From everything I’m hearing, it’s still on for Trump to make another pathetic El Pendejo Presidente banana republic spectacle to triumphantly announce his campaign for the Presidency in 2024. Nothing could give me more pleasure. Because he’s walking into a political buzzsaw.

I recently wrote about how in the last 4 days, the traditional GOP long knives have come out for Trump. But ask yourself these two questions. Why, after 7 long years have a whole platoon of GOP operatives finally come out from behind Mama’s skirts, and started criticizing Traitor Tot, and demanding that the party move on? And why is the FUX News propaganda network giving them unfettered access to airtime? The answer is simple. Trump. Is. A. Stone. Cold. Loser. They can’t ignore that fact any longer, nor can they ignore the fact that Trump has to go.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. In the 2022 midterms, Americans made it crystal clear that they cared most about issues, and not ideological bullshit. The Democrats ran on abortion rights, racial equality, fixing the economy, and most importantly, the literal threat to our democracy from the far right MAGA agenda. The GOP, when it could remain on message, campaigned on The Gruesome Twosome, The economy and crime. Which could have worked against a President as unpopular as Biden.

Two problems for the GOP. It turned out that the American people are Smarter than a 3rd grader, which makes them twice as smart as a Republican. The current voting population of the United States is younger and more savvy than the older, less educated, scared GOP base. They understood that while they might hate inflation, there is little that the President or a party can do to control it. And when it came to crime, they realized that if you want to lower crime, you change the Mayor! There is little a Governor or Senator can do about that.

In the wake of Tuesday nights results, The Democrats response to the Trump debacle has been pitch perfect. Both Biden and Schumer have praised the results as a thorough repudiation of far right MAGA authorian goals. The Democrats are well aware that there is a full blown civil war going on in the GOP, and they’re more than happy to throw gasoline on that fire.

But here’s the real reason why any Trump run in 2024 is doomed to failure. In 2016 Trump lost the national popular vote by some 3 million. In 2017 he lost 40 seats in the House, and earned 2 impeachment trials for his trouble. In 2020 Trump lost by 7 million votes and lost the Senate as well, giving Biden a popular mandate, which he followed through on. Trump. Is. A. Loser.

But here’s what binds the cheese. For more than 50 years, the GOP has used winks, nods, coded phrases, and dog whistles in order to use overt racism to their advantage, while maintaining plausible deniability for the non racist portion of the population. Trump changed that. He embraced overt racism, and sought out and coddled far right racist and anti government groups. This wasn’t a bug, it was a feature.

But nowhere was that more evident than in the fallout after the 2020 election. Led by constitutional law ignoramus John Eastman, Trump embarked on a nationwide campaign to overturn the election through the courts. Which went down in flames like the Hindenburg. Trump went 1-63 in court challenges, and the only one he won was a procedural suit that didn’t change a single vote.

And then the Trump GOP jumped the shark. They made it perfectly clear that the 2024 goal for Trump was to use the 2022 midterms to put election deniers in sensitive elective positions that would allow the GOP legislatures to overturn the popular vote on palsied charges, and send Trump electors instead.

Which just went the way of the dookie bird. In PA, Democrat Josh Shapiro won the Governor’s mansion, which allows him to pick a Democratic Secretary of State. In WI, Democratic incumbent Tony Evers won re elections for Governor, giving him stoppers over the legislature. In MI, not only did the Democrats sweep the statewide offices, but also flipped the legislature for the first time in 40 years. In NV, the only statewide the Democrats lost was for Governor, where Steve Sisolak became the ultimate Covid victim, but they increased their margins in the legislature. In AZ, Trombie election denier Kari Lake is down, and looking lost, and the Democrats won the AG and SoS spots. And in GA, Kemp and Raffensperger, who defied Trump in 2020 are still around, and no more likely to help him in 2024 than they were in 2020.

If Trump makes it through the primaries, he’s toast. He can’t win the national popular vote. Coming out of 2020, Trump’s entire 2024 strategy was to use slavish acolytes in GOP controlled statewide offices and legislatures in critical swing states to send alternate slates of electors to the electoral college. But that’s all gone now. While His Lowness may have sent 168 slavish Trombies back to the House, he lost every critical statewide office to make his plan come true in 2024.

And one more thing. We already know that Trump no longer has a viable path to victory if he survives the 2024 Mango Messiah bolted and formed a 3rd party, taking his 30% GOP base with him, which would sink the entire party in 2024. As a firm believer in the two party system, it grieves me to say that I can’t see how the GOP can fix this shit soon enough.primaries. But if another candidate like DeSantis beats him in the primaries, he’ll devote his life to destroying him. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Cheeto Prophet bolted from the GOP to form a 3rd party, and take his 30% base with him. As a firm believer in the two party system, it grieves me to say that the GOP mainstream can’t fix this soon enough to avoid a debacle.

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  1. For a two party system to work, both parties have to make sure it does. When one of them decides they want a one party system, the whole system stops working.

    We have to go back to a system that all parties believe in, and where the future of the country is more important than the future of any party. If the GOP can’t reform itself, it’s time for a new party- and it’s long past time that America had a party of the left and a party of the right, instead of two parties to the right, one centrist and one fascist.

    It’s past time for Democrats to become a true center left progressive party, that’s where the policies that most people want are, so that’s where the votes are.

    Just ask anyone under 30.

    • There is never any “back” to go back to. Indeed, it’s a big part of how we wound up in this mess, one of those things you could learn from asking Gen Z. What is long overdue is the demise of the Reagan Coalition, which is happening now. What follows after will be nothing you could ever imagine, just like all the other generations that came before you.

