The U.S. Space Force Command Center is not located in Lauren Boebert’s 3rd Congressional district, but rather it’s neighboring 5th District, in Colorado Springs. Still, President Biden’s decision to leave the Force where it is rather than moving it to red state Alabama or Texas as TFG had proposed is likely a popular one in Western Colorado in general, so I guess it’s really not much of a surprise that Boebert is trying to horn in and get some of the credit for Biden’s move.

I have to doubt however, that the President took into account the opinion of the Freedumb Caucus Representative who daily calls for his impeachment.

But bang your little drum while you can Boebert, we are coming for you next year.

Our friend Ron Filipkowski, who stubbornly remains on what I will always call Twitter shares my doubts, as do his many followers:

Better than even, I’m guessing.

It’s what they do.

Well, Mark, it was Trump’s idea so…


Or because Colorado is now reliably blue.


Me too Abbie, good to see ya.

Totally appropriate here tho…

Yeah, she’ll be back to talking impeachment in 3…2…1…

Let’s not tell her, it will be more fun watching her find out on her own 🤣🤣🤣



You keep bragging about teaming up with Biden, Lauren.

You don’t need all those MAGA voters next year anyway…


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  1. I love the Mark Kelley tweet. “Space Force.” WTF? Hey, I enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek stuff as much as most people but that stuff is entertainment! There aren’t actually big battles of spaceships (from huge ships like seagoing battleships and aircraft carriers with small fighter/attack jets) engaging in battles, much less epic ones up there above the earth’s atmosphere! Nor any prospect of the kind of technology that will enable it either. Maybe in two or three hundred years.

    But Kelley is maybe on to something. By all means let’s have a “Sub Force.” And, while the Navy is at it and aircraft carriers are so important a “Navy Air Force” as a new and separate branch too. As for SEALS, well the Army, Marines and even the Air Force all have Special Forces so let’s group them all into a shiny new “Super Trooper Force!” I came close to staying in the service and switching to EOD (explosives & ordinance disposal – think The Hurt Locker) and given the terrorism threat and bombs and stuff we should also have a new “Bomb Force.” Oh my, the possibilities!

    I used to point out that before the reoranization in 1947 we had a Dept. of the Army and Dept. of the Navy. What is now the Air Force WAS the Army Air Corps, and the Marines were (and remain) part of the Dept. of the Navy even though even then they were considered a separate branch. But all of a sudden we had four different branches, with the Coast Guard being a sort of fifth as it can be deployed for war fighting purposes making five.

    Has anyone but me noticed that with the exception of Desert Storm (the first Gulf War in the early 1990s) the U.S. hasn’t won a major conflict decisively AND if not quickly then at least within a couple of years since that 1947 set of changes? Something to think about.

  2. space farce commander blowbert to major tom.
    commencing impeachment, engines gone.
    check your maga ring inscription and may trump’s
    hate be with you.

  3. Have I not been paying attention? I have not heard/read anything from Bobo the Clown regarding the space cadet force. Now she claims to have been defending keeping the silly ass thing in CO?

    My bigger question is why in the f*ck President Biden has not eliminated the space cadet force entirely? Mark Kelly is absolutely on target-the Air Force does all this stuff now-why add more admin and the rest of the useless crap (which is all that will be added…oh, and new uniforms)? WTF? This is yet another piece of stupidity from trump that needs to be swept away. Why it is not yet gone is an indication that President Biden is off his game and more than just a bit. There is something to be said about looking very closely at these older pols…

    • Trump thought “Space Force” sounded cool, and “bada$$.” People should think about that. That the Commander in Chief thought like some twelve year old! Even worse, there are GOPers who agree! I’m sure many Republicans on the Hill groaned but they didn’t have the guts to go to him and tell him how STUPID this would make the U.S. look on the international stage. I guarantee you our folks at NATO and in other international alliances have to put up with digs about our “mighty” Space Force. I’m sure part of Trump fantasized about a joyride to space, maybe even wearing a “camo” colored spacesuit but hated himself because there IS a significant risk to spaceflight and he wouldn’t have the courage to actually do it.

  4. “The U.S. Space Force Command Center ”

    There is no such entity.

    There is US Space Force and there is US Space Command. They are different organizations.

    One is a military service branch. One is a joint service Combatant Command. Refer to the Goldwater–Nichols Act to understand how they relate and differ.

    The only thing that was possibly moving was the headquarters section of US Space Command. That is about 800-1000 people from a base that employs around 10,000-12,000 people. No Space Force units were moving.


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