Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the dumbest one of all?

Well, well, well. The chickens have finally come home to roost, and apparently they’re shitting all over somebody’s head. I saw on MSNBC yesterday that Squeaky Susan Collins is desperately running around the back of Roe v Wade and offices of the Senate, desperately trying to find 9 kindred GOP souls to join her in a cloture vote so that the Democrats can codify Roe v Wade before the Supreme Court can kill it.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t warned. During the Senate confirmation debacle, every paper in her whole state urged her to vote against sex offender Brewski Brett Kavanaugh. So did most of the local tv outlets in editorials. Every Democrat in the Senate begged her not to give Trump another anti Roe vote on the court.

She couldn’t walk through the airport going home for the weekend without being heckled and lobbied by constituents. Her local districts were jammed with constituents, and often had protests in front of them. Her switchboards, both at home as well as her DC office were jammed with calls. She was warned.

Fortunately for Collins, she had a secret weapon, an ace in the hole. Brewski Brett himself. After an eternity of dithering around on the fence, Collins took to the floor of the Senate to announce that she would be voting to confirm Kavanaugh. Apparently, the termina lecher had told her privately that he considered Roe v Wade to be settled case law, and that was enough for her to not buck the boss.

And now, Brewski Brett is ready to play the part of Scruffy the Vampire Slayer, ready to drive the wooden stake through the heart of Roe v Wade. And when he does, every stroke will be another stake in the heart of Collins’ reputation and legacy. She will immediately go down in history as the woman who shitcanned women’s reproductive rights in America. And she damn well knows it. Hence the desperation to find a fix.

Here’s a news flash for Senator Collins. You ain’t gonna find 9 more Republicans in the Senate to haul your ass out of the fire. Overturning Roe has been bedrock GOP dogma for almost 40 years now. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to! If you’re desperate enough, you can do it with only 1-2 more GOP Senators willing to cross the line with you, and in so doing, salvage any hopes of success in 2022.

Any time he wants to, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can put a motion to the floor of the Senate to carve out an exception to the filibuster for reproductive rights. Of course, Judas Joe and Grand Canyon Barbie are automatic NO’s, but if you were able to bring in, say, Lisa Murkowski, whom I believe voted against Kavanaugh’s confirmation, it’s a 50-50 tie that Kamala Harris can break. Toomey, Portman, and Burr are all retiring. They could provide insurance against a say, Jon Tester who might be weak.

Now look Senator Collins, I don’t like you very much. But I love the idea of a woman having autonomy over her body and choices. So I’m doing you a solid here. You were a dumb ass who got sold a bill of goods by a snake oil salesman. Right now Roe is not a law, just a judicial decision, subject to overturn by the court. But if Roe is codified into law, the Mississippi case crashed and burns, and states have to start all over from scratch to challenge the law itself in court. How desperate are you to salvage your reputation and legacy? Desperate enough to consort with the Democrats. Tick-tock Susan.

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  1. Sorry, but I find it hard to be optimistic. Collins will furrow her brow, and express “deep concern” prior to the decision being handed down next June, and then “deep regret” but that’s as far as it goes. HER female relatives, friends and co-workers will be inconvenienced perhaps and nothing more. Same for all those suburban GOP women that showed up for us in 2018 (but not in 2016 or 2020) – THEY will have to spend some money and take a little extra time off for travel if necessary but THEY will still have access to the full range of reproductive services. Money is the key and they will have the means to get what they need. Most women won’t.

    After the initial outrage which maybe will get us through next November, they will go right back to being primary concerned with their goddamned tax cuts. They won’t like having to use some of that money to travel to another state or country to get prescription birth control or an abortion but they will be able to do so. And they will sit in their comfy suburban enclaves passing judgement on women who don’t have the means to travel for reproductive services.

    • Women in Maine will likely not be inconvenienced at all. Maine is a NE state and as such, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of Planned Parenthoods/abortion clinics all around the state. She probably got re-elected because the folks in Maine WEREN’T going to be inconvenienced by any move against Roe by the S.C. Why would they give a hoot in hell about what happens to women in say…texass or MS?

      Let us be very honest here, one of the reasons this twat is still in office is because her challenger in her last election wore clothing made by Patagonia instead of L.L. Bean. Depth of character and intelligence are not exactly overflowing in that state.

      • “Money is the key and they will have the means to get what they need. Most women won’t.”

        You hit the proverbial nail directly on the head!!! (Again!)

      • Spike: If Roe v Wade falls, there will be NO ABORTIONS allowed at any Planned Parenthood clinic in any state that doesn’t have a state law explicitly supporting the RIGHT TO CHOICE. I don’t know what the abortion laws are in Maine, but if they don’t establish a right to choice, there won’t be one. The next thing the ultra right conservatives will come for is contraception….which many view as the same as abortion.

  2. The fact that she’s been able to get votes for decades is beyond me. Only mass hysteria and fear of the hordes of hardcore Feminist Anarchist/Commies supposedly roaming the forests of Maine explains it. That and willful stupidity.

    • Kinda like in a lot of other states where repugs have “won”… what on earth are those people (Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, etc, etc, etc) “thinking” OR what the hell are they feeding them????

  3. Women have mostly, always had the power to get what they want. Even before they could vote they had the power to get the vote. They wanted ERA and they got that.
    Politicians fear nothing more than women banging pots and pans outside their office. Men can yell and shout and be ignored the next day but when women get together they cause real change.
    If they’re about to loose rights then maybe they should pay attention to who they vote for.
    Where were they when Collins voted for a serial abuser for the Supremes? Were they protesting in front of her office?
    If some people insist on doing nothing while corporate Amerika defecates on their lunch then they deserve what they get. Either eat it, be eaten or fight.
    Amusing but not funny how people vote for the worst corporate scum, dragged up from the sewers in Hell and then complain when it goes south.

    • Dear Rabbit…I agree with you that many women need to be more conscious of what and who they vote for. I’ve never understood how any intelligent woman could support the Republican Party, whose most recent party platform was anti equal rights for women. (The GOP had no official platform when Trump ran in 2020, presumably because saying what you stand for and against might prove inconvenient at times.) BUT, you are wrong when you say that women got the ERA. That is simply not true. Not enough states ratified it within the specified deadline for it to be ratified into our Constitution. IT IS NOT YET PART OF OUR CONSTITUTION. SO, please fight on!! We are not done! https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/equal-rights-amendment-explained


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