If you read this blog regularly, you are the kind of person who should not be the least bit surprised at the treachery and usury of Donald Trump. That said, what you’re about to read may blow even you away. This is cold. And let me bottom line it for you: Trump hasn’t been Ivana’s official “next of kin” for a long time. As you will read below, “it would have taken her mother and her three kids — or the executor of her estate — to agree to this.”

As you have seen, the grave is tacky as hell. There’s not even sod covering the dirt. It looks like a pauper’s grave. It’s a disgrace by normal standards, let alone those of the billionaire elite of this world. But it’s carved in stone legally, the executor of the estate, whomever that may be, and/or Ivana’s actual next of kin, which is her still-living mother and her three children had to agree to this. Donald Trump did not do this alone. But he’s never done any of it alone, now has he?

Pay special attention in this next block of tweets, to the middle tweet.

My instinct is that Trump used that benefit, exemption from judgments, to wheel and deal with an actual owner. Just a speculation, admittedly, but in six years of guessing this con man’s game, I unfortunately have never overestimated his depravity or his avarice.

All the materials cited to so far are state sources. If anybody knows about federal, chime in.

And you’ll love this. Trump has excommunicated Tiffany from the “family plot.”

And then there’s this.

Anybody know any grave robbers from outer space? That’s the only way to get to the bottom of this. We’ll make a movie out of it. Ivana’s ashes could well be someplace else. That means that the memorial service at the church and the gold coffin were all a photo op. And that makes perfect sense considering how the family comported themselves at the church.

I put nothing past Donald Trump. No.Thing.

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  1. Given I spent part of my life in funeral/cemetery work I have a particular interest in this tawdry tale, but sadly no familiarity with NJ laws on the matter. What kind of jumped out at me given some recent comments I’ve made is the part about Tiffany. Her mom tried so hard to keep her at a distance from the Trump orbit, and she seemed to be following that guidance – appearances at only a handful of “family” things but pretty much keeping a low profile when it came to her baby daddy and his shit company. Tiffany was well set up to take her Georgetown Law degree and join a white collar firm in DC. And unlike most she wouldn’t have had to start out in some cubicle in the law firm equivalent of a sweatshop. Nope, she’d at least have had a small office somewhere with a door, sharing an admin assistant with some others who’d survived that first year or two of 80-90 hour weeks and were at least deemed worthy of spending a few years trying to prove themselves worth of the next rung up the ladder.

    She’s smart and had connections and surely would have been a junior partner somewhere in five to seven years and a partnership by her mid-thirties if she put in the work. She’d have been set and in her own right. But nooooooo! Her baby daddy dangled a fancy office and fat salary to lure her into the Trump Org. where like the main character in The Firm she’s wound up touching “dirty files” without even realizing she was doing criminal shit. However, the point is that Trump wanted to do a “In your FACE Marla!” to her mom and Tiffany fell for it. And she’ll be forever tainted.

    It’s now looking like she’s expressed some regrets at her decision. Maybe she realized how sleazy and corrupt the Trump Org is if she got to do some real legal work, and with all the scrutiny wanted to avoid getting her hands too dirty. Maybe like others as more revelations have come out about Jan. 6 she’s horrified and realizes how big a mistake she made and how her life will never be what it could have been because she will forever be covered in the Trump stench. AND she’s expressed it if only quietly to people she thought she could trust and it got back to daddy.

    THAT would explain his so publicly calling her out, and letting her know that blood relation or not his “real” kids are the evil spawn Ivanka bore him. And their spouses. And “Melanie” and Barron I guess. I can’t imagine what Tiffany is feeling after that tweet but it can’t be anything good!

    And you know what? Call me mean but given how hard her mom tried and the tons of evidence out there about Trump Tiffany was a fully grown adult when she made her choice. She should have fucking known better. ANYONE could have predicted she’d one day wind up with buyer’s remorse and I’m quite certain she had some intense discussions with her mom prior to signing on with the Trump Org – and did the “I know what I’m getting in to and I’ll be fine” routine with her mom.

    Well, “someday” has come and sooner than most of us imagined. If Tiffany is shocked that she is and always will be an outsider I have no sympathy for her at all. None.

    • denis, you’re kind of using the term “baby daddy” incorrectly. It’s the MOTHER who describes the man who sired her child/ren as the “baby daddy” (the term is a truncation or simplification of “baby’s daddy”–as in “my baby’s daddy” or “her baby’s daddy”). The child in question would simply refer to the man as “daddy” (or “sperm donor” depending on the relationship). The term can be used by a third party, typically in a disparaging manner (as in “she’s got six children and four different baby daddies”) because, of course, society always blames the woman for having children by more than one man. (You don’t hear too many people criticizing Nick Cannon for all the kids he’s produced via different women; he’s gotten five different women pregnant over the years and his NINTH child is expected sometime this year.)

  2. Comment section for some of the worse of the Trump haters. Those that have made a great many presumptions about this grave just to be in solidarity with haters. If Ivana had not wanted to be buried there, she would have made different arrangements at her age.
    P. S. To the commenter that has been in the funeral business. Does a specially engraved headstone or foot marker get placed on the same day as a funeral or can it take months or even a year to be engraved and placed, while in the meantime a temporary marker placed? Umm. There are ten plots for family, maybe some of you would have felt better that more than one of the family passed unexpectedly. Haters during grief who presume too much and try to disguise it as outrage for the departed. Shame on you.

