“R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me, r-e-s-p-e-c-t, take care TCB.” — Aretha Franklin

It appears that Rodney Dangerfield isn’t the only one who gets no respect. Silk will probably be on the phone to him soon enough to let him know how hard her life is.

Silk is very upset by the police officer who came when her sister Diamond’s body was discovered. So upset, in fact, that she’s filing a claim against him.

Now this next one is a doozy. I can’t find a video of Diamond’s funeral to verify this, so take it with a grain of salt until we find out one way or the other.

Can that be true? I sincerely do not know. But maybe Silk labors under some impression that she and Diamond should be phoned by heads of state when there’s a death in the family. I must say, my initial reaction is to be gobsmacked.

I seriously doubt if Joe Biden phoned Priscilla Presley when Lisa Marie died, either. But you don’t hear Priscilla bitching about it, and you won’t.

Ans so much for Backing the Blue, right? That goes without saying.


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  1. From PZ’s about page: “At PolitiZoom, we believe that facts matter and are committed to providing an alternative to the disinformation spread by right-wing media organizations and “hate-talk” media.”

    “Facts matter,” but this report doesn’t rely on facts. The writer of this story hadn’t event SEEN the comments made by Silk about her sister’s sudden death and the events that followed. But she reports “facts” because they matter.

    Well, the writer’s “facts” are, IN FACT, fabrications. Fake. The writer should PULL THIS FAKE STORY, and then watch the celebration of Diamond’s life. The writer should LISTEN to the facts of Diamond’s death as told by Silk, who was there. I won’t tell the writer any more; the writer needs to “fact find” from the source.

    • Well Marty, I just read and commented on the article. And I distinctly recall her stating that she had searched but couldn’t find video to corroborate the story and that unless/until she did she felt it should be taken with a dose of salt. Now, as for the veracity of what Silk said which you report as fact, you are asking us to take her at HER word. Sorry. Her word isn’t worth jack-shit to me. As I said, if police there are issued body cams we’ll find out whether any LE was disrespectful in due course.

    • Betcha still believe that 1/6 was just a,respectful protest and any violence was the work of antifa.
      The level of stupidity must be painful.

  2. She’s a nazi supporter. Fuck her. Go ahead and continue to be the token camouflage for a virulent white supremacist. Go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Be sure to broadcast ur final resting place. If I find myself in the vicinity, I will be sure to stop and piss on your grave for the 400,000 dead soliders from WW2, who died to stop your kind.

  3. I hope that PD has body cams and that any officer responding made damn sure their cam was activated. Look, I can understand the gal being distressed waiting on responders and if the cop was the first one there his/her first priority would be to, no matter how upset/distraught someone was to find out where the unresponsive person was and while getting to them calling for EMS. And then checking for a pulse. If “Silk” felt like the cop was blowing her off she needs to chill. The other thing that has to be done is to secure the room and area and start a timeline on who found “Diamond”, when and who else was in the house.

    Again, that can seem callous to a close relative but what they might consider rudeness is often simply the responding officer trying to ensure a) that someone needs an ambulance, or that there’s no hurry and b) gain control over the scene. Just in case. That can require being firm in tone and keeping people back from the body and getting them out of the room entirely. But that’s how things should be. Of course, if you’re a celebrity with a healthy dose of Diva in you then you might take reasonable LE response as something worthy of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Not that a Trump pal would attempt some grifting…

  4. When my father died at 89,we dealt with police and the coroner and the funeral director. Everyone was brusque but respectful, to the point of telling me to go.into another room to avoid seeing Dad zipped into a body bag.


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