Strap In And Enjoy The Ride. The Great “Trump Rebranding” Is Upon Us


Actually, I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of months now. And if I didn’t still suffer from sudden nightmares and random crying jags due to spending 5 years a little too close to the mind of El Pendejo Presidente, I could almost start to feel sorry for all of these sorry sumsabitches with (R)’s after their names, who now find themselves caught between a rock and a very hard nother rock. But I did, and I don’t.

Almost 6 years ago, practically the entire GOP sold its soul to a portly, delusional, racist reality show star with no sense of reality. And while they were able to ride the rocket with him, the meter was that they had to tie themselves to him and subjugate themselves, especially when he kept snapping his fingers and making them do stupid pet tricks. And that has turned out to be an untenable position to be in.

Because it turns out, now that he’s back to cheating at golf full time, everybody fucking hates Trump! Independents want him voted off of the island, white suburban GOP women want him voted off of the planet. And minorities want him voted out of the species. Almost 2/3 of the CPAC attendees don’t want him to run again in 2024. And a recent poll showed that one of the things people mist like about Biden is that he’s not Trump, they don’t have to worry about every word that comes out of his mouth.

The problem for the GOP is the fact that the GOP Trump base, which is the only base left in the GOP anymore, still loves him. And the problem with that is that a recent survey showed that only 29% of registered voters identified as Republican, or Republican leaning independents. You can’t get elected to the school board with numbers like that.

Actually, this is going to be the second Trump rebranding, and the first one didn’t work out so well. When Trump ran the table in 2016, all of a sudden, every racist scumbag running for office started calling themselves Trump before there was Trump! Featherhead former GOP Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin is a perfect example. He ruthlessly marketed himself as Trump before there was a Trump. Including regaling voters with his antics. So did several other candidates for other offices. Turns out that as far as Trump supporters are concerned, there is only one trump, and they didn’t like imposters. As far as I can recall, not a single Trump imposter won, and Trump even campaigned for Bevin.

This time around, the GOP actually has to the exact opposite. On the one hand, they have to speak to the Trump base as if they are showing the proper slavish devotion to Glorious Bleater. At the same time, they have to be using some magical hocus-pocus language that convinces everybody else, Hey, don’t worry about it. We’re not actually talking about, like, Trump Trump!

In the last couple of days, I have already heard a couple of these nitwit wordsmiths throwing out test fliers. A couple of times, when hearting GOP incumbents talking about 2024, I have heard about a candidate carrying forth the mantle of Trump. They make it sound like Trump kicked off on the 12th green when missed an 8″ putt with people watching. Notice that gentle separation? We’re not talking about Trump here, just the cool shit like tax cuts and fewer regulations. My only response is that anybody who carries anything that Trump touched, had better sterilize their hands before dinner.

But here’s my favorite one so far. GOP bufo marinus toad Governor Ron Pissantis is already casting covetous eyes towards 2024. And in the last 24 hours I heard two different incumbent GOP ass clowns refer to DeSantis as a kinder, gentler Trump. What?!? What is that supposed to mean?!? His base loves Trump because he’s Trump!, namely a narcissistic, racist, sexual deviant xenophobe! You know what you call a “kinder, gentler Trump” Just some asshole on the street.

OK, so now you’re all in the loop, and you know what to look for. And you’re not going to have to wait too long to start seeing it, because tempus does fugit. The 2022 primaries will be starting in about 10 months or so, and the GOP has to find a way to convince half of the people that they’re hearing, while trying equally hard to convince the other half that they’re hearing no such thing. And that’s going to take some work. The funny thing is, Trump actually getting his social media privileges back would be the worst thing that could happen to the GOP right now. Sure, it might rile up their teeny base, but it would provide the ultimate contrast between a calm, professional functioning government and an asylum where the guards all called in sick. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. This was all diagnosed back in Germany 1945 – 1949:

    “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.”
    (Captain G. M. Gilbert, the Army psychologist assigned to watching the defendants at the Nuremberg trials)

    • What’s next is a shitload of depositions, some courtrooms and maybe even a prison cell in NY State among other places. But hey – grifters gonna grift and he’ll continue to rake in cash from his supporters (including finding new ways to drain their bank accounts even though they thought the donation was a one time thing!) and spend as little as possible for actual legal fees and pocket the bulk of it.

      • Where did all these pro-Dimwit Donny morons come from?
        Hey morons, you’re on the wrong site, go back to the RWNJ sites with their ads for erectile dysfunction and adult diapers. You’ll be much more at home.