    • When it comes to monuments (the headstones that stand upright) and memorial markers (the ones that lay flat with the ground) it’s a question of money to spend on how quickly you can get one produced and set in place. If you ever find yourself near a business that produces them (and even in small-town rural areas there’s probably one within 50 miles of you – if not in your town then a nearby one) you might not even have to go inside to see that there are pieces of granite pre-cut and just waiting for lettering and/or a design of some sort to be etched into them. Even the standard, small rectangular granite memorials weigh a shitload and strong as I was back in the day even I couldn’t do more than walk at a slow pace carrying one which is why you often see stock piled up outside monument shops. Now, casting a bronze memorial or a section of bronze that will be attached to the face of a monument might take a couple of days because in addition to doing the casting you then have to do the dye job and then polish the letting so it shines.

      But the bottom line (literally) is that if you want to pay extra you can get something within 24hours – including installation. That was true even decades ago before some advances in technology made it possible to do the work almost entirely with machines instead of by hand. Given this is Trump we’re talking about I just hope the owner of the shop that produced Ivana’s marker got their money upfront before setting it! (FYI, sometimes in the last job I held in that business as the cemetery manager I’d sell the monuments and memorials, designing then with the family and ordering them produced and delivered. Then I or one of my workers (or a couple of us working together) would install them once delivered to the cemetery. Something like the marker on Ivana’s grave could be placed in less than half an hour)

      So does that answer your question? Trump has never been as rich as he’s claimed to be but even if he actually paid up front instead of intending (which he has done to oh so many small businesses in his miserable, grifting life!) to stiff the place he bought it from producing and installing that memorial could easily have been done right away if Trump agreed to pay a little extra.

      If I burst your attempted “gotcha” bubble I’m not the least bit sorry. But I suppose a part of me takes a bit of pity on you because I feel compelled to let you know you really don’t won’t to go down this road with me because I know what the hell I’m talking about and you don’t!

    • How would Ivana have “made different arrangements” to not be buried (interred?) at Bedminster because Trump just came up with the “golf course-cum-cemetary” after Ivana died? And, if you’d bothered actually reading the story (instead of just blindly coming in with a Trump apologist comment), you’d have known that SOMEONE obviously overrode any burial/interment plans that Ivana may have made before her death since Donald Trump was NOT her “next of kin. Her mother is still living–and apparently in good health, physically and mentally–and her three children, Eric, Don Jr and Ivanka are still living; any or all four would be Ivana’s LEGAL “next of kin” since she’d been divorced from Trump for 3 decades–there’s almost no court in the country that would acknowledge an ex-spouse as “next of kin” without some legal document stating that (even then, with four living “blood” relatives, an ex-spouse would fall by the wayside in determining “next of kin”).

      • Don’t have a dog in the hunt but perhaps you should read the article, “SOMEONE obviously overrode” is just the writer guessing. There is nothing in the article that proves one way or another what her wishes were or her next of kin. In fact, the writer admits this is all speculation. She might have wanted to be buried with the rest of the family she might not. She might have had no plans and her next of kin were fine with the arrangements. Who knows?

    • Given the thousands of children he has destroyed, he gets EVERYTHING HE DESERVES. Fuck his evil ass & u for apologizing for his evil. You sending sympathy cards to the million plus families he destroyed by lying about the virus & DOING NOTHING BUT LYING DAILY WHILE PEOPLE DIED??? GO DRINK YOUR BLEACH!!! You’ve already drank the Koolaid.

    • And yet the idiots who worship the turd emperor still show up.

      So what you’re trying to posit is Ivana wanted to be buried in what amounts to a pauper’s grave? Did you ever see her home? Dumb-ass did not create that gold….Ok, it sux but still she helped make it what it was, monstrosity though it was. She was always about showing she wasn’t poor and in fact stated she would never go back to the life she lead before becoming a model and trump’s wife. But, yeah, she wanted to be plopped in some hole in the ground with no more thought than is given to a kid’s pet canary.

      I suspect those three dumb-ass brats of hers had a great deal to do with this since I seriously doubt she would trust her ex to do anything. Her mother is still living? Most parents want to precede their children in death so she might just be a bit to shaken to be dealing with burial arrangements of her DAUGHTER. No, this has the cheap-ass, phoniness, and drug addled (I’m sure dimwit junior helped) fingerprints of those worthless pieces of shit she gave birth to.

      It is hard to believe this festering pile of dog shit called the trump family could reach a new low but they certainly managed here.

  3. I would have been disappointed if he didn’t find a way to make a buck off her death.
    The full-size coffin for a cremated body was a nice touch, probably got it on sale, or will just not pay them.
    Thinking about it, putting the graves there is an efficient use of land.
    Two of the biggest wastes of real-estate are cemeteries and golf courses, so why not combine the two?

    • We don’t know that they actually buried the coffin. They may have scuffed up a 6 x 3 foot section of the grass but he could well have returned the coffin as ‘no longer needed’ (or stored it somewher4e for its next occupant)

  4. Ivana,was,devastated by the divorce She actually loved him.
    He despises,Tiffany. He suspects she isn’t his child because,Marla cheated (So did he, but he is a,Manly Man and just one woman cannot begin to satisfy His Needs).
    I have a niece who is a flat pts cheated version of Tiffany, boobless,as well as not college educated. Marla,raised her in CA, but you can remove the Belle from the South, but not the South from the,Belle.

  5. Don’t remember where I saw this, but apparently it’s not JUST taxes. If you own a piece of property (land) in New Jersey, and at least one member of your family is buried on (in( that land, it cannot be seized from you for bankruptcy, delinquent taxes, or whatever other reason the state might want your land – I don’t know for sure whether that include eminent domain or not.but it would crtainly cover anything else.


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