Pat Cippollone may be finished with his Jan6 Committee testimony, but that does not mean he is not welcome to speak on just about any news show on American television.

Excluding NewsMax and OAN, of course.

Which is why I think this tweet…

…posted by Idiot Jr. yesterday will not serve him and dear old dad well.

Sure, it feels good, like a broom handle size line of coke good, to lash out at those who threaten you and yours with the truth, but when that someone is a high powered D.C. lawyer who undoubtedly still has a dump truck load of shit in reserve that he can dump on dad if he so chooses, discretion might be the better part of stupid.

But you do you, Jr., don’t let me dissuade you from cutting your own throat.

What say you, Twitter?

Orange is definitely his color.



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  1. The talking beard speaks…sniff…sniff…snort! Time to be brave & go shoot an old lion changed to a stake. I’m a man damnit! Where’s my goddamn coke spoon?

  2. Well to be crude here. I think you could safely say the est part of Donnie ran down his daddies leg at conception. But I do believe Clint Eastwood said it best in Heartbreak Ridge. He should be a poster child for a prophylactic. Then again given the wonderful Not Supreme Court. Donnie could be a poster child for abortion rights. And as was mentioned in another post. The reason behind why Joe Biden had his latest gaffe that the witch from the west was mocking him was a true story of a young, innocent ten year old was raped and had to go to a neighboring state for an abortion. In the first place, what moron would rape a ten year old. Second, knowing both Ohio and Indiana I’m not surprised at Ohio but a little surprised that Indiana did the abortion. And third, it is my fervent hope that they let this clown out into the yard with the general population after first mentioning that they have a new inmate and everyone should make him feel at home in his new digs. ☮️😎🙏🏻


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