There were a lot of unsung heroes of the four year nightmare tragically referred to as the Trump Presidency. There were advocacy groups that sprung up like organic mushrooms, lawyer groups donating their time and expertise trying to help Muslims trying to enter the country at airports during his disastrous Muslim ban. More advocacy groups that sprung up to assist migrants at the southern border for Stephen Miller’s Nazi Family Child Separation Policy. And of course the Pink Pussy Hat March of January 21st, 2017, along with all the other grassroots movements and marches that sprang organically to protest a madman out of control.

But when the sh*t hits the fan, nothing works like careful planning, and professional organization. And there was literally none of that on January 20th, 2017. And why should there have been? After all, even though Hillary Clinton was historically unpopular, there was no serious reason to believe that a total ass clown like Trump could win. And when he did, the Democrats were behind the 8-ball.

On calm reflection, there were three groups that were already in place that did yeoman’s work in devoting all of their resources to the threat Trump and the GOP posed, and attacking it in the best possible venue, federal court. The first was Lee Galernt of the ACLU, which immediately sprang into legal action to whack Trump and Miller over the head in court on the child separation policy, and even when they won there, forcing the issue to require repatriation of parents and children. I believe almost 900 families have been reunited through their stoic and gallant efforts.

The second one was legal voting savant Marc Elias and his voting advocacy group. The first thing that the Trumptards did when they got in was to try to rig the voting in their favor to ensure reelection. Elias’s group had the funding, resources, and manpower not only to take on the Trump administration in federal courts, but even to go into state courts to fight illegal voting laws and gerrymandered maps. Thei9r Herculean effort is directly responsible for what will almost certainly be the flipping of six seats Democratic in November, enough by itself to regain the chamber.

The third one is the minority outreach and advocacy group run by former AG Eric Holder. His group specializes in restrictive minority voter registration and voting issues, alon g with restrictive gerrymandered maps. Their effort has also helped to restore minority voting rights, and require redrawing of gerrymandered maps that will give the Democrats a boost in 2024.

There is one other advocacy group I want to note here, although it was grassroots, and started post 2016 election. In 2017 a bunch of despondent former Democratic house staffers looked at the carnage around them and went into action. They looked to history, They studied the astroturf Tea Party Rebellion of 2010, and found a way to modernize it for Democrats to use as a template to flip 40 seats in the House in 2018. The group’s name was Indivisible.

And now the Democrats are putting the band back together. The current signs are cautiously optimistic. While his popularity numbers are nowhere near where they belong, But post conviction, Biden has caught and actually narrowly surpassed Trump in most battleground state polls. And he should bet another bump once Traitor Tot is actually sentenced. And January 6th remains the premier reason for two time Trump voters to flee him this time, look for more graphic reminders from the Democrats to keep it front and center.

But a 2nd Trump term is still a viable possibility, and the Democrats obviously got the forewarned is forearmed memo. According to MSNBC, no fewer than three organized advocacy groups, one organized by CA Congresswoman Judy Chu have already galvanized and begun work. And their purpose is simple and direct. To be ready to go to court on Day One if Trump is reelected, and try to stop his every move with lawsuits.

And here’s the McGuffin. Unlike 2017, this time the Democrats aren’t starting out in the dark, unsure of which insane bullsh*t Trump would try to pull. This time they have a roadmap, and it’s the pride and joy of the MAGA morons. It’s called The 2025 Project, put together by some 100 far right Drink Tanks, and it’s a step-by-step plan to dismantle the US government in its 900 pages.

A famous General once said, If you can physically walk over the battlefield on the day before the battle, you triple the chances of holding the battlefield at the end of the next day. The depth of a stream you need to cross, the height of an escarpment, the depth of a gully, the amount of tree cover on a hill, all of those are the vagaries of war, and if you already know them going in, then  it’s the other side that will run aground.

And here the imbeciles of MAGA world and the RNC are so proud of their toy that they’re literally giving the Democrats their entire battle plans for the upcoming struggle. Politically I look at this as the equivalent of the US capturing that Nazi submarine in World War II, capturing and successfully breaking the vaunted Nazi Enigma cypher machine. From that point on out, the Allies knew every single thing the Nazi’s were doing or planning to do.

And the Democrats are already making full use of their new toy. Knowledge is power. And the Democrats are already using it. Not only are they already looking at every thing in those 900 pages that Trump wants to use, looking for legal precedent to challenge them in court, but it gets even better. They also have working groups scouring the land for individuals and groups with valid legal standing to file a lawsuit on that issue in federal district court. And for anyone who has actually followed the Mifepristone debacle, as I have, Standing is everything.

