It used to be that fact checkers heard an odd, but entirely plausible story, and confirmed that it was false. Today we have a situation where a totally unbelievable story has been confirmed as true. Last week we did a piece on Real Men Wear Diapers, where we described MAGA diaper merchandise with that saying on it being sold. MAGAs also took to wearing diapers to rallies. It seemed too strange to be true but Snopes confirmed it. Take a look. MAGA is not a political party, it is a cult.

They wear the diapers, so I’m going to make the leap in logic that they use the diapers. Although I’m really not crazy about seeing the fact check on that. I didn’t know America was this mentally ill.

“We noticed that the photographs that circulated all came from Dispatches from Trumpland, so we contacted the writers of the blog to ask for more details about the rallies. The writer replied that the photographs posted on April 11 had been taken at rallies in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Detroit. He added that he took the photographs in the April 24 post himself, in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania,” the report states. “He also shared an article from the Greensboro News & Record, published March 2, 2024, that included a photograph of a man it identified as Alfredo Alcala, who wore a red T-shirt that said ‘Real Men Wear Diapers.'”

The article concludes, “Because this trend was documented in coverage by reputable news outlets in addition to the reports by Dispatches from Trumpland, we have rated this claim as ‘True.'”

Conservative attorney George Conway, a frequent critic of Trump, confessed he doubted the validity of reports about the diaper wearers.

“This could not possibly be true,” he said on Saturday. Conway then looked into it further and later wrote, “Okay, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I admit it.”

“Apparently it’s true,” the attorney added. “I still find this hard to absorb, though.”

Former federal prosecutor Richard Signorelli said on Saturday, “Jumping the shark in the real world. His cult followers are nuts.”

Popular account @JoJoFromJerz wrote in response, “PSA: If you are wearing an adult diaper to a Trump rally because the addlepated orange dumbf— you want returned to the White House is a world-famous pants-s——, congratulations — you are an idiot, an a——, and you’re in a f—— cult. A seriously stupid f——- cult.”

@SassyKadiK added, “Wait. Trump followers are now wearing diapers and literally pooping and peeing in their pants to show their solidarity? This is not normal. None of this is normal.”

So Trump does wear diapers and his cult is fine with it. I wonder if he had shot Kristi Noem’s puppy if that would have been alright with them. Maybe so. Maybe that’s where we are nowadays and it’s just as Trump said it was, “I could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and wouldn’t lose a vote.”

God forgive me but I almost wish he would shoot a puppy so that we could see what happens. This is the bread and circus crowd right here. They don’t want governance, they want chaos and entertainment. At least that’s what they think they want, until the whole shithouse goes up in flames, to quote Jim Morrison.

Maybe MAGA stands for Make America Grotesque Anarchy. It seems like that fits better. The only question at this time is just how Bizarro World is this situation going to get? And the way things are going, it looks like the bottom is only getting lower and lower.

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  1. There is an old adage: sometimes you can’t fix stupid. Magats provide us, with their actions, the corollary to that: the magat brand of stupid cannot be fixed. trump, trump fluffers, and magats are some of the most moronic people on the planet. You cannot measure their I.Q. accurately because the below average to brain dead portion of the scale gives them too high an I.Q.

    Once again, embarrassed to be an American. What is refreshing tho’ is this time it is trump’s little cult members rather than him–it’s a nice change.

    • I am more amazed by the day at how fucking stupid Trump supporters are. The fact that they believe a known liar and grifter, without fact checking anything, just goes beyond my belief. These people don’t want to know the truth they want to know a fairytale, a Trump fairytale in which he does nothing for them. Trump is too busy giving tax breaks to the rich to worry about the rest of us. Trump‘s supporters apparently have no morals or intelligence just like Trump. They don’t believe in the Democratic process. They don’t understand the Democratic Process. And they don’t understand the fact that our constitution is the reason they can spread their lies and fake Conspiracy theories.


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