        • My guess is that not-so-good Mike Lindell is the reason. Remember his rant about ursula and this site during his “Frankenspeech” show me made for Trump to watch on his magic tee vee box? Hey, if it drives traffic here and they aren’t too idiotic or go getting threatening/abusive then since site traffic means ad revenue no biggie. However, if they get too “out there” then I suppose they could find themselves on the receiving end of The Beatle’s “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer!”

  2. This is the absolute most ridiculous thing I have read in quite a while. The blindness of the liberals not to see that the liberal politicians are leading us down the road to socialism which some of the dumb stupid people that are younger than 35 or 40 years old would definitely like to try communism and socialism but it’s already been proven not to work very well at least not for the people. Works great for the government who put the fear In people to follow them then all of the sudden the people wake up and realize the third in the middle of government control.

    • If that’s your opinion then let me ask about all the socialism corporate American and Wall Street has worked so hard to attain, mostly working though the GOP? All those tax breaks and subsidies from the federal govt. down to the local level? Yes, even local. Ask yourself about why in so much of the country it’s a city or county board that granted exclusive cable (and broadband) rights to ONE provider – and the number of complaints those providers get. Complaints they ignore because they bribed themselves into their little monopoly. Chew on that for a while.

      • We need the thumbs up button again for great responses like yours every time someone brings up the stupid “socialism” bogeyman. Everything you said is documented fact.

  3. The Low life R’s are in it for cash and would die forc$50.00. I’m a full blown Republican and not ashamed to say so. I believe in GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY and my vote is not for sale, you can’t promise me a rose garden to sale out my wonderful Country that has sons and daughters blood shed for UT for no amount of money. God knows all the cheaters, liars, money lovers, and he has a special place for then. God BLESS TRUMP AND ALL HEVDID FOR THIS COUNTRY, JUST TO HAVE TGE DEVIL IN DISQUISE TOVTAKE HIS LITTLE BONEY, FEEBLE FINGER TO UNDO ALL THE GOOD TRUMP DID FOR AMERICA. I KNEW THE ANTI-CHRIST WAS TO COME BUT DIDNT THINK HE WOULD COME IN MY LIFETIME, BUT THIS TIME I CONFESS I WAS WRONG. HE LIVES IN DC AND CALLS HISSELF PRESIDENT, NOT!!!. Trump is still President, he won fare and square, hands down, but the ANTI-CHRIST BUNCH LIED, CHEATED, BOUGHT AND STOLE THE ELECTION. THEY THINK THEY GOT BY WITH IT, BUT THEY FORGOT ABOUT THE EYE IN THE SKY, THE ONE THAT KNOWS EVERY MANS HEART, JUDGMENT IS ON ITS WAY AND THEY’LL PAY, EVEN THE OLD ANTI-CHRIST CANT GET BY GODS JUDGMENT. EVERYONE OF THEM.

    • Take a deep breath. And maybe proof read what you write before you hit submit. We all make a type now and then but this? Wow. And the all caps? That much all cap is, in case you didn’t know internet-speak for shouting and considered rude enough to get a person banned from this and most sites. Keep that in mind if you choose to comment here again. As for the content I hate to break it to you but I too served my country in uniform, as did my father in WWII. Contrary to what so many conservatives insist plenty of Democrats and even liberals like me (grew up as one and have remained so for all this time – I’m now in my 60s) have served, and countless numbers have sacrificed, bled and even died so get over yourself. Regarding your anti-Christ talk TRUMP is a real candidate for that role! How many of the Ten Commandments has he violated yet he insists he has nothing to confess or ask God’s forgiveness for? Hell, he even wants to be worshipped as an idol. A golden one even! Go back to your bible and read what Jesus actually taught. Take a look at The Beatitudes and HONESTLY ask yourself if Trump abides. I could keep going, but I kinda doubt you’ve read this far.

      However, if I’m wrong (and if so I apologize) and you’re still reading I return to my initial suggestion to take a deep breath, do some proof reading and editing of any comments and lay off the all caps. And while I’m at it knock off the CT about the election. Keep it up and you’ll find yourself not only unwelcome here but possibly banned.

    • John 8:44. Read it then argue with Jesus, who calls the devil “the father of all lies”. Trump has been PROVEN to lie over 30,000 times, many, I’ve watched him do myself. Since you love his lying, evil ways, you are, what Jesus called the followers of lies, “children of the devil”. Oh, & just because fox agrees with you, the videos of the Nuremberg rallies, shows being part of a large fervent crowd doesn’t separate you from evil. It just makes you a blind follower. The Nazis claimed God was on their side. Oh. I forgot. U & ur boy think murderous Nazis are, “very fine people”. Nevermind. I know better than to argue with bots & cult members. Here’s ur grape juice. Drink up.

