I don’t know why Donald Trump’s intentions to knife our ally, Ukraine, have not been plastered all over the mainstream media, but this is yet one more story that seems to be underplayed. At least in this country. It is breaking news in Russia today, since Viktor Orban has returned to that part of the world and heard it from the horse’s mouth that Trump intends to abandon the Ukrainian people, now beginning their third year of war. And it is something that is known in this country — at least to right-wing media. Here’s Junior talking about it last month.

Trump intends to give Ukraine to Putin, surprise, surprise. And then we presume that Putin will then invade Poland, it certainly makes sense, does it not? And who knows how many of our allies fold next? Meidas Touch:

There you have it. Trump will seek to end the war in Ukraine by disarming their military and forcing their occupation by Russian forces. Putin said in his interview with Tucker Carlson that he is not satisfied with the territorial gains it has achieved and will continue the war until they are able to “de-nazify” the Ukrainian government and people. We know what exactly what that means for people of Ukraine and their political and military leadership if they are forced to surrender.

Countries surrounding Russia will know that they will have an American president who has already said he will not honor NATO commitments to combat any Russian aggression. More importantly, Putin knows that also.

Another Trump presidency would not only be disastrous for the US, it would imperil the security of the entire world. They are telling us what they are going to do. Will enough Americans wake up in time?

Here’s a clip from Russian media: “He has a very clear vision that is hard to disagree with. He will not give a single penny for the Russo-Ukrainian war. That’s why the war will end. If the Americans don’t give the money and weapons along with the Europeans, the war will end. Donald Trump may not be the president yet, but his party is stopping Democrats from spending money on the war.”

The media in this country needs to get off of this racehorse narrative. We are not living in that world. You can’t say, “this is the way we’ve always done it,” because once the way that something has always been done clearly stops working, it’s time to do things a different way.

Supposedly this monster, Trump, is ahead in the polls or neck and neck in the polls with Biden. I don’t trust the polls anymore for a number of reasons: First of all, a lot of polls are aggregator polls, which means that they’re two or three polls blended together. That is a set up for chaos.

But even the more scientific polls which are conducted have problems in this day and age of call screening getting through to a lot of people. This is why polls are so unreliable nowadays. Trump was supposed to win over Nikki Haley in their last encounter by over 60 points, something amazing, and he beat her by a fraction of that. The polls are off by double digits, which means that they’re useless.

I feel like the mainstream media is simply throwing America away because of an insistence on covering reality in a certain way — even when reality clearly has changed and no longer conforms to that form of coverage.

We’re not in the late 1940’s or even in the 1960’s now. We’re in 2024 and we’re in danger of losing our way of life and the entire world is in danger of losing democratic government. We are the bulwark, the wall, maintaining democracy in the world. Donald Trump will change that in a heartbeat.

What will it take to get proper coverage of this? I am becoming systematically dismayed over where the attention seems to go and where it is not.


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  1. And let’s not forget the climate crisis which will pick up speed as Trump stomps the oil and gas pedal, speeding us toward the tipping point of no return, and ensuring the EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE! Hyperbole? The scientists around the world don’t think so! I’ll go with them versus drinking cyanide to see Jesus or believing the POS running as the gop candidate.


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