Ladies and Gentleman. I give you Ron DeSantis and what might be the most “DeSantis” story ever heard.

First, for those that don’t know, the entirety of the Right is now furious with Anheuser Busch for putting a prominent trans influencer on a can of Bud Light. THAT is not to be done and any self-respecting conservative must lash out at it, just as conservatives hate Disney (speaking of DeSantis).

Kid Rock demonstrated his MAGA sophistication by utilizing two conservative “musts,” he shot up a case of Bud Light with his assault rifle.

Now, Ron DeSantis steps up to the plate. From Florida Politics:

In comments exclusive to “The Benny Show,” the Governor vowed never to drink the domestic lager again before offering another big reveal of his own: that his favorite brew isn’t even American.

“Why would you want to drink Bud Light? I mean, like, honestly that’s like them rubbing our faces in it and it’s like these companies that do this, if they never have any response, they’re just going to keep doing it. If you don’t have conservative beer drinkers, you’re going to feel that. And so, you know, I think it’s a righteous thing.”

While the Governor admitted he had been photographed drinking a normal Budweiser, he said he preferred Guinness Stout. “Years ago we went to Dublin and we’ve always been a fan ever since.”

Nice. He prefers foreign beers over American. And wants to be president.

Yes, Bud Light is rubbing your bigotted nose in it. It is nothing more than an attempt to just respect others and their identity. But that’s too much to ask of the conservative Right.

Oh, and we don’t want to forget because this is important and this is what makes this the most “Ron DeSantis” story yet:


Is “corporate America” not made up of the American people? And it sure seems like the NON-AMERICAN Beer Guinness takes its pro-LGBTQ stance just as seriously as Bud Light!
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  1. As the climate burns and his state is overwhelmed with natural disasters, the concentration camp guard bleats about sh1tty beer. It figures that a little man that wears go go boots would like Guinness…
    Real men prefer Stella or martinis…..


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