    • You and people like you are one of the reasons we have to keep an eye on Trump. However, if you are concerned about God’s judgement, Trump has far more to fear, as do any of his supporters who support any kind of kicking down. Jesus says it is not the poor who oppress you but the rich. If you support Trump and his divisive politics, you haven’t been paying proper attention to the sermons you have heard. Nearly everything you wrote in all caps more accurately describes Trump. You cannot name any good thing thing Trump did for America. Instead you turn off your brain an believe Trump’s Big Lie.

  4. Joseph “Murfster35” Murphy
    Your sarcasm in this article was ever so clear. Apparently, journalism has changed a great deal from facts to fowl language and jabs at those who do not think as you. Obviously, it is those who have an (R) behind their names that you detest so much. You also talk about the “nitwit” wordsmiths that are throwing out test flyers. Well it seems you have superseded them by far with this article being the biggest “nitwit” wordsmith of all! I am not sure where you get your information, as you say that 2/3rds of the CPAC attendees don’t want Trump to run in 2024. I would like to see that survey. Furthermore, you rant and rave about how women hate Trump. Well yes, all the women you know probably hate Trump and they all likely have a (D) next to their name. That’s another survey I would like you to show. You babble on about some (R) that who branded himself as Trump before there was a Trump and the other imposters like him. Well, what does that have to do with the price of peas? And who cares? This obsession you have with talk about nothing of value amazes me! And you cannot help yourself from spouting off about Florida’s governor, calling him the name “bufo marinus” toad, misspelling his name as, Ron Pissantis. I suppose this mispronounciation makes you feel so cool! The way you write is like a rebellious young teenager running your mouth. You end by inviting folks to follow you on Twitter. I would not follow you one step much less on Twitter or any other site!

    • Well, at least you’re doing what some of us do and checking out what those on the other side of the aisle have to say. As for a few of the things you brought up as I recall the CPAC straw poll at the time of the conference had 55% picking Trump. DeSantis was around 20% or so if memory serves. To be honest I don’t know if there’s been polling among members since then. As for “Trump before Trump” candidates yes they are out there. I grew up close to KY, had a Marine pal who moved back there when his enlistment expired and an old pal who’s a professor at a public university in that state and yes, the former (and defeated) Gov. did in fact make a point of his being “Trump before Trump. When it comes to the Gov. of FL I’m not nearly the writer Murfster is, but it doesn’t take someone with any writing skills to size up DeSantis and come to the conclusion he’s an asshole. He’s not the first politician of whom that can be said but my point is that I won’t be around the bush with wordplay on his name at the moment. I’m pretty sure you disagree. I’d merely point out that childish nicknames as you like to criticize Murfster for were and remain standard fare for Trump, other GOP elected officials and the conservative talking head brigade. So if you don’t like the return fire (and I engage in it myself at times) then might I suggest thinking over the old saying about not dishing it out if you can’t take it? Or about people in glass houses not throwing stones?

    • He isn’t so much a journalist as a comedic pundit. But I can sympathize with the objection to foul language. Nevertheless, his facts and numbers are generally accurate, but I can agree a few links would be nice. And unlike a lot of pundits, his forecasts usually turn out to be on the money.

  5. These people don’t work at anything, Murf. That’s why they leaned on other people who have since fled the scene to do their messaging. It’s another big reason they’re stuck with the Trump cult.

  6. You are ate up with trump. If you think he is that bad an the polls are that bad then you an you Democrat friends have no worries. But you dream of him your in love with hating him it is your whole reason for living . Move on worry about how your going to pay your bills after your president gets done screwing up America trust me you will be screaming get him out of there you an all your lib friends are fools blind hatered will destroy this country because of fools like you an stop telling people how to spell an use caps what’s up with all you anal spell checking dems Trump 2024 go Trump

