Remember your report card in the first grade? How it said things like, “plays well with others” and “takes criticism well?” On Donald Trump’s card, the teacher must have crossed those things out and written ARE YOU PHUQUING KIDDING ME!?? before she went home to get drunk. Once again, we are reminded of the freakish events of 2016, which brought a man who has never been a team player in his life to the position of captain of a very elite and unique team of three branches of government in a democratic republic and 330 million Americans.

Trump hates criticism and ever since Bill Barr began showing up shilling for his new book, Trump has lashed out at him. But this is overkill even for him. Axios:

Why it matters: You have to read this letter, obtained exclusively by Axios, to fully appreciate Trump’s mindset heading into 2024.

Driving the news: Trump said he was attaching a report about supposed election corruption, as if Lester Holt would be super-interested in it. He said Barr is now “groveling to the media, hoping to gain acceptance that he doesn’t deserve.”

Context: Barr told Holt in an interview that Trump became “very angry” when the attorney general told him that there was no evidence the 2020 election was rigged

  • “I told him that all this stuff was bulls–t … about election fraud,” Barr said. “It was wrong to be shoveling it out the way his team was. And he started asking me about different theories and … I was able to tell him that ‘this is wrong because of this.'”

  • He added that Trump never really understood “the role of the Department of Justice [and] to some extent, you know, the president’s role.”

What they’re saying: “I would imagine that if the book is anything like him, it will be long, slow, and very boring,” Trump wrote in his letter to Holt.

Read the full letter.

It’s vintage Trump. It rambles on and covers all the usual bases, his obsession with voter fraud, Mueller, so on and so forth. And he chimes in how Barr was “slow and lethargic.” I guess he got bored saying “low energy.” What is that, anyhow? Everybody in the world who works for him is supposed to move as though they just got shot out of a cannon? Or is it more projection on his part? He’s slow and can’t string two thoughts together or get into the office before 11:30 a.m., ergo everybody else is the same way.

I’ll bet Lester Holt is thrilled with this piece of history which he has been gifted. Maybe he’ll only keep a copy and give the original to the Smithsonian.


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  1. Oh sure – it takes a LOT of energy to work a five hour day staring at 11 am and needing breaks for ‘executive time’ during those five hours.

    The poor guy only had an hour to eat a Big Mac, washed down with a can of diet coke. He was able to struggle through a work day that lasted 4 hours

    • Listen to the munchkins’ song about their ‘work’ schedule in Land Of Oz. They never worked. Frump was raised in the jersey version of Oz with his old man behind the curtain. Guess that’s where ‘fake’ became a sacred word.

  2. That’s some letter. However I hadn’t even finished reading the first page when the realization hit me that it was clearly the EDITED version. I guess Trump found someone willing to take his money and edit his ramblings – and surely water them down in the process. I’d imagine the crossed out part at the top an writing in Holt’s first name is as far as Trump got. It’s easy to imagine him thinking “I’m not gonna read all that typed in small print stuff!”, accepting the assurance it contained everything he had said and skipping to the end to scrawl his name. If he’d actually read it, rambling and not at all well-reasoned as he thought it was he have refused to sign it because it was too tame. So they used an autopen device they have for him to sign the shit his MAGA goobers buy.

    But think about it. THIS is the cleaned up, edited version! One can’t even imagine what the original looked like. My guess it was some scrawled out two or three sentence declarations (on fast food “hamberder” wrappers?), tweets he of course can’t post, and audio recordings he ordered to be turned into transcripts. Then he gave the whole mess to the staffer and said to string it all together in a letter for his signature. I fear it would take weeks for my mind to recover if I were exposed to the original version of the letter.

    • Denis, I suspect the letter came directly from Trump’s pet Fascist propagandist, Stephen Miller. This screed’s right up his dimly-lit alley.

      • I can see that as a possibility. Miller was after all Evil Keebler Elf Jeff Session’s top aide prior to being loaned out to Trump when Sessions decided to endorse him. Miller of course never went back to working for Sessions. Anyway some of that screed looks like it could have been the work of an experienced staffer on the Hill – that taking of some idea(s) spouted off by the boss and turning it into a memo or in some worse cases legislation.

  3. Would love to see the videos baby Hitler made that they scrapped b4 he came out with his treasonist love fest for the violent cop killers on January 6th.

  4. O dear goddess when will these fascist idiots ever stop.

    PS I always looked forward to your posts on DailyKos. Glad to find politizoom

    • I think I can safely speak for all of us in saying welcome and glad you found your way to Politzoom. You might have already noticed other feature writers who once were popular on DK are here. Murfster and Mopshell of course but there have been others too including one who recently passed away and was mourned both here and on DK. Since you like what you see please let others know about us.


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