Dominion Voting Systems is like a mountain range. You forget it’s out there and it fades into the background. Until it moves. Then you realize that a force to be reckoned with was there all the time. We should see a lot of movement from Dominion in the not too distant future and the political landscape will be visibly altered. Too many crazy people have gotten away with too much for far too long and there is a day of reckoning ahead. NPR:

The November 2020 email from an anguished Fox News news producer to colleagues sent up a flare amid a fusillade of false claims.

The producer warned: Fox cannot let host Jeanine Pirro back on the air. She is pulling conspiracy theories from dark corners of the Web to justify then-President Donald Trump’s lies that the election had been stolen from him. The existence of the email, confirmed by two people with direct knowledge of it, is first publicly disclosed by NPR in this story. Fox News declined comment. […]

The producer’s email is among the voluminous correspondence acquired by Dominion’s attorneys as part of its discovery of evidence in a $1.6 billion defamation suit it filed against Fox News and its parent company. Dominion alleges it has been “irreparably harmed” by the lies, conspiracy theories and wild claims of election fraud that aired on Fox.

The role of Pirro – a former New York state judge and Westchester County district attorney – remains under sharp scrutiny. In 2019, Trump called for her return to the airwaves after the network publicly condemned her anti-Muslim remarks. In 2020, she attended Trump’s belligerent address late on Election Night from the White House and advanced his arguments on the air in the days and weeks that followed.

On Nov. 14, 2020, for example, the day that Biden clinched his victory, Pirro questioned why vote counts shifted against Trump over the course of Election Night in such states as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. (Some counties were counted later than others; ballots cast the same day were often tallied before those cast by mail.) “The Dominion Software System has been tagged as one allegedly capable of flipping votes,” Pirro told viewers, as she promoted Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell’s “findings” on Dominion. (A federal judge in Michigan later officially sanctioned Powell for her actions in court on Trump’s behalf after the elections, while the Texas state law bar is seeking to have her formally punished.)

Pirro was among those Fox hosts with increasingly tough talk ahead of the January 2021 certification of Biden’s election win. On Jan. 3, 2021, Pirro compared those gathering to protest in Washington with Trump to the American soldiers in the Revolutionary War, adding, “Jan. 6 will tell us whether there are any in Congress willing to battle for America.” That day led to bloody battles at the U.S. Congress. […]

As the summer has unfolded, Fox’s star TV news hosts such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have been grilled under oath. High-powered attorneys are bearing down on the Murdochs, the most powerful family in English-language media. And it’s all part of an all-out legal war. Dominion is seeking to strip away the curtain protecting what happens behind the scenes at the nation’s most watched cable news channel, which holds a singular role on the American political scene. The suit could also define what’s fair game in journalism and politics in a democracy very much on the edge. The trial date is set for April of next year.

It’s been stated by many people, many times, that since Fox News identifies itself as entertainment, and previous court rulings have said that people like Tucker Carlson shouldn’t be taken seriously, why not advertise that fact? Why not simply put that in a chyron? When it’s opinion hour, just have a chyron running saying, “This is not news, this is intended as entertainment, only.” Maybe a court could order that done as part of the Dominion settlement.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if that somehow became a law. I would love to see what Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon, just to name two, would do with that over at their respective outlets.


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      • yes, but as a gentleman i have a hard time using the b (and especially the c word) with ANY woman…even bat-shit ones. LOL 😛

        but i was cool with it in this context a couple years ago (when i made this one) 😀

        • I for one appreciate your reserve with regard to especially the c word. We have a couple of misogynists on this site that think nothing of flinging that word (and the t word) around anytime they are referring to women they don’t like. I find it offensive and unnecessary, and it shows a lack of the intelligence to make more creative choices in wording. Thank you for all the great, funny pics you’ve added here as well.


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