    • Well Kent, this old white guy won’t apologize for having gotten a good education in a public school in small-town/rural America starting with grade school in the 1960s – a time when parents of all types (rich and poor) stressed paying attention in school and actually learning. And in most places schools back then were decent, if not pretty good. A person could even get a trade degree from a Jr. College or a four year degree from a public university without going into much, if any debt. If some of us who believed in learning and education OFFEND you by (mostly) knowing how to spell, or (mostly) using good grammar and (from your point of view) insult you and yours by pointing out bad internet manners, poor spelling and grammar that make it difficult to follow, much less take seriously what folks you like say too bad. To put it bluntly I have no fucks to give. Yes, I hated it when Trump was my President. I hated his kowtowing to a sworn enemy (Vladmir Putin) of our country and sucking up to other dictators while at the same time trashing our relationships with our friends who helped us maintain clear status as the leader of the world. I hated how he LIED all the time, coarsened our public discourse, and encouraged corruption in our government. Trump was a piece of shit decades before he he ever ran for office. Attaining actual power only made him worse. Now? Well if you hate the shoe being on the other foot that’s your right. But don’t come here or elsewhere railing about hatred when so many conservatives have, from the halls of power to the pulpits of “Evangelical” “Christian” churches been spewing forth a fire hose level of hatred for so long. I didn’t used to hate. And, unlike (I suspect) you I hate myself for so often feeling hatred of those who would deny basic freedoms and dignity to so many people simply because they aren’t white, conservative “Christians.”

    • It would be nice to be able to forget about Trump as you suggest. But since he seems to own the GOP with their acquiescence, and since so many Trump voters turn off their brains in order to believe his Big Lie, then he bears watching, I only wish he really would reject the spotlight and go back to fulltime cheating at golf.

  7. I didn’t waste all my time even reading this past the first few paragraphs. You are an idiot and a terrible FACT checker and pole stats getter. You with the D after your name are hopelessly blind and list. Liars, thief, cheaters, rioters, fit throwers and worse of all destroyers of our America. You will never close our churches again, lock us down keep us from our families and make us cover our faces like someone hiding in shame. God isn’t done YET. This isn’t over. Wait for it. Wait for it. You think your safe after a few months. You better keep looking over your shoulder. Those of proud, loyal, hard working, God fearing, America loving, amazing people with the “R” after their name have looked the other way for the last time. Be prepared. We are UNITED and are coming back to take what has been stolen from us.Good luck.

    • Ole Murfster really struck a nerve with conservatives as your comment (and others) makes clear. I’d like to start my reply with a question I’ve posed (without getting an answer I might add) to others who have made mention of their being “God FEARING.” Fearing? Why, if as you suggest as a purported following of Jesus Christ would you have any reason to FEAR God? Could it possibly be that deep in your heart, you know you aren’t actually practicing what Jesus preached or at least making a sincere effort to do so? If you don’t want to think about that, then consider how many people spent time in the hospital, those who have experienced long-term (maybe permanent) damage to their bodies from COVID or actually DIED from it – who contracted the disease via one of you gatherings in enclosed space in CHURCH where you sat close together, sang and as takes place in some churches shouted (not for me to judge how people worship but that kind of thing didn’t happen in my old fuddy-duddy Presbyterian worship services) and had physical contact and THEN carried the disease out into your communities? At best that’s reckless endangerment, but since so many died many, including perhaps God himself might reasonably call that murder! I seem to recall a Commandment about not killing. Do you? Yes, it’s nice and even wonderful to get together in person to worship one’s faith with family, friends and acquaintances. However, and again please correct me if I’m wrong but Jesus himself spoke of being wary of those who “prayed in public”, and prior to teaching the multitudes gathered for the Sermon on the Mount the Lord’s Prayer instructed them to go to a place of solitude.

      He also said something about whenever two or more are gathered in my name…

      In other words Jesus himself made it clear one can fully worship God without crowding together in a church. And, since we are in a very different time with modern telecommunications it’s possible to take part in worship via online participation in services, and of course there are plenty of mega-church preachers who hold services people watch on their TV screens! Hope if you’ve read this far I haven’t made your head hurt with things to ponder.

      Finally, this country belongs to us all. It’s mine just as much as it is yours. It belongs just as much to the vast majority of people who, unlike me for one actually served it in our Armed Forces (USMC in my case) so get off your high horse. Yes, we will resist efforts to intimidate voters and suppress the vote. You should too. And if you think allowing EVERY citizen to receive the full rights and blessings of citizenship in this country has taken something away from you then you really need an attitude adjustment. We can debate till hell freezes over about the proper amount of taxes, regulations and other govt. policies but the rights set forth and guaranteed in our Constitution are for us all. If you don’t like the LAWS then FAIRLY win at the ballot box to achieve change. Alas, it’s clear with all the voter suppression laws in the works (or already passed) and gerrymandering that’s gone on that conservatives know they can’t win in a fair fight. Perhaps not even with a rigged SCOTUS. But in the meantime I respectfully suggest you take a hard look at your faith, both in your religion and in the political process set forth by our founders who most decidedly did NOT want religion and government mixed together.

