The Daily Briefings Don’t Matter. Trump’s ‘Tone’ Doesn’t Matter. None Of It Matters, Because It’s Too Late.


How low can we go? How low is the bar that if Donald Trump stumbles out behind the podium, and slobbers his way through a purely political, self serving coronavirus briefing without uttering a profanity, or starting a race war, the media falls all over itself about Trump’s presidential tone. Trump has never been presidential, isn’t presidential now, and never will be presidential. And never was there a worse time for the media to start normalizing him than now.

Trump is holding these briefings for one reason and one reason only. His polling numbers are in the toilet. Apparently, somebody either in the west wing or the campaign took their split pea sized balls out of the glass by the bed, put them back in their pouch, and read Trump the riot act. Basically, he has about a month to convince the people of this country that he takes the coronavirus seriously, and come up with a comprehensive plan for dealing with it by the time of his convention acceptance speech, or he may as well just go back to Mar-A-Lago after Labor Day and play golf full time. It is far too little, and far too late, simply because the Trump administration has made their disregard and contempt for the coronavirus all too obvious by now for anything to change that.

Trump blew his coronavirus response from day one. Because Trump has no regard for science, or the people who practice it. From day one Trump treated the virus as nothing more than another strain of the flu. When experts like Fauci, Birx, and Hotez warned that this virus would be incredibly difficult to deal with, Trump regarded it as nothing more than a supercharged flu bug. When cities like Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Trenton were ravaged, Trump didn’t care, it was a coastal elite virus, centered in blue states, nothing that would give his red supporters pause. And when the virus took a bite out of deep red states like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma and South Carolina, Trump blindly trusted his GOP Governors to handle the virus in their states better than the Democratic Governors did.

But then Trump made the mother of all miscalculations. And he made it because of his mental outlook. No matter  what advice Trump has been given by experts like Fauci, Birx, and Hotez, he is mentally incapable of seeing the coronavirus as anything more than an especially virulent case of the flu! And what happens when the weather gets warm? Why, the flu dies off of course!

That was Trump’s fatal miscalculation. Trump was willing to give the virus free rein through the spring, on the assumption that by the second or third week of June, the heat would kill it off, as the heat does to almost any flu virus. This would allow Trump to reopen the economy, which he did in red states with the June timeline in mind, jump start the economy, hold mass rallies to his hearts content, make a triumphal acceptance speech at a packed arena in North Carolina, and rife his leadership wave to a crushing election win. If in fact the virus did resurface in the fall, it wouldn’t do so until October, and would start slow, as scattered outbreaks until after he was reelected and able to ignore it for four more years.

That was the decision that sank Trump’s battleship. Because he fully expected the virus to die off in the heat the way any other flu strain did, he never even considered having his administration come up with any kind of cohesive strategy of utilizing their experts to come up with a way to confront and defeat the virus. Let ’em die was the Trunp strategy in the spring, they’re mostly Democrats anyway.

But the coronavirus didn’t give Trump his respite. It went through the heat the way a kid goes through Chicklet’s. And now Trump’s team is telling him that he has to treat the virus seriously, and come up with a comprehensive plan that will combat it and make him look capable against Biden by the end of August. Trump is incapable of treating the virus seriously, he doesn’t understand it, and even if he did, his staff and administration are woefully incapable of coming up with a coherent plan for dealing with the virus.

Aye, as ye sow, so shall you reap. Trump gambled all on a totally unknown virus acting like a common case of the flu, and now it’s come back to bite him right in the ass. Thank God he only hires the best and brightest people.

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  1. One correction: San Francisco isn’t ravaged. It was the first to close, it has stayed mostly closed, and has suffered very few deaths. My sister lives there. They are doing OK.

    • As long as the bars and restaurants stay closed, there’s a chance of it not killing a big part of the population. It’s currently running through the teenagers to the 40-somethings, because they think they’re not going to get it and that it won’t be bad if they do – so they party, or go to places where there are crowds, and don’t wear masks.
      The virus doesn’t care if you go to church every day, or if you’re young, or if you’re conservative.
      WEAR A MASK.

    • Absolutely … SF had very few cases and never had a surge. it is SoCal esp. RED SoCal eg. LA, Riverside, Orange County and Fresno, of course that have been hit hardest in CA.

  2. Barring some monumental midstake by Joe Biden, or at least five miracles, or a massive Russian hack on the election, trump is toast no matter what he does. That’s why he’s doing the law and order thing with the storm troopers. We may have the first nutcase to try to overthrow our government. Trump is stupid enough to believe he can pull it off. They do it in third world countries. But look at Venezuela. They been at it for a couple of years now and still haven’t got it right. Its a new world, where the old tactics aren’t working. And there is a lot of real patriotism. Look at Portland. A group of vets said not in my town and stood up. And from the pictures I seen they were white veterans in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. This shows that you can’t just mock the constitution in this country, no matter who you are.

    • But you can COUNT ON Barr, Putin, Mitch, and Prince’s StormTrumpers to steal. this. election. too. Just COUNT on it!!! We all know it’s coming. I’m not sure there IS a big enough landslide to save the Republic.

      Recall: Despite everything Comey, Mitch, GOP, Putin, did; despite 30 years of hate and smear campaigns and lies; HRC still WON in 2016. But was not allowed to take office due to GOP Russian manipulation of the electoral college and yes that is what I think truly. The EC is NOT and never has been and was never meant to be democratic. It was meant to operate exactly as it did: TO FOIL THE DEMOCRATIC FAIR VOTE on behalf of the Powerful.

  3. A people who believe they can be ignorant and free, believe in something that never was, and never will be. Thomas Jefferson

  4. Murphy, I think you are giving tRump WAY too much credit for having even a LOUSY strategy like waiting till the warmer weather to kill off the Corona-flu. He has no strategy and never did. He ignored and poo-pooed the Coronavirus because he couldn’t insult it, dominate it, corrupt it or fire it. No other reason. He flat out didn’t know how to fight it so he pretended it didn’t exist. (And he stifled anybody who believed differently.) And here we are.

  5. I live in Arizona. It is a red state with a terrible governor, Doug Dicey Ducey. He has handled the virus as badly as Trump has. Fortunately, I live in Sierra Vista, which is part of Cochise County. Our local governments have done a very good job at retaining the virus. No thanks, of course, to our Trump ass-licking governor.

    • I’m in Mississippi. Like the song says “Same as it ever was”. Republicans are like McDonald’s, they may have slight differences that reflect their region as far as the interior decorations go, but they are all basically the same.

      I am glad you have stayed safe. My mother died on 4/5 from what they called viral pneumonia, etc, but it might have been Covid19. She died a day after she went into the hospital and the disease was in her entire lungs. However, my brother and I have tested negative so who knows. The rest of us right now are doing ok. The Walmart finally is making people wear mask, but I have seen several people at other stores not wearing mask.

      And yes, Trump is toast.


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