I don’t know if ya’ll need to be anywhere in the U.S.A. today, but if you do wear your slicker and a hard hat because it’s raining idiots out and, sadly, the long range forecast indicates we’ll just have more of this shit weather.

I promised you Boebert up top, and we’ll get to her, don’t worry, but I just have to comment on yesterday’s most typically America 2022 story, outlined expertly by Ursulafaw on our front page, about the Mein Pillow guy getting his fries tossed and his phone seized by the FBI in the drive-through lane of a Hardee’s in Minneapolis.

Seriously? How many #%%!@##$$ phones do you need G-Man?

What, are ya’ll opening a Verizon kiosk on the side er somethin’?

Indict somebody already!

Then, because the day wasn’t stupid enough, TFG had to weigh in on the loss of “majesty” the good ole USA suffered when Majestic Mike was cavity searched as he waited for his Double Western Burger and large curly fry…

Eliciting these bemused responses:


Now, that’s a mothafuckin’ hoot…

Late addition: Hardee’s gets in on the fun…


But the real loss of majesty, shit-for-brains, is that Leonard Cohen, Laura Nyro, David Bowie and Tom Petty are all gone now, but we are left bereft with two seventy something old men who eat like a bus load of high school footballers like Lindell your blovious (sic) self plotting the downfall of the Republic.

God not only plays dice with the universe, Einstein, he’s building a casino in Vegas.

Then there is this sad Ronald:

Guess I’ll forgo my Blizzard this afternoon.

But I promised you the special idiocy that is Lauren Boebert, and, after that, we may as well laugh, so here goes:

🤣🤣🤣 Yes she is, Jamie… 🤣🤣🤣🤣




I’ve heard that…


Hell’s Kitchen Menu👇

Won’t find this on Truth Social:

But, in the end, the electorate is to blame.

Like I said, if you have to go out today, dress sensibly, it’s unfair to party stupid out there and…

You might want to pack a lunch.

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  1. Raining idiots is a pretty good way of putting it. Sometimes, “Boebelhead” Barbie Doll and other conservatives (Graham yesterday – and SCOTUS asshats with the Dobbs decision) take it to a new level and, as what follows depicts at the end make a real mess:

  2. She is a great argument for birth control. Fetal alcohol syndrome may be the real culprit.
    Since you mentioned Mr Cohen, he sang, ” you say I take the name,(God), in vain…but I don’t even know the name,(biblically accurate), but, even if I did…what’s it to ya?

  3. “But, in the end, the electorate is to blame.”

    What’s the old saying? “Blind leading the blind.” Seems like with the GOP it’s a case of “morons electing the morons.”

    I’m thinking it may be about time to institute civics tests for both wannabe politicians AND the voters. Politicians would need a minimum score of 85 to run for office and voters would need a minimum score of 75 to vote. I know it would probably be a bit challenging for the voters to be tested but whenever you have to renew your driver’s license (or non-driver ID), you’re also given a short test (that would change every three years or so–can’t just memorize the test) to take* and while you could get your new license with little problem, if you don’t pass the voting, you can schedule a retest for two weeks later and try again. Failure the second time and your name’s removed from the voting rolls for the next election cycle; in January of the next year, you can go back to register to vote again but you’re given a different, slightly tougher test (something no easier than the citizenship test an immigrant has to take) and if you fail that, you get one final chance about a month later (if a primary or caucus comes along before you pass your test, you’re SOL) and another failure and you’re barred from voting for at least a decade.

    There might be a test of whether this would be Constitutional or not, but as I understand history and the Constitution, as long as the testing policy is FAIR AND EQUALLY APPLIED TO EVERYONE, it should pass muster. (The only thing in the Constitution at present deals with poll taxes. There were concerns about “literacy tests” which were addressed in the 1965 Voting Rights Act but, again, “fair and equally applied to everyone” since the pre-1965 literacy tests were usually designed to keep African-Americans from voting.)

    *As for jurisdictions that allow driver’s licenses to be renewed online, the test could still be done online but each question would only allow for about 30 seconds before timing out (ruling out any cheating by doing a search) and timing out on the test–even once–would require the person to renew the license in person. I’ve bought tickets online and I’ve had to deal with as little as 2 minutes to provide a credit card number and all the pertinent information before my ticket choice went away–and they didn’t really care if I had a slow internet connection or not.

  4. Sneering at people for getting a college education from an Ivy League school is a bit much from someone who seems to have gotten her G.E.D. from a box of Fruit Loops.

    Are the constituents in her district really going to re-elected her? She’s an obvious idiot. Those who think she should represent them in D.C. are even less on the ball and that should not be possible. There is a bottom limit to brain activity: you have to have at least enough to keep a body functioning F.F.S.

  5. Boabertie is simply outraged by the what? Then she switches off the rehearsed anger and has a good chuckle about her ignorance. A split personality or insincerity, uhhh, I dunno?

  6. Omg, she’s dim, her & her buddy MTG, both. They have no idea what the English language is, saying gazpacho, wonton, you name it. They don’t belong in our government, they belong in a civics and english class, in grade school. They show their ignorance every time they open their mouth, just like the orange stain that they worship. They only know they hate and want power. That’s not what helps our government.


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