Say what you will about Roger Stone, he knows how to tell the rubes just what they want to hear so that they open up their wallets and prosper him with all that they have. Stone would have done well in P.T. Barnum’s employ, no question. He did just fine in Richard Nixon’s. He and Nixon were soul mates, that’s why he has Nixon’s face tatooed on his back.

This is a masterful piece of oratory on Stone’s part and it brings them out of their chairs.

This is a recipe for America going down in flames. If, God forbid, what Stone advocates here should come to pass, remember this moment. This is when the grim prophecy was first spoke — not first thought of, but first spoke.

Whatever Stone may tell you, this was not original with him. This was discussed at length last year.

It could conceivably happen. Democracy could go out one night, not with a bang and not even with a whimper, but more like a silent mugging, the sniffing of a candle. But consider the following before you go to the bar and mix yourself a hemlock cocktail.

The GOP regaining the House is possible. And yes, they could knife Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker and install Donald Trump. That would be a landmark, indeed. If that happens, I will stop sleeping and just blog until I keel over and die. (I thought the COVID vaccine was supposed to make me a robot sometime soon, what’s up with that, anyway?)

But getting 67 senators to vote for the impeachment of Biden and Harris is not so possible, I fear. It’s going to take more than that clown Jackson Lahmeyer sullying the Senate chamber with his presence, that is for sure.

And don’t forget, Stone called Trump the “biggest single mistake in American history” after Trump didn’t issue preemptive pardons for all those involved in the January 6 insurrection. Both Stone and Trump have that little headache on their agenda of things to worry about, don’t forget.

Still and all, Stone accomplished his mission this weekend. He gave hope to the rubes. And hope is everything. People literally live and die because of hope or the lack thereof. That’s a verity. Hope is to the human spirit what sunshine is to a flower. What a shame that these peoples’ dreams and hopes are so shallow and tawdry, the return of the biggest loser in politics to the White House, a place he never even rightfully belonged to visit as a guest.

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  1. #6. I abandon my nonviolence & begin joining the resistance movement to fight the nazis. I rely on their collective mind meld of arrogance coupled with ignorance as a force field against 1-5.

    • So is being President and we saw how Trump handled that. He basked in the ceremonial and getting attention part of the job and gave orders to others to carry out whatever whims he had at a given moment. And tend to the grinding, everyday duties of the job. That’s how he’d conduct himself as Speaker. Spend most of his time watching RWNJ tee vee and hogging the media spotlight. And ordering all manner of bullshit investigations in addition to the ones the shit flinging howler monkeys chairing the various committees dream up.

      • Don’t 4get golfing the equivalent of a years time, overcharging the secret service & paying himself. The manly man couldn’t even leave the cart on the path & drove up to the green! Slimemold of a man.

  2. How bout that “big beautiful health care plan”? Infrastructure? Middle class tax cuts?
    The sheep are too uneducated and misinformed to understand anything.
    Ask a trumper were 2/3 of the GDP comes from.


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