It is supremely ironic that the cheesy reality TV actor who got elected president is responsible for what is possibly the most gripping hours of reality TV ever produced, i.e., the televised January 6 Committee congressional hearings. Today was session three, five more to come.

There were a number of stunning revelations but two should stand out in stark relief in your mind: First, witness testimony from a member of the Proud Boys to the DOJ reveals a clear intention to have assassinated Mike Pence, if they could have gotten their hands on him. Additionally, the same plot extended to Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress. That is chilling. There was a murderous mob, incited by Donald Trump, who had breached the Capitol with the intention of causing the deaths of elected officials. Listen to the bottom clip.

That was not new information, but the manner in which it was presented, showing Trump’s aides, including Ivanka, recount how they heard Trump in a “heated” discussion with Pence, which then degenerated into calling Pence a “wimp” and a “pussy” put the subject graphically into context.

Then like all things Trumpian, it got worse. John Eastman asked for a presidential pardon, right after he asked Pence, via his lawyer Greg Jacob, to consider yet another illegal maneuver. And this was post riot.

The hearing ran a total of one hour, forty-five minutes, with a short recess. It was something to see. If you missed it, go over to Twitter and you’ll find all the clips you need to see in Aaron Rupar’s timeline.

Here’s the main takeaway: We have all speculated on what would have happened if Pence had been bought off and did Trump’s will. This hearing today made it clear that there would have been a “revolution, inside of a constitutional crisis.” The plain fact is, Pence would have declared himself still Vice President and Trump still President. That would have been a government coup, right there. Mike Pence’s name, at that instant, would have sent Benedict Arnold to the back of the bus for all time. Mike Pence would have become America’s premiere traitor, his name to go through the ages as synonymous with treason.

Most likely the matter would have gone to the Supreme Court for decision. Even John Eastman eventually admitted that there was no legal basis for what he was doing and that SCOTUS would have voted 9-0 to uphold the election.

As to the “revolution?” We will never know and thank God we won’t. Enough blood has already been shed, in real life, so that the reality TV guy could keep going with his vanity project and his show.

I hope that the next version of The Apprentice is The Apprentice: Prison Edition. I don’t know if we’ll get that lucky but let’s just say that so far the J6 Committee is building a solid case for a criminal referral. Many people disparage Merrick Garland for not moving faster. He may well be waiting for the Committee to finish its work.

Well, time to see if Trump has exploded on Truth Social yet. You know that he has to be furious. Let’s see if he whitewashes Ivanka’s testimony characterizing his insulting Pence as “heated” or if he’s mad at her, too.

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  1. Whoever, wrote the title to this article doesn’t realize that Deep Throat was a truth teller. I expect no truth whatsoever from Ginny Thomas. From her I expect a zillion claims on the 5th Amendment.

  2. Sorry. This comment was supposed to have connected to the title, “Deep Throat Time? Ginni Thomas Will Be Invited to Testify To…”


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