I’m not sure why Texas is the center of the New Amurrika, or whatever the right-wingers intend to call the place. The dystopian sci fi I’ve read usually places the new capitol of the U.S. in Denver, presupposing a scenario where an atomic war has wiped out the entire eastern seaboard, but in the dystopian legends of MAGA world, Texas is the epicenter of the second Civil War.

We have the good fortune at PZ to have a friend whose father has fallen down the QAnon rabbit hole so I’m getting first hand information from her on what the MAGAs in Texas think. I have asked her to write a few articles here but she seems reluctant and I can understand that she’s between a rock and a hard place not wanting to mock her father but also not being able to stomach his fantasy world politics.

In all events, Sal (not her real name) told me back in January that her father was taking extra shifts at the factory because a lot of his buddies who worked there were getting on the bus and going to Washington, D.C. January 6. Now Sal’s dad is listening to the prophecies of pink haired Kat Kerr, who is predicting Trump will miraculously return to power by the end of the year, which is 60 days from now. Here’s what that sounds like.

Maybe the celebration in the streets that God showed her was the libs cheering when Trump finally gets sentenced to prison.

Kerr has a soul mate in Rick Wiles and here is his crazy prediction.

Here’s a partial transcript of a communication between Sal and myself.

He listens to Kerr and maybe he considers Mike Lindell a prophet. I honestly have no idea.

It’s a good thing for Sal that she has some brains and ambition and will finish college and build a good life for herself. Not everybody in her situation is so blessed. I have a couple of other acquaintances her age, early 20’s, whose parents are conspiracy theorists/Fox News viewers and their attitude is to try to avoid life as much as possible. Their parents have convinced them that everything is rigged, not just voting, and it’s all depressing and they can’t win. So they don’t even try.

We are at an interesting crossroads in this country with younger generations growing up listening to this madness, as most of us here did not. Conspiracy theory has always been with us to some extent. If that wasn’t true, Joe McCarthy would have never succeeded to the extent that he did in the 50’s. But whereas McCarthy was a lone rebel back in the day, now the entire GOP is signing off on the crazy talk to one degree or another because they’re afraid not to. Hello Tower of Babel.

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  1. What, they’re claiming that the former guy was never president?
    Then who was that in the WH making speeches about hos the election was stolen from him?

    These people are so out of touch with reality, they’re contradicting their own lies.

  2. The fascist created little worker bees that are impervious to the truth. They are all racist. Period. Most are also religious types that believe the best is in heaven and this world doesn’t really matter. They are told good works don’t get you into heaven. All that is required of them is belief and to do their best to convert others. Society has been harmed by these people for two thousand years. Will it culminate in the destruction of the world’s first democracy?

  3. The real question we need answered is: who in the f*ck did that woman’s dye job? It’s hideous.

    I wish, on an almost daily basis, texass would leave the United States. They are an extreme embarrassment to the nation and we would do well to rid ourselves of this state of idiots.


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