There are some things that are entirely predictable.  And in politics there are certain standard things some politicians say/do that are not only stupid but so predictable as to be akin to laws of physics.  Like every week at least once we are treated to Senator Ted Cruz diving headfirst into that big pile of dinosaur doo-doo we saw in the movie Jurassic Park.  Look, no one and not even several of the goofiest, stupid Republicans combined can match Trumps output of outrageous, stupid statements.  But there are some like Cruz who we can keep up with and early in this new week he delivered.

It seems Teddy Boy is upset about the NAACP putting out a warning about travel to Florida.  Let’s face it, FL has, with the exception of brown people of Cuban ancestry been rather less than kind to non-white people ever since Europeans arrived down there.  Still, as I keep saying no matter how bad any situation might be it can always get worse.  And in his quest to become President Ron DeSantis’ strategy of being even worse than Trump has been on a tear to make everything worse down there for everyone.  But as is so often the case bad things for everyone are almost invariably worse for people of color.

Hence the NAACP telling folks of color that FL is a place they should seriously avoid going to if possible.

Well, Ted is butt-hurt over the insult to his fellow GOPers.  Hell, he’s probably jealous that although it’s hard at work trying to be just as bad (or worse), Texas is it’s not as bad as Florida is these days.  Anyway, Ted thinks it’s just awful that an organization who’s mission is to support and improve the lives of black people would criticize his a$$hole buddies in FL.  So ole Ted, feeling the “sting of reverse racism” (total bullsh*t of course but it’s a common thing for Republicans to play this card) decided to “own the libs” and black liberals in particular by invoking the iconic Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the linked article indicates, it didn’t work out so well!

Cruz probably assumed that since MLK was assassinated so many decades ago, and his wife Coretta also eventually passed away he’d get away with it.  Problem is, King had family including children who are very much alive and fiercely protective of both his legacy and vision.  King’s daughter Bernice pretty much handed Cruz his butt.  AND stuffed his testicles down his throat. As noted in the article Cruz took to twitter to criticize the NAACP Travel advisory by posting a picture of MLK with the caption:

This is bizarre.

And utterly dishonest. In the 1950s & 1960s, the NAACP did extraordinary good helping lead the civil rights movement.

Today, Dr. King would be ashamed of how profoundly they’ve lost their way.

Bernice King’s initial response was:

“What my father would be deeply concerned about is the harmful, discriminatory legislation in Florida.”

But Ms. King wasn’t done with Cruz!  She followed that up with:

“many people “are getting #MLK wrong.”

“He was a dreamer, but his dream was global, inclusive, and deeply rooted in love and commitment to eradicating what he called the Triple Evils,” King tweeted, describing militarism, materialism, and racism, and linking to different speeches her father gave before his 1968 assassination.

For a long time (not that they’ve completely stopped) Republicans would try a line of bullsh*t that “If JFK were alive today he’d be a Republican.  Eventually GOPers got tired of the Kennedy family calling them out, and outright humiliating them.  Ah, but that was the old, pre Tea Party turned MAGA GOP that knows no shame.  So we get insulted, and worse a great leader like MLK gets insulted by A$$HOLE GOPers like Cruz trying to cloak the outrageous bullsh*t using the legacy of a truly great and inspiring person.

Will Cruz learn his lesson?  I doubt it but one can always hope.

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  1. I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to have no shame, no cares about how one looks or is perceived by others. No longer. I see Cancun get humiliated on at least a weekly basis and I can at least see what it looks like and I think I’ll say “no thank you” to exhibiting similar behavior. He must be a masochist and enjoys looking so damned foolish all the time.

    • Tragically, for us and likely for his kids too, Cruz’s lack of shame stems from hs trumpian narcissistic need to be given attention. He never saw a mic or a camera he wasn’t drawn to like a fly to s**t, even though what spewed from his mouth was nothing of value. He craves attention and is willing to risk ridicule to get it. At least he knows that people aren’t ignoring him.

  2. Teddy Boy, can’t wait, apparently, to show his outrageous stupidity, attacking common sense of the masses … Iowa went totally red recently, even stooping to restarting Grassley’s nonsense and one track mind to promote and praise Donald trump, that’s what he said to a local reporter, back in the days when Trump came to Iowa with his huge package of lies and annoying BS …

    All the local Republicans were slobbering all over Trump, it was stomach churning to see it … The reporter asked Grassley if he supported Trump at a town hall meeting, Grassley reiterated he supported Trump without any reservations …

    I just saw that the same billionaire that has been Treating the SCOTUS Judge Thomas, to top luxury items and trips, including airfare on private jets and pre-booked hotels, was handing out cash to certain Congress people, there were NO designations attached to the cash so Grassley was able to get HIS, FULL CASH REWARD of almost $50,000. … Here in Iowa, that could be a high percentage of a young person’s yearly income …

    I have to wonder what he has, or IS doing for the money-bloated, Republican supporter …

    HE stooped to install BEERMAN on the SCOTUS without running ANY of the voluntary FBI interviews he SAID he would, Grassley, probably peed his pants when he told Trump the good news …


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