      I would therefore caution you to avoid projecting TOO much of your own thwarted hopes onto the kids who saved democracy. It’s their world now, complete with their own dreams and nightmares. If we are fortunate, they’ll allow us to advise them. But controlling them is now forever out of the question.

    • What’s really past time is for this country to become a nation with an actual multi-party election system. I seriously doubt we’d be where we are today if this country had real and true representation for all the people. Our current system favors the two parties, dem and ‘pube, and tries to make it as difficult as possible for other parties to mount candidates especially at the federal level. Ranked choice voting might make some inroads for congressional voting but will have little to no impact on presidential elections.

      Before the tea bagger/free-dumb caucus/magats joined the ‘pubes, there was precious little difference between the dems and the ‘pubes: abortion and voting rights primarily. The reason there was so little difference is because two parties are not enough for all viewpoints and when you try to get them all under “one tent” you get the mush of trying to please all the factions while actually accomplishing nothing. Having the many factions of each party go off to form their own parties would make our country would actually go far toward making Congress at least more accountable to all the voters. I myself would much rather support another New Alliance Party candidate for instance (like I did in the 80’s-90’s) and have that support count for something. The best I can do right now is hold my nose and pull the lever for Tester and hope against all hell enough of what I believe goes thru because of other members in the Senate for instance.

      I’m not saying it will make things less messy in D.C. but the various voices will be heard. They’re not at present because these two parties, BOTH of them, are beholden to large wealthy/corporate interests. Divvying up/diluting the power might help to dilute the sewage that was the result of Citizens United. Maybe. Fact is C.U. is a democracy destroyer and it has almost accomplished it’s work and any positive changes to the system might be too late.

        • Or the way Israel has esentially put Netanyahu back in charge (as the Wiki page on the 2022 Israeli legislative elections page puts it at the end, “Netanyahu was given the mandate to form the thirty-seventh government of Israel by President Herzog on 13 November”–that’s today and its source is the WSJ).

        • The UK is not now self-destructing (any more than usual, anyway), and to the extent it has been recently (more than usual) this is nothing to do with having a multi-party system, as the government has an overall majority. In practice, Britain is largely a 2-party system anyway (Labour & Conservative), as the electoral system constrains voters’ realistic choices. You, ultimately, have a multi-party system too, but with even bigger barriers to entry than the UK.
          Yes, a multi-party system is no cure-all – it depends how it’s done. A ranked-choice system in which more than one preference carries some weight, is more sophisticated a system than is generally used; Britain (no proportionality) and Israel (unusually strict proportionality) are kind of opposite systems, but both are crude compared with what they could be.

          • We will learn if that unduly optimistic outlook on your local politics was accurate or copium soon enough. I should mention that nothing I’ve seen so far this century tells me this is anything but the second option.

        • The UK is essentially two parties, better examples of multi-party democracies that work well are the entire rest of Europe, or Australia and New Zealand.

        • I’d rather have more difficulties getting laws passed/biz done and all different factions represented than what we have at present. Democracy is messy and always has been.

    • Or even some old white folks like me! If Traitor Tot splits from the republiQanons and takes his MAGAt cult with him, whatever is left of the GQP will not be as much of a problem.
      BTW how has Traitor Tot not yet been tried, convicted, and shot for his many acts of TREASON!?!?

      • Vast criminal conspiracies, even incompetently run ones, take time to track down, Nonya. Once upon our time, our crowd LOVED talking up “rule of law”. If the aftermath of Trump’s reign of error has taught me anything, it’s that too many think “rule of law” means “all my enemies will be punished as much as I want them to.” That’s the MAGA POV on life…the people we are supposedly better than. It’s past time we lived up to our lofty rhetoric…and that starts with an ACTUAL understanding of what rule of law means. Want a primer, seek out Teri Kanefield.

  2. As usual, a great article, BUT (as usual) it’s littered with lots of typos and grammatical errors. The entire last paragraph is a smorgasbord of jumbled thoughts and sentences that simply were not proofread before typing “send”. Such carelessness only undercuts the author’s credibility and makes one question whether it’s worth reading articles from him in the future.

    • This has already been explained to you. At this point, you’re being a troll with nothing better to do. Unless you’ve got something worthwhile to say, kindly STFU.

    • This author has glaucoma, as you’ve been told. It does not affect his intellect or wit. He also has more credibility in his pinkie finger than you do in whatever passes for your brain.

    • I rarely, if ever, notice your commenting on any other article and since you seem to post the same nonsense when you’re commenting on one of Murf’s articles, I’m going along with Bareshark and relegating you to the status of “troll.”

      Either read the responses to the asinine comments you post, or stop posting the comments at all.

  3. “And when it came to crime, they realized that if you want to lower crime, you change the Mayor! There is little a Governor or Senator can do about that.”

    Not to mention, the GOP’s little “war on crime” issue kind of fell flat when it came to ALL crimes. Apparently, they had no problem letting a crime go by when it involved a former President’s hiding classified documents that he’d “unlawfully” removed from the White House when he left office. And, of course, the whole “defund the FBI” matter coming from the same folks who derided/attacked the “Left” over the “defund the police” issue didn’t help matters either (especially when the FBI are the ones who generally take the lead on a number of criminal matters–such as human trafficking and kidnapping and counterfeiting; you know, the “unimportant” crimes).

  4. As far as fixing the economy, which is a world wide problem, they astoundingly trust the repubs to do that! As if they ever did anything for the working class.


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