Just two short years ago, mainstream psychiatrists decried as foolish and useless the armchair analyses being propounded by many mental health professionals who diagnosed from afar that the mental state of the “Leader of the Free World” might be just a little less than stable.

But with the continual avalanche of weird and bizarre behavior, the blizzard of freak shows and obscene twitters, the tsunami of acceptance after acceptance of instances of abuse, assault, rape, and imprisonment of children (from Epstein to our Southern border)… and quite simply the repugnant policies and crimes against nature and humanity…top psychiatrists today have finally climbed down from their ivory towers and have now concluded that he “can no longer see reality.”

Well, well, well… we non experts (who spend most of our walking around time) right here on earth, declare, “Welcome to our world”!

So let’s review the arithmetic: We  have a man in control of the nuclear codes who just happens to lack mental capacity… who is asleep at the wheel…a situation that is exacerbated by a 1/3 hard core “base of the population” who will not recognize that he is asleep….and a Republican/McConnel controlled Senate, too craven to do their oversight job…what could possibly go wrong?!

I suggest that if we are lucky enough not to get blown up by an accidental nuclear war because Mr. “Reality Optional “, the man “who can no longer see reality” has a bad perception day … (For example, he’s in love with a short fat Korean man with a bad haircut…but he’s “not attracted” to half of the good looking women he denies assaulting), I submit that we  have unassailable evidence of a very serious perceptual problem. I further submit that all of his appointments to the federal bench should  be reversed on the grounds of a mental incompetence that unpredictably prevents him from properly perceiving reality more often than not.

But let us not forget that even though his tenuous grip on reality often gives him a view that is quite apart from objective reality…to disastrous effect… there are other times when his vision is as clear and penetrating as  a laser… as when he is able to zero in on an opponent’s weaknesses or when he identifies his core supporters’ grievances, anger, resentments and frustrations,  which he exploits better than anyone…also to disastrous effect.

The problem for the world is that he is clearly a danger in either case. As the investigations against him begin to unfold, the possible emerging scenarios are not promising. If he simply defies all judicial orders, such as ignoring subpoenas or refusing to remove language from the census forms per court order, such defiance will further paralyze an already decimated and mal-functioning government.

If he complies with the subpoenas and his compliance reveals reams of evidence of years of misdeeds that threaten to unravel the underpinnings of his financial empire (such as it is), this too will also be a disaster.

The mental strain he is about to experience in either event is certain to throw him into more and more tailspins, causing either more spells of dangerous unrealities or more spells of laser focus anger and hatred aimed at successfully insulting his political opponents… further dividing our country…but making him feel better. Some choice!

And God forbid if all of the investigations find nothing at all amiss. Is such a result even possible? His crowing will become more insufferable than ever. Perish the thought!

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  1. Bingo, he is the cock of the walk, personified … he is SO PROUD of his incompetence and failures, just because, ANY attention he receives is SO important to his narcissism … the occasional stuttering, back stepping is always passed off to someone else, especially Democrats, their horrible lies and fails to glorify his being the king are wearing quite thin now and the GOP better be careful, because supporting the orange blushed rapist is getting set out on micro thin ice as well … all the flash-bang statements from the not-so-smart Republicans in our House, re-defining the word racist to something less, but hey, a person cannot be a partial racist, any more than when Trump lumps all POC into the same term …. “Non-White”, his ideal result of all the horrible things he has said and done, his drooling over every young, “White Girl”, sizing them up for an imagined fling in a shuttered Mar-a-Lago …!! (revisiting his playtime with Epstein there years ago with 28 beautiful young girls)

    The GOP has about two clicks to censure this baboon as the proverbial manure is going to meet that powerful fan and the result of that will provide so much flying crap they won’t find anyplace to hide …

    The outline of McConnell on the wall won’t save him or any other fog-horn-leg-horn Republican, the GOP is in self-destruct mode already, and the stench is enough to make eyes water …


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