When I was a paramedic, long ago and far away, I put in some time at a facility where not all of the patients were, shall we say, wrapped too tightly. As a result, doctors, nurses, and orderlies carried panic buttons, similar to Life Alert tags, so that security help could be instantly summoned if needed. I had one, but never needed to use it.

But this is just ridiculous. These days, you have doctors, nurses, orderlies, and nurses aides actually being physically assaulted by Q-Anon Trumptards who flat out refuse to accept the diagnosis that they have Covid! These mental midgets sailed along, playing their ideological kiddie games, reveling in pissing off the libtards, and now, when the chickens come home to roost, they lash out at the people desperately trying to save them from their stupidity. Fuck that.

I have strong personal reasons for despising New York, some having to do with the 1969 New York Mets, but right now, I adore the Big Apple! If you’re 12 years or older, you wanna go to a health club? Show your vaccinations. You wanna see the Knicks, the Nets, the Rangers or the Devils? Show your vaccinations. You wanna go into a restaurant or a bar? Show your vaccinations. You wanna see a movie or a show? Show your vaccinations.

This is the way it should be nationwide. And while Biden may not be able to issue a federal vaccination mandate that survives the Roberts court, states and cities controlled by Democratic mayors and governors should follow New York’s lead. Northeast states, mostly blue like New York and New Jersey are experiencing Omicron spikes, but hospitalization, ICU, and death rates are lagging, due to the high vaccination rates. The hospitalizations are almost 100% unvaccinated people.

Look, the constitution gives you the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the best part of it is, that nowhere does it it require intelligence. You can be dumber than smashed cooked turnips, and still be entitled to the same things. But nowhere in the constitution does it entitle you to make other people pay for your stupidity.

Personally, I believe that the SCOTUS is going to uphold Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate. It has a long history of siding with the government, even under the Roberts court. But it is going to take more than that for us to get this under control.

After two years of Covid fatigue, people are desperate to see friends and family again, for a sense of normalcy. Air travel is close to or exceeding pre pandemic levels. Yet the airlines are cancelling 1000 flights a day because employees are suffering from Covid. The airlines need to make the decision to require proof of vaccination for domestic air travel.

Today, Goldman-Sachs announced that employees showing up for work will need to show proof of vaccination. Most major airlines have already instituted such measures, with stunning success. Even New York, with a rebellious police union ordered vaccination compliance, and had over a 90% compliance.

The only way out of this crisis is through herd immunity. And the only way to achieve this is to force recalcitrant fucktards to comply. The complaint of small business owners that a vaccine mandate would cost them 40% of their workforce is hogwash. Who leaves a well paying job with benefits over their personal pique to look for a minimum wage job at a place that has less than 100 employees? The argument is absurd on its fave.

It’s time to drop the hammer. We’ve gone far too long without feeling the fresh breeze on our faces, and walked into a store or a casino without looking like Jesse fucking James. These mental throwbacks can either join the civilized world, or pay the consequences. End of story.


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  1. When the sheriff of LA county said he was going to not enforce the mandate because he would lose 40% of his workforce, my first thought was that is not necessarily a bad thing. If 40% of your workforce are all trump nuts then getting rid of them is probably a good thing.

  2. When all this started, I made a decision: whatever I had to do to stay alive and healthy, I would do it, no questions asked. It’s cost me a lot in terms of human contact. I missed my best friend’s wedding (where I would have been his best man), my mother’s milestone birthday and now two Christmases with my family. It’s time I’m never getting back.

    However…I still have more time than any of the undeclared casualties COVID has wrought here in TN. For them, time ran out completely or got wrecked with health problems. Some of it was to people who didn’t deserve it, yes, but let’s be clear…at this point, only the willfully stupid are getting the worst of this pandemic. We get another surge in the spring, we might well have that nationwide vaccine mandate going.

  3. My wife is so disgusted she just says let them drop dead. I don’t think she really means it because several of her (really) old lady friends have passed away in the last couple of years and she misses them even though they died thinking Obama was from Africa, etc. Republicans are a pestilence. Electing traitors has consequences.

  4. Someone on another website said, if they truly believe that hospitals and their care are killing them, stay away. Don’t clog up our hospitals with your unvaccinated selves. And don’t attack our overburdened healthcare workers, if you don’t accept the science. I could not agree more.
    I saw a video of a woman on a plane, attacking an elderly 80-something man. She was yelling at him to wear a mask, when hers was on her neck. I have no words for the stupidity, although dummer than smashed turnips is pretty good.

  5. I feed the cats of a friend that is a nurse and commutes three or four days a week to another town a hundred miles away. She works on the psych ward right now and has been pushed or knocked down a few times in the last year. She has diabetes and is fat and sixty years old and doesn’t need to be suffering such. Last week they felt she needed a break for a bit and moved her to another floor. Perfect timing. Last week some patient got into a nurse’s purse and got a lighter. She set three beds on fire.

  6. Here in lovely BC Canada, we wear masks, social distance, have gotten three jabs and life goes on.
    It’s NOT so hard.
    Our health experts have led, the politicians supported them, and the lunatic fringe remained just that: lunatics.
    I’ve mentioned this before, but “American Exceptionalism” simply means that Americans always have to reinvent the wheel even if the answers are already obvious, out there and being used successfully.


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