GOP Senator Roger Marshall, along with several others, is contemplating objecting to a bi-partisan effort to extend school lunch funding ahead of a June 30th deadline due to the Biden Administration policy that no child is denied a school lunch because of that child’s gender identity.

By objecting Marshall could delay the needed funding of a program that has significantly reduced child hunger.

Because a trans or gay kid may slip through the lunch line and get a meal.


“A Republican senator is thinking about blowing up a bipartisan deal to extend school meals funding because of a Biden administration policy banning discrimination against LGBTQ students who participate in lunch programs that receive the money.

Democratic leaders are rushing to pass the legislation and get it to President Joe Biden’s desk before current funding runs out June 30, triggering a hunger cliff for millions of children. Senate Republican leaders, who blocked previous attempts at a year-long extension of the funds, haven’t made any threats to tank the bill this time around, according to three people involved in the talks. But any one senator can object and block the expedited effort, requiring a recorded floor vote and eating up precious time.“

And this is not an objection say, to… I don’t know, a “Make your child sit at the gay table” directive or mandatory rainbow Jello parfaits guidance, or Drag Queen story hour swim meets, but to a specific USDA guidance that allows students to lodge a complaint if they feel the school’s lunch program discriminates against them:

“The USDA guidance, however, is only aimed at programs that receive federal nutrition money, not other aspects of school policy that may affect LGBTQ students. A USDA official emphasized that the administration wouldn’t pull funding from a school lunch program just because the state has restrictive laws around sports or bathroom access for transgender kids, nor because a school lacks an LGBTQ policy. Rather, individuals could only file complaints if they’ve been discriminated against by the specific school lunch program based on gender identity — for example, if they were denied food because they were transgender.“

But Marshall is willing to endanger every child’s right to lunch if a trans kid gets a sandwich:

“I’m just afraid that schools in Kansas won’t have school lunches because of this administration’s radical view on transgender issues,” Marshall said. “And I’m afraid that they’re going to raid the school lunch program over that issue.”


This guy is really out to lunch.

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  1. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that somewhere in the GOP someone like this would toss this turd into the punchbowl given an old truism: “Liberals are willing to tolerate some cheating to make sure no one starves, while conservatives are willing to let people starves to make sure no one cheats.” Of course, as with the second amendment meaning (to conservatives) unfettered access to all guns is actually only for WHITE people, the part about cheating only applies to Democrats – as in conservatives/Republicans are allowed to cheat but woe to any liberal/Democrat of whom it might be even speculated that they even think about cheating!

  2. I feel like he and all the other Rs should be run through a *mandatory* class on the Constitution and civil rights, since they seem to be bone ignorant about both.

    • I doubt it would do any good. These people are greedy, self-righteous, ignorant, pieces of sh*t. They are incapable of changing any of those “qualities” and in fact see no reason to do so. If their eyes your jeezus was a “gimme that it’s mine” person which is reflected in their practice of x-tianity. They have no redeeming qualities and apparently do not want them. I’ve no doubt Ghengis Khan cared more about children and life itself than these hypocrites. The most unfortunate thing is their constituents are fed the “greed is good” diet every Sunday at their churches. They’re told every hour of every day by fux nuz that everyone not white, male, and x-tian is out to get them so they had better shoot first. These people have been fed this sh*t for over 40 years and this addiction to ignorance, violence and greed is hard, if not impossible, to break.

  3. So republicans can cheat by making people wait in line for hours without wate, they can close voting stations so people without cars have to walk for mile, they can flip electors, they can have armed dogs at voting booths to intimidate people, but god damned a 6 year old that’s hungry. These people are simply rotten to the core.

  4. Of course Moron (per Dr. Fauci) Marshall would vote to keep kids from having lunch. He was an ob-gyn, not a pediatrician; he only cares about pre-born “children.” He has also voted against aid to Ukraine, though he took a taxpayer-funded vacation there this year, voted against Covid relief payments, though I’m certain he cashed his, and votes against anything that will help people. He gave Ivermectin to all of his family. Most Kansans had never heard of him before 2016 when he was elected to the House from the district that included the western half of Kansas. Every time he opens his mouth, it makes the news for its awfulness. He only uses Fox “News” and similar channels for his interviews. I unsubscribed from his newsletter because he began each one by lambasting all Democrats, and I value keeping my sanity and blood pressure in check.


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