I’ll admit having a rough start to the day and doing a quick skim of my news feed the headline about this didn’t fully register. Later, the light bulb in my head switched on and I had a “wait a minute, I’ve got to go back and check that out moment.” In my defense, given all the nonsense in the news for too long now it can be easy to dismiss crazy sounding stuff. However, it seems Georgia Congress Critter and national gadfly and Trump Fluffer Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Alejandro Mayorkas job. She’s got her sights set on being head of the Dept. of Homeland Security!

Somehow I don’t think I’ll sleep better at night with MTG in charge of DHS. However, according to 2paragraphs Marjie thinks she’s the one to “fix” immigration.  She wasn’t invited (it seems) to be a headline speaker at CPAC so she went to South Carolina to mingle with the MAGAS waving signs for her hero Trump. However, she did take some time to speculate on the future and her role once her Trumpty Dumpty is back in the WH as “Presidenter” For Life:

At an appearance yesterday in Greenville, while speaking as a surrogate for Trump, Greene — who led the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas — said she wants his job if Trump is re-elected.

Greene said: “I’d be honored to serve President Trump in his next administration in any capacity that he asks me. But I’m certainly particularly interested in Homeland Security. I think it’s the top issue in the country.”

I guess that explains why she went to such lengths to make an ass (well, a bigger one) of herself during Mayorkas’ impeachment. And is giddy over being one of the House Impeachment Managers at the Senate trial. She wants Mayorkas’ job! Hey, she already knows all about space lasers (she had her pal George Santos sneak over to Israel and steal the design plans for the “Jewish Space Lasers” that can start wildfires and adapt them to zap people trying to cross the border) so she’s eminently qualified isn’t she?  And Trump, creator of mighty “Space Force” no doubt loves the idea of having space lasers he can zap anyone he likes with. (After all, he who controls the space lasers controls the world!)

All this time we’ve thought she was angling to be Trump’s VP pick. It’s not like she couldn’t look adoringly at Trump like Mike Pence did. She’d excel at that of course. However given what’s been coming out of her mouth lately (the Freudian slips of shall we say an “adult” themed nature) I don’t think any of us want to see what the cartoon thought bubbles above her head might say.

Maybe she realized that like Pence that would be it for her. No moving up to be Prez herself. And nothing to actually do but look upon Trump during photo ops with that creepy adoring gaze. Nope. MTG wants some action. To be making a difference. Ok, so it would be a BAD difference to non-MAGA Americans which is most of us. But you know what I’m getting at.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so damned scary. You just know Trump would be intrigued by the idea, although I suspect Stephen Miller might not be thrilled. Then again Miller might be angling for Chief of Staff. Who the hell knows what wants to be what if Trump gets back into office but one thing we know is Trump loves to  have his underlings fighting amongst themselves. (That’s what keeps them from getting big ideas and maneuvering him out of the way!)

Or maybe it’s a ploy to gain the upper hand in Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice – VP” tee vee show. A way to suck up via playing the “I’ll be whatever you want me to be” and using immigration which is going to be a top, if not the primary focus of Trump’s campaign as a hook. I don’t think she’s that clever. No, she just wants a job with Trump that gives her real power to be cruel. And he won’t just let be be so, he’ll egg her on.

According to the linked article she certainly believes she’s highly qualified. It cites a Boston Herald article that notes “Greene, who once owned a Crossfit studio and worked for her family’s construction business before seeking office, has said her experience makes her far better suited for the job.” 

Plus, she’s an expert on space lasers.

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  1. Empty G wants to be the one to personally create the concentration camps, or “Margies,” as she calls them! When Stephen Miller took credit for already destroying immigrant families, Old Sporkfoot exclaimed, “Halte mien Bier, Baby Nazi!”

  2. Oh, dear Goddess. That’s it. She is the poster child for the.Dunning Krueger effect. An 8year-ol with Own Syndrome could do a better non. And that is an I suit to.people with developmental challenges because they are capable of learning from experience and generally aren’t waving around dick pics of Hunter Biden.

  3. I would hope the Senate would have better sense than to confirm her. Stranger things have happened. Or is Dictator Trump going to ban Congress so only he makes the decisions. Scary stuff.

    • It all depends on who holds the Senate after January 20th. Even if the GOP only has 50 seats, if Trump wins, then his VP will essentially break any confirmation ties and there won’t be a single GOPer who votes against any Trump nominee (we saw how many of Trump’s nominees were rejected by the GOP Senate the first time around).
      If Biden’s reelected and the GOP gets 51 seats in the Senate, we’re liable to see the greatest number of deputy secretaries running the Cabinet because any current members who might decide to retire or leave their posts for whatever reason will never see a confirmed replacement.

  4. I remember reading a while ago that tRump is going to have acting secretaries a rotational slot for them. That way no one would have to go before the Senate for approval.

    • Or, he could just do that “dictator for a day” thing and officially abolish all Cabinet posts and “rebrand” all those secretaries as “special presidential advisors” to avoid having any pesky confirmation hearings. (Or, as I noted in my other comment, if the Senate’s under GOP control, there won’t need to be any hearings. Every nominee will just be rubber-stamped into the job. Oh, they may go through the motions of “hearings” and “confirmation vote” but a GOP Senate will just give Trump his picks.)

  5. MTG: “I’ll show them jewish space lasers by gosh. With me running this thing we’ll have them if we have to invent them ourselves”.

    Physics community: “Strap some laser pointers to a stick and float a balloon occasionally over her head. She’ll either think she has her lasers or she’ll be too busy chasing the red dots”.

  6. In the military there’s a concept of Over Age in Grade. Like someone’s been a Lieutenant waaay too long. Probably a reason for that. Marge is a 13 year old who is Over Age in Grade.


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