and the mountain of evidence concerning both, Garland needs to move. We don’t need a milktoast politician as Attorney General. We are in a fucking war. Just ask the victims of your list. There will be more. The problem isn’t just the wealth and privilege of these assholes in the GOP, (Guns Over People party), the decision makers like Garland are wealthy and comfortable inside the system. So are the justices in the Supreme Court. NO one supporting this madness from a position of power is living on social security or in working class poverty. The rest of us are like the Vietnamese villagers, struggling to exist, waiting for another bombing run.

  4. In the case of Jared Lee Loughlin, he actually does have an explanation. His personality changed in her early teens,which matches the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, which tends to.manifest in teens and early 20s. Not a,doctor, but I think it was the schizophrenia that led him to.conspiracy theories. He was obsessed with Gabby Gifford and believed women shouldn’t hold office. Conspiracy theories–he believed everything from the New,World Order running a secret government to anti-Semitism to.misogynist beliefs,about women to grammar rules,as a control mechanism. I have to.wonder about what he thought of Palin and what he thinks about MTG, who embody most CTs but are female.


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