Seditionist Pennsylvania GOP Representative Scott Perry, who played a major role in Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election results by ferreting out the one official in the Dept. of Justice willing to go along with Trump and Attorney John Eastman’s plot to subvert the electoral vote count – Jeffrey Clark – and introduced him to Trump, suggesting he be named acting Attorney General

“In late December 2020, after Barr resigned (having told Trump privately and stated publicly there was no evidence of any significant electoral fraud), Trump relentlessly leaned on the Justice Department—mainly, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy, Richard Donoghue—to affirm his baseless assertion that the election had been rigged. They resisted and repeatedly told Trump the allegations of fraud were untrue. Trump was not getting what he wanted from the department.

This is where Perry came in. He found a Justice Department official named Jeffrey Clark who was running the Environment and Natural Resources Division. Clark had nothing to do with investigating the allegations of election fraud, but he was willing to echo and legitimize Trump’s false charges. Perry introduced Clark to Trump, arranging a meeting between the two in the Oval Office on December 22. As the January 6 committee noted, “Clark’s contact with President Trump violated both Justice Department and White House policies designed to prevent political pressure on the Department.”

Perry also sent numerous text messages to Meadows urging that Clark be promoted within the department, presumably to a position in which he could compel the Justice Department to assist Trump’s bid to retain power. In one message, Perry referred to the upcoming certification of the electoral vote and declared, “11 days to 1/6… We gotta get going!”

… had the nerve to go on This Week With George Stephanopoulos and evoke the name of Frederick Douglass while claiming that Nancy Pelosi ran The House “like a prison camp”.


“Nancy Pelosi ran Congress like a prison camp,” Rep. Scott Perry said Sunday in saying why he thinks Congress will be better now with Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” the head of the House Freedom Caucus made the statement about the former House speaker in explaining why he had switched his vote to backing McCarthy after repeatedly rejecting him. McCarthy was elected speaker late Friday after overcoming opposition from Perry (R-Pa.) and other Republicans that had persisted over several days.”

Yeah, bullshit.

Perry and fellow Trump Coup backer Jim Jordan have both been running their heads about how the rule changes, especially those that allow The House to interfere with ongoing Criminal Investigations by the DOJ, reluctantly agreed to in the 11th hour by McCarthy to insure his election to Speaker, are about justice for “The American People” when they are really about attempting to evade responsibility for their seditionist activities.

That he puts the names of patriots like Douglass and Nancy Pelosi into his foul mouth while doing so should be another crime in itself.

F##k that guy:

Um, Scott, do they allow criminal defendants who are just “accused” to sit in on deliberations of prosecutors?

💯 💯 💯

Jeeze, the nerve of this A-Hole.

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  1. Any prison camp is run und er a set of rules which are enforced
    Congress has standing rules that are supposed to be enforced
    Nancy Pelosi ran the House using the existing rules
    Cavin McCurthy wants to abolish the rules and have a free for all

  2. Two years have passed and the architects, as well as a majority of the participants of Jan. 6 insurrection are all still free, without consequences. Jack Smith needs to get things done. I don’t care if there’s a bloody war with magas, qanons and neo-nazis against the rest of us. In fact, the sooner that faction plays out their fantasies, the faster we can move on and move back to rebuilding our democracy. I’ll even, as an old woman, join the fight. I’m willing to die to put these craven, immoral, unethical slobs back in the slime pit they crawled out from. I’m sick to my stomach at what we have to look forward to for 2 more years, thanks the McCave-in.

  3. With you rainyj. My mom took me to my first ERA rally when I was 10. I am 55 now and have had the luxury to take some things for granted because they were just already there as they should be for everyone. She grew up on a farm in Missouri without electricity, or running water and instilled in me the importance of being politically active from the local level to the federal level. George is a little man wearing a corporate choke chain of his overlords. Who owns the 4th estate runs it. Sadly. Money =Power=money= Power…
    Citizen action has never meant more and I preserve my right as a citizen to defend the fragile democracy that up until a few years ago did not seek to render me irrelevant.


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