This raid of Jeffrey Clark’s house brings back memories. How I wish I had the photo that appeared in the newspaper which accompanies these memories, but alas I do not. This goes back to the days of my radio newscasting career in the late 70’s. I was working for KYOU radio in Greeley, Colorado and a “drug bust” took place. Greeley is a small town which my friends and I used to characterize as “the place where the 60’s never happened,” which was our way of calling it backwards.

Long story short, the news media gathered early one morning on a tip from the police that a drug bust was about to take place. At least the Greeley Tribune was there. I wasn’t informed, partially I think in jealousy because I was the only reporter in town who found out that Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder were making a movie in nearby Severance, Colorado and were encamped at the local Holiday Inn. So good for the Greeley Tribune if they got this scoop, because my Hollywood scoop was major. I was a very large cat that day.

The “scoop” consisted of an unintentionally hilarious photograph (which ran on the Greeley Tribune’s front page) of a skinny, lost looking guy, barefoot, standing in the doorway in just his jockey shorts and his glasses, while three cops standing in the yard had their guns drawn on him, and another one standing behind the squad car had a rifle. The suspect, who later was charged with possession of a shoebox full of marijuana, looked utterly pathetic. That is how Jeffrey Clark appears here. (starts at :45, door opens at 1:01)

I’m telling you, I’m never answering my door to the cops dressed in anything I wouldn’t want to be seen in on network television.

And while we’re at it, who sleeps in a dress shirt? Is that what Clark does? And in the morning he slips on a jacket and pants and waltzes out? I have no idea. I’m still tripping down memory lane thinking about Greeley (which is where Ken Buck and Jenna Ellis hail from. You know the “Kill ‘Em All and Let God Sort It Out” tee short worn by Congressman Ken Buck and his trusty sidekick, Jenna Traffic-Court-Cum-Con-Law expert, and seditionist, Jenna Ellis?) and that insane local news story. I don’t know what the journalism scene is like back there these days, but the legal scene is still nuts, I think I can safely say that, if Buck and Ellis are any indication.

Jeffrey Clark stands there wimped out in front of his garage and he’s accused of a lot more than possession of a shoebox full of an illegal substance. He’s somebody who signed up to be Donald Trump’s henchman and take control of the Department of Justice in order to effect a coup d’etat and overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.

Pathetic is as pathetic does.


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  1. He probably had the shirt laid out ready to put on.

    (I’d have more sympathy if he hadn’t been so agreeable to the former guy’s wishes.)

      • Anyone with common sense, would peek out a window or peek-eye-hole on the door, before throwing open a door to the whole world … the sight of ready to shoot police would draw out my blood pressure/fear-driven image of being cuffed and NOT able to pull on pants before a very public ride to a very personal interview … the pants, would therefore, be a huge priority …

        However, all Trumpsky associates seem to show not one ounce of common sense, there is THAT … 🙂 😉

  2. Pants or no pants really did not matter much, he pled the fifth on almost every question he was asked. Amazingly so did all the rest of those “swamp drainers” that crawled out from under the rocks they were hiding under! Roger Stone pled the fifth on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION asked of him except his name. But he didn’t do it because he is a lying cheating line of snail trail, oh no? He did it because that totally innocent unblemished pure as the driven snow champion of justice and the American way was fighting just for you the electors of the great United States Of America. All hail the great one who is, already in possession of one pardon in his pocket, to get his mostly honest ass out of prison for the last time he was so honest. But I’ll bet he ain’t gonna git another one………….. Ring, ring is this Joe Bidens office? Roger Stone calling……………..


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