Look, from where I’m sitting, it’s still inconceivable to me that Trump gets a 2nd term. The man has already clearly degraded into the clinical state of senile dementia. But his supporters love him simply because he’s as batsh*t crazy as they are. After Labor Day, when most serious voters finally tune in, and they see not only the delusional dotard before them, but the slavish acolytes following his every slobbered word, they’re going to go running screaming for the hills.

But just in case lightening strikes twice, and Trump stumbles back ionto 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, at least for it’s comforting to know that there are groups out there devoted solely to the task of hoisting Traitor Tot on his own petard. trump has spent the last four long years obstructing justice by delaying and deferring, delay8ing and deferring. It will be a pleasure to watch somebody else do the same goddamned thing to everything he tries to accomplish. Whatever else you do, don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. “A famous General once said, If you can physically walk over the battlefield on the day before the battle, you triple the chances of holding the battlefield at the end of the next day.”

    Murf, this reminds me of the movie Patton. In North Africa, Patton held the high ground and looked down on a plain where Rommel was attacking with his Panzers. After Patton cut the entire attacking force to pieces, he looked down at the carnage and said, “Ha, I read your BOOK!”

    For some reason,, the bad guys are so proud of their bad-assedness that they tell you, almost invariably, what they’re planning to do, (i.e., Project 2025) because they’re so proud of their spite and meanness, thinking it will attract more supporters.

    I think we’ve read their f-ing book. Thanks for writing it and, uhm, telling us just when you plan to do bad stuff.

    I am more heartened by the day about the growing evidence of the preparedness of the opposition to MAGA and their putrid stench. It sure beats being only REactionary.

    Protect the POLLS and poll workers, too.

    • I remember that…But what I remember more that was before he said that, he famously opined, “What a total waste of damned fine infantry,” for the soldiers moving with the tanks that were about to get cut down…

  2. I have to make a statement.

    Just because things are pictured as happening in movies doesn’t make things true.

    The first capture of a naval Enigma machine with its cipher keys from a U-boat was made on 9 May 1941 by HMS Bulldog of the Royal Navy, commanded by Captain Joe Baker-Cresswell assisted by HMS Aubrietia. The U-boat was U-110. In 1942, the Royal Navy also seized U-559, capturing additional Enigma codebooks. These actions made it possible for the British Bletchley Park staff to crack the Enigma code, (partly extending the work done by earlier Polish researchers) This work led to the Colossus, a decrypting machine that was the world’s first digital computer. The initial capture was seven months before the United States entered the war and three years before the US Navy captured U-505 and its Enigma machine, by which time the decoding was already completed.

    Very much later, in 2000, the film U571 was released with a fictional account of a submarine and it’s Enigma machine being captured by American forces. Although the film was financially successful and received generally positive reviews from critics, winning the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, the fictitious plot attracted substantial criticism. Anger over the film’s inaccuracies reached the UK House of Commons, where the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, called the film an “affront” to British sailors.

    Relying on movies, by definition, fiction made to entertain, not inform, (unless, expressly, a documentary.) is not the way to remember history.

  3. I really think that SCOTUS paid a lot more attention to the “standing” issue with regards to the Mifepristone suit, considering they’d been hoodwinked a couple of times before (notably, that Colorado “no websites for gays” lawsuit where the woman at the heart of the suit had never even actually created a website for anyone and had never been approached by anybody–straight or gay–to create a website but the suit had made its way through several court decisions before the woman’s absolute lack of standing should’ve rendered the whole thing moot) and they certainly didn’t need another black eye, especially since the folks who’d brought the original Mifepristone suit had no standing to bring the suit in the first case and it wasn’t some kind of secret.

    I have a horrible feeling that, if even a single person involved in the lawsuit actually did have standing to bring the suit, SCOTUS would’ve been more than happy to ban Mifepristone (which would likely lead to other bans on mail-order drugs though, probably not Viagra and Cialis and their generic equivalents–after all, it’s every 90 year old man’s god-given right to have an erection so he can get “busy” with a 20 year old gold digger but that gold digger has absolutely no right to get birth control).

  4. note that their plan calls for replacing carrer workers with people who are loyal only to Trump and will do what they are told. as I understand it that means ignoring the courts, congress and the constitution. and Trump would be in absolute control of everyone who would otherwise be tasked with enforcing court orders and laws. preparing now to fight Trump in court assumes he and his minions will play by the rules. reportedly Stephen Miller is already vetting people to fill those jobs.

  5. Regarding the bat-sh*t crazy magats-you have to know or remember something important particularly with the southern magats although this might also happen in places like KS, MO, etc.: those folks typically don’t hide their crazy/insane relatives away. They put them on the front porch f.f.s. Magats who do that sort of thing are used to crazy, don’t care about crazy, and will most definitely vote for a bat-sh*t crazy candidate. How do you think shit got so f*cked up in OK, TX, AL, MS, KS, etc.? Crazy doesn’t harm a candidate in certain parts of the country; hell it may even help them.


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