Sarah Palin Melts Down, Claims Censorship Is Same As Lynching and She Was Censored


Sarah Palin is massively tone deaf, not to mention lacking in basic good taste. Not that that’s news. What’s news is her latest assault on social norms. Palin posted a picture of her son, Trig, who suffers from Downs Syndrome on Instagram, and the context in which she posted it was such to excite a furor. Palin was accused of mocking people with Downs Syndrome, by implying that liberals were crying babies — or something. The post was deleted and she received a warning. Rather than seeing the error of her ways, she became furious, and launched off this epistle to her tormenters at Instagram. Daily Mail:

‘CENSORSHIP is to sharing opinions as LYNCHING is to justice! Unbelievable. Instagram took down a post of my son Trig acting like a normal kid ~ which I am so proud he can do,’ Palin wrote.

‘My heart soars when Trig proves he’s a “normal” kid… I can’t even explain how it tickles our whole family. But the intolerant powers-that-be, sitting in a seat of judgement, think not?

‘The nauseating, downright evil hypocrisy from their parent company, Facebook, continues ~ but only aimed at commonsense conservatives?

‘When Obama was POTUS, he MOCKED children with Down Syndrome on late night tv, and nary a word of outrage from these same folks. But they’ll censor my post of my most favorite person in the world… Inexplicable,’ Palin continued.

Obama never mocked anyone, let alone children with Downs Syndrome. Obama made a comment in 2009 on Jay Leno’s show that he was such a poor bowler that he belonged in the Special Olympics. And he apologized for that, because of course the likes of Sean Hannity made it out that he was mocking children. He wasn’t, he was mocking himself, but he apologized anyway.

Her son, Trig, pictured here, was used in a cartoon once, and that drove Palin up a wall. Apparently, she can mock him, though, and that’s okay. His sweatshirt says, “Homie with another Chromie” which people took to mean that she was saying that the liberals were actually homies with another chromie. It didn’t fly, whatever her point was. And whether mockery was intended or not, to weaponize your own child is a no no at best. If there’s one hard and fast rule in politics, that both sides adhere to, it’s leave the kids out of it. But then Sarah never really did get politics, now did she?

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