There were so many batshit moments when Donald Trump was infesting the White House. This one totally slipped my memory. A protester at Brooklyn Center, MN brought it all back.

This episode with Soup Force is stored somewhere on a dendrite in my overloaded brain, somewhere between light bulbs and toilets and rain and hydroxycholoroquine and drinking fish tank cleaner and throwing paper towels at hurricanes — no wait, that was nuking hurricanes, you threw the paper towels at the people who survived the hurricane. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Melania wore her stilettos into a disaster area, and that was before she went to Texas with the pea coat, and after Trump marked up the weather map with a sharpie, I think. If they put me in cryogenic freeze, next to Walt Disney, tonight, when they defrost me in a few centuries, this is what I’ll sound like.

How did we survive that asshole? Dear God, how did we survive?


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  1. It’s a brave new world out there, Ms. Ursala. Uncle Joe and Auntie Kamala are in charge, enacting big things with more more big things to come. The GOP are being exposed, rightfully, as the toxic people that they are. The Progressives are pushing for good things.
    It’s good to sip some Fair Trade coffee thinking of these events.


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