“A Storm Foretold” may very well win the Oscar in the feature length documentary category. It sure would be nice if we could see it in this country. It’s the story of a Dutch filmmaker, Christopher Guldbrandsen, following Roger Stone around in the days when the Big Lie was being cobbled together and Strike Force Rudy assembled, all that. The film is not yet available in this country, although Rick Wilson got hold of a copy and he mentioned on Twitter that it was chilling. Further, I have predicted that amazing movies will be made out of all this that we’re living through now. I hope I’m still here to see one of them.

All The President’s Men was made in 1976, only a few years after Watergate. My feeling is that all of this madness that we’re living through now may be too hard to really find entertaining before several decades pass. We shall see.

In all events. Ari Melber has this clip of Roger Stone letting the cat out of the bag.

There you have it. Melber goes on with more. CAVEAT: There is something wrong with the sound here. I think something happened in the upload. It’s definitely nothing we did here.

If you missed this the other day, we posted it here. This will give you the entire picture.

Stone is outed. I wonder whether he figured nobody would see this movie? Or did he think he’d get away with the fraud and King Donald would be crowned and then the movie would be banned in this country? Or King Donald would ask the world to ban it? Or, King Donald would throw the filmmaker in a dungeon? I really have no idea. I’ve always known Stone was hubris personified but I didn’t think he was stupid.

Maybe the answer is, if you get too drunk on power, you become stupid. That makes as much sense as anything.


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  1. I’m amazed this guy has managed to avoid any indictments so far.

    …..but isn’t being aware of a crime and not reporting it make you an accessory???

  2. The system created Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1&2, Trump, all the traitors that inhabit our Supreme Court and congress, Flynn, and Stone. THEY HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and walked into riches. Any phucking questions?
    “it’s a death trap…a suicide rap…we better get out while we’re young. because, baby, tramps like us, baby we were born to run”. Bruce Springsteen

    • The greed trumps everything. No morality here. Morality is for suckers. That’s why they’re happy to overthrow democracy. There’s a lot of money in it. Just like ignoring climate change. A lot of money in that, too.

  3. You’re right Ursula. They have the cash to mitigate the effects, and, are blind enough not to care what ultimately happens to end the human experience. Here on tobbaco road, with people moving in, the out of state corporations are jacking up rents, without fixing anything, and most of us can’t afford to stay, and can’t afford to move. When I checked with the government organizations designed to help, I was informed the only possible relief is AFTER YOU GET EVICTED! Thanks to the fascists in congress getting 200k/year, plus hundreds of thousands in government loans. I guess we’re rapidly approaching the Queen of France’s response to their starving poor: “let them eat cake”. Every revolution needs an arsehole to light the fire.

  4. “All the President’s Men” was interesting because it told the behind-the-scenes story of how the Watergate scandal unfolded. We know so much about Trump’s scandals that there isn’t much new territory to cover in a movie. The MAGA crowd would never watch it, and the rest of us have reached the point of Trump fatigue. So it may take a few decades before the Trump saga is portrayed in films.

  5. Trump fatigue, Trump fatigue, what about Republican fatigue and bullsh*t fatigue. We, the people, are tired of this horsesh*t, all of it. I hope that feels like frustration to you.


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