Three years ago, Michael Bloomberg, a fellow New Yorker, former Mayor of New York City, a capitalist for real warned us about this cheap con man.

Three years ago, Hillary Clinton, a fellow presidential candidate, an experienced public servant, a politician for real warned us about an unfit temperament.

Three year later…No lie is too small. No repetitions are too few. No betrayals are too dishonorable. No moral compass is so nonfunctional

Our inept little cartoon fool is now in danger of fooling  no one but  himself. This lie making, self-deluding,  menace making, needy, needy, needy little person has not even mastered the simplest “mistake fixing/instant cure” move in the world, with which every teenager who ever gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar is familiar. “Whoops, my mistake …let’s move on”.

We don’t need a wall. We need a 9’x10’ enclosure to constrain this clear and present danger from creating further harm, from making matters worse.

Trump’s tactics of attack, disparage, and  divide have now reached the point of diminishing marginal returns. Sensible supporters are now reacting to these tactics by abandoning the sinking ship in droves. Only the most deranged remain.

He is now stealing billions of dollars from the military to pay for a fiction (an unnecessary wall that he promised would protect us from illegal aliens sneaking into our country and which Mexico would pay for! 

He is messing with the wrong group of Americans!

Are you kidding me…these are not the farmers or the coal miners, both of whom have both lost plenty from his continued misguided attacks on windmills? This is stealing from the very people who risk life and limb, blood and fortune to protect us. Their families, who suffer the daily stress of worrying if whether their parents will survive the day, are now going to be deprived of funds to provide their children decent schools and other basic necessities and benefits to make their lives easier. These further deprivations are happening to them solely and only because a selfish, bone spur-5 time draft dodging, coward, (who never spent a day of his life in public service to a country which provided him at age 21 with a $400 million dollar head start in life), wants their money to fund a Presidential campaign, ego project.

Time to tell this negative, promise breaking, “no accomplishment”,  joke to go fuck himself. We can do better. We must do better.

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  1. Everything that the Tangerine Terdbucket touches turns to shite. He’s a pathological liar and thief and every word from his 5-year-old mentality reflects this.

  2. Pretty well sums it up, thank you.
    I am just so tired of it all, this Trumptanic dystopian nightmare keeps on not ending and it’s actually starting to affect my health. It’s hard to be sad and pissed off at the same time – all the time.
    I care too much for this country and what I thought we stood for. He is making a mockery of what I assumed I could count on.

    • I think that many of us, especially those who came of age during the Nixon years, believed that we had already fought & won many of these fights. We remember the days before we had environmental protections. Why would anyone want to go back to that? We remember almost losing many important species before we put laws in place to protect them. We remember the hellish choices women were forced to make before Roe v. Wade. I don’t want that America which was anything but great. It is all so very depressing. I think it has absolutely affected the health of many of us. I can’t remember ever feeling this hopeless or helpless. The guard rails we thought were in place turned out to be useless against the Republican party. I don’t trust the legitimacy of our elections or courts. These are dark days.


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