Coatless Gym Jordan is getting all set for the first hearing of his Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on Thursday, but his potential list of witnesses to attest to the victimization of the poor beleaguered rabid right has left some critics with cramped facial muscles from too much eye-rolling and guffawing:

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“Its first hearing isn’t until Thursday but already Chairman Jim Jordan‘s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is being mocked after the list of witnesses was released.

NBC News’ Garrett Haake reports testifying before the committee on Thursday will be ex-Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and former FBI special agent Nicole Parker.”“

Well, that’s quite a line up.

Tulsi Gabbard, former Congress critter from Hawaii, who eight out of ten Americans, including those who watch Fox News, couldn’t identify in a line up, but who, I suppose, can falsely claim that rational people have been made biased against her for supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad and propagating the false Russian story of Ukrainian-American bio-weapons lab.

Russian tool Ron Johnson who repeats so many Kremlin backed story lines that if his Russian writers stopped sending speeches to him would have nothing of substance to say;

Iowa barnyard philosopher Chuck Grassley, whose reports of hoot owl sightings and the doings of earth worms in his backyard have held the nation transfixed;

And Nicole Parker who left? her job in the FBI to become a Fox News talking head and frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s show.

Now that will be some compelling television:

“Johnson actively pushed the WI legislature & the VP to overturn the election. Tulsi used her perch in Congress to secretly meet with Assad & whitewash his war crimes, so in a sense, they are indeed experts on weaponizing gov’t. [sic],” mocked former Hillary Clinton foreign policy spokesperson Jesse Lehrich.

Jim Manley, a top aide to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, described the panel as “low energy.”

NBC News Justice reporter Ryan J. Reilly pre-deflated Parker’s possible contributions, citing her as saying: “’I was never asked to participate in anything that was political,’ Nicole Parker said in one of her Fox News hits (Hannity, specifically).”

Even CNN did not hide its skepticism, beginning its reporting with this line: “The GOP-led House select subcommittee on so-called weaponization of the federal government will draw upon a prominent ex-Democrat, two of their Republican Senate colleagues, and a former FBI agent in their first public hearing to discuss how they believe the government has been weaponized against conservatives, multiple sources familiar with the plans tell CNN.”

So, get on top of your trailers to adjust your 25 foot antennas and pull your tin foil hats down just a little harder, MAGA nation, Jim Jordan has rolled up his sleeves and has just the spectacle for ya’ll.

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  1. I wonder if it has occurred to Johnson & Grassley (esp. RojJo the Moscow Circus Clown) that Democrats get to ask questions too. Maybe this is one of those times when the lawmakers should cede the spotlight and turn over their time to Democratic Counsel, one with prosecutorial experience. Given the weaponization of govt. to stop President Biden from taking Office there are plenty of relevant questions for these two asshats. Jordan would of course pitch a fit. My bet is that a true food fight (only with him flinging turds like a monkey in a zoo) and an adjournment. And wind up covering everything his precious committee does moving forward in shit.

    Oh, and in the opening statements the Ranking Member should make a very sharp point about Johnson in particular being unwilling to appear to testify when Democrats called on him to do so. I think a split screen showing RoJo and Grassley’s reaction to being called out for their hypocrisy would be priceless, not to mention great TV.

    • Oops.
      I think a good chunk of the GOP couldn’t pass high school.civics. Teanna bet theybeill.shut down any Democracy who asks for facts,and evidence their claims?
      Dear Gym.Jordan:
      It isn’t “weaponzation” when a mob of people calling for the death of the VP,the Speaker of the House, AOC, the Majority Leader, and any Democrats they can lynch, are arrested for trespassing, violent attacks on Capitol Police while searching for victims to kill and destruction of property.They weren’t arrested for being conservstives. They were arrested for breaking the law. If antics had been ate the forefront (,they weren’t; in fact they posted on FB and other bulletin boards warning g people to.stay home to.avoid being blamed and set up. Nope, those conservatives were neo-Nazis, militia cosplay soldiers, and other right-wing extremists breaking They were arrested because they committed crimes
      If conservatives don’t want to be arrested,,maybe they should avoid behaving like thugs.

    • Dammit, you are asking these clowns to think. They don’t have that setting on their tin foil hats. You are going to embarrass them. Whenever I see stuff like this. I think about my favorite Martian. He had these antennae that he could extend out of his head so he could communicate with his friends.

  2. Yeah they get to ask but who will hear when they will be talked over, screamed at, and ignored by jimbo. Another reality TV show. Its a tough call. I think I’ll watch the blonde twins with fake breasts, fake lips, fake butts, and no personality down in Miami looking for fake love. Or maybe the 1000 lb sisters. America. So much to see in this red white and blue carnival. When does the Apprentice get back on with the fake white rich guy?

    • Grassley hasn’t been awake in 20 years unless he is talking about the earthworms in his back yard. His people sent him to Congress because they thought he would cause less trouble with his fellow idiots. Most of us hope they are reconsidering.


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