Question: Is this the face you make when you see your ex with someone new?


So far, the highlight of the G20 summit in Argentina has been the spectacle of Vladmir Putin and Mohammad bin Salman “high-fiving” one another as they met to discuss expanding their respective spheres of influence in the world.  According to Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo, “Heads of state high fives are always wild to see”.  And murderers gleefully exchanging high fives are wilder…


While Putin and bin Salman were asserting their alpha dominance, Trump could be seen skulking in the background.

Question: Is this the face you make when you see your ex with someone new?

Poor Donny has just realized that not only has he been replaced, but that the diminishment of the American President, which is routinely displayed through the incompetence of Trump and his Administration, actually leads to the erosion of American diplomatic influence on the world stage.


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  1. Total burn Maymebarth. This is quite a photo. Does Trump have enough self awareness to know he is being made a fool of? If so, this might push him in an even more awful direction to ‘impress’ his boss.

  2. HE HAS A LASER STARE at those rapid hand girations and like when Obama joked about Trump those many months ago, he has that jack-jawed look, trying to hold the bile down out of his throat ….
    First, and foremost, Trump is an also-ran in the back row, as if he does not exist, the saudi Prince does not see him, and does not care anyway, Putin is having a smile fest, and certainly, Putin knows where most of the gold bullion exists, NOT with anything Trump can do in his new flaccid position, under scrutiny by hundreds of Mueller’s many talented investigators …. Trump’s own criminal clan around him in the WH are avoiding him as possible … with more from Mueller –fireworks to come soon, we have to hope DJT does not destroy anymore things priceless to our citizens …


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