Thanks to dedicated Russia watcher Julia Davis and her piece at The Daily Beast we get an insight on how news of the FBI’s visit to Mar-A-Lardo Monday was reported on Russia’s State TV show 60 Minutes (yeah we got to the moon first too) and in particular, what it’s host, Evgeny Popov, conjectured that the agents seized while at the Swamp Shithole.

“In the days preceding the raid, the host of 60 Minutes, Evgeny Popov, who is also a deputy of Russia’s State Duma, repeatedly referred to Trump as Russia’s “friend,” “protégé”, and a favored candidate, but cautiously added that Moscow is yet to decide on who to support in the upcoming U.S. elections. On Tuesday, Popov said: “As soon as Donald Trump complained that Biden was the worst president in the history of the United States, which is fast becoming a third world country, there was a knock on Donald’s door: “Knock-knock, this is the FBI!” More than one hundred agents stormed in and searched Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago.” Popov joked that the agents were said to have found a couple of matryoshka, Putin’s portrait, a pioneer scarf, two icons, a parachute, and a chained bear with balalaika.“

What Popov (no relation to Branson, Mo. comedian Yakov Smirnoff) failed to tell us is, this reporter has heard from unreliable sources that the matryoshka nesting dolls in question were found in der Gropinfuhrer’s stash safe and were representations of Ivanka progressed in age from 13 years old to present… ew.

And although we know that Shitler is fond of bears…

…still, this archival photo would be fun to see:

…and less harmful to National Security than his previous Russian Oval Office visitors.

Julia also tells us of this little gem of Russian disinformation:

“Without a hint of irony, the state TV host described the search of the former president’s home as a symptom of political persecution of dissidents in the United States. “Dozens of agents ransacked every office, went through every box, and took every document that was of interest to them. It is thought that the FBI was interested in the Top Secret documents supposedly taken by the ex-president from the White House… Biden, with his dictatorial tendencies, repressions, and persecution of dissidents, is turning America into Ukraine. He already did that, since the opposition is being persecuted by authorities,” Popov said. He fantasized that as the result of the raid, Florida would split from the United States and its new constitution would feature Trump’s assertion that there are only two genders: male and female.“

Man, I’d like to have some of the Ural Mountain mushrooms those guys are on.

Thanks for keeping an eye on Moscow for us Julia.

Apart from the language barrier, I’m not sure of how much of that unfiltered horseshit I could watch…

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  1. I don’t know who the artist was that painted that absurd picture of Trump but they’re definitely NOT a true American patriot. Just look at that flag. The top of the flag has to be rolled down on itself, based on the staff it’s flying from, because there are only 11 visible stripes and only 35 visible stars (with a small bit of a 36th at the very top)–and the stars aren’t positioned correctly. The stars properly appear in 9 rows, alternating 6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6, but each one of the rows you can see has only 5 stars in it.
    And the painter isn’t much of a gun nut, for that matter. Having Trump holding that weapon by its stock rather than the handle is just, well, odd. (It’d be like carrying a watering can by the spout.)

  2. Maybe Popov might want to consider how HIS country treats its dissidents. Locking up the lucky ones and flat out killing the unlucky ones (usually with radioactive material like polonium and plutonium). And, it’s funny how I really haven’t heard any Russian State TV that’s mentioned Russian opposition to its invasion of Ukraine; I suppose that’s largely because the opposition has either fled Mother Russia or has been imprisoned indefinitely while awaiting their court date to tell them how many years they’ll be spending in prison.

  3. Think of Russian state TV as the prototype for FOX News and you’ll understand them both in a flash. They broadcast lies, disinfo and purest propaganda. The difference is that in Russia, the populace has no choice: state TV’s all it gets. In the free world, people can choose what to watch. Amazingly, millions of free citizens choose to watch FOX’s version of state mind control.


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