      • “God-fearing” is a King James era expression which means “proper understanding and reverence of God and His divine power.” Your point would be stronger if you concentrated on the fact that their words and deeds do not comport with people who claim to be God-fearing. When you introduce your comment with a misapprehension of what the term means, you lose their attention as someo0ne who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Your point to them should go around the other way. “Because you claim to be God-fearing, why don’t you behave like it?”

  8. Who wrote that crap? I am laughing my ass off at the Goddamn lies! 29% you are a fucking idiot. MANY MORE REPUBLICANS THAN LIBTERD SCUM

  9. Holy cow, Ursula! Just as we suspected, your notoriety has sent a legion of trolls your way! Too funny to read their overwrought protestations.

  10. Whenever I read diatribes like those regarding J Murphy’s post and the responses defending it by Denis E and others, I think whatever has happened to civic discourse? (And the descent isn’t on the liberal side, given that the Ds actually have a platform and issues we care about and the Rs . . . Don’t. ) Well, I’m awake now, and have had tea. Happy Monday!

    • Honestly, I don’t give an eff about any of it. Much easier to checkmate and crush your opposition when they roll up in underwhelming numbers like they were a conquering army.

  11. These folks should stop watching FAUX NEWS, but they won’t, because it and other right-wing so-called “news” sites reinforce (and propagate) anti-democratic info. It’s too bad that so many of these people refuse to broaden their political horizons (so to speak) by at least trying a different news source.

    They might not like the DEMONRATS, but I sure bet they liked the $1400 checks they got from the Biden Admin, along with other new initiatives that will make their lives easier (like low-cost health care, infrastructure plans – broadband, jobs, etc.)

  12. Why is it only Murph’s pieces that get the attention of all these deplorable nut jobs? Have they got him tagged or something? I can’t even begin to read their nonsense and vile comments. Uck! Go back to the swamp you crawled out of, morons!

  13. Hey Trumpanzees! If ya don’t want the truth, you are on the wrong site! Go back to parler, or wherever. Personally, I want The Orange Monster, and its entire cult to become some other universe/dimension’s problem! Can’t we at least sent them to Siberia?

  14. Damn, I hope all these R’s who missed out on their spelling, punctuation and writing classes go back to where they came from (or maybe take some GED classes, just sayin’). I’m not used to seeing this kind of negativity and rhetoric on Politizoom! Ursula I guess you really got them going!

    I love all the responses from “our” folks to these sorry-ass comments!

  15. I notice, & it seems *always* the case, that the ranters never come back on anything posted in response (though it may be just as well). It’s as if they never check if anyone responded specifically to their post – they just deposit their excrement and don’t bother to monitor the reaction.
    Denis has been working overtime trying to reply to them, showing amazing patience (most of the time), but I assume it’s wasted on them as they don’t check back ?. I suppose it might get read by the next RWNJ though; and will impress any ‘neutrals’ browsing by.

    • Thanks for noticing my attempts to engage. I had to call upon some of the buried deep discipline my Drill Instructors hammered into me all those decades ago to keep from going all jarhead grunt on their ass at times. However, as I noted in one comment I made Murfster seems to have really struck a nerve to have had so many right wing types respond to him. That, and it following on the heels of Mikey Lindell’s advertising our little site prompted me to give it the old college try. I wonder how much site traffic he generated for us. Given all the hassles urusla had with the old ad agency and the lost revenue hopefully Lindell’s rant generated enough traffic (from mostly right wing lurkers checking us out) to mitigate some of the damage.

      I do wonder if any of those who commented came back. Or whether they assumed all of us would run away and hide like the snowflakes they accuse US of being. We’ll see I guess. I still say if they don’t get too far off the reservation with CT bullshit (or don’t stop when warned) or other misbehavior or threats (things that go beyond beating us in future elections) they can comment here like anyone else. However, repeatedly showing their ass can lead to entirely predictable consequences. One could me me addressing them the way I typically would – meeting their “fire” with overwhelming return fire like one of my DI’s or especially my old Company Gunny from grunt school at Pendleton (he received a Navy Cross in Vietnam) would blush at. Or lesser consequences might ensue like getting themselves banned. Time will tell I guess.

      In the meantime I take what good news I can find, and the fact that we’ve gotten on conservative’s radar means we are irritating them by not being the wimpy assed liberals they assume us to be and instead being openly critical of them and so much of their cray actions and beliefs. I for one rather enjoy them showing that while they can dish it out (and take delight in doing so) they sure as hell can’t take it!


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