This next clip puts me in mind of an original Outer Limits episode, where you could see that the alien on the monitor was the same person as a man in the briefing room because they were making the same outlandish gestures.

Gosar is speaking — or whatever this is — at the Arizona audit. Go ahead, leave the sound off and just watch his strange movements and gesticulations. Neurological damage? I have no idea. I’m only a doctor of jurisprudence.

What causes someone to dip and swing their head like that?

Parkinson’s can be treated and it is the least of what is wrong with Gosar. If they get a treatment for seditionist behavior and conspiracy theory, that’s what he should seek to cure first.

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  1. He was really throwing his hands and head around, like a marionette whose operator was dong something else at the same time.

  2. As much as I hate to admit that, on some level, dictators are correct that there are folks that can’t be reached, therefore a blindfold & a cigarette seems the only option. Of course, in America, one can cheat to win the presidency, exacerbate a deadly pandemic, lie, cheat & steal a boatload of money, attempt to cheat the 2nd time, lose, then instigate a coup, AS PRESIDENT!!! Seems a cigarette & a blindfold would be in order. Hell, I’ll spring for the cigs & I don’t even smoke. That way there’d be plenty for the rest of the traitors. When I feel a bit guilty, I remember D-day, juno beach, etc. That reminds me of what we’re being forced to deal with. Evil. Evil willing to destroy the human race for 30 pieces of silver, & dressed as respectable lawmakers, who wander around, wolves in sheep’s clothing. As Twain quipped, “it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

  3. Parkinson’s can cause dementia. So if he has it, he’s not necessarily “ok.” The medications for Parkinsons help slow or alleviate the motor problems, but not the mental deterioration.

  4. Tardive Dyskinesia from prolonged use of certain medications (most commonly anti-psychotics but also some meds for gastrointestinal disorders or some neurological ones) doesn’t manifest suddenly. So tempting as it might be to think maybe Gosar’s psychotropic meds have caught up with him that’s not a wise area for speculation.

    Parkinson’s can also produce this kind of movement, and while it can often be controlled by medication going off those meds will allow involuntary movements such as seen here. I’m not sure off the top of my head how long it takes for missing meds or intentionally going off them (as actor Michael J. Fox once did to make a point – and if you recall that Rush fucking Limbaugh went to town over it) but be careful about linking Parkinson’s with mental illness. It sometimes develops in time to mental illnesses in addition to the neurological processes that result in the muscle tremors (shaking) or more pronounced observable physical manifestations. However, the bulk of people with Parkinson’s don’t wind up becoming mentally ill.

    So please, be mindful of that as poking fun at an asshole like Gosar who does in fact give signs that’s he’s losing his mental faculties (and at an increasing rate) is Parkinson’s run amok can be harmful to the typical person with the disease.

    I hate this sumbitch. Even if he’s developed a mental illness he was an insufferable asshole long before it happened.

    • A beloved professor of mine in college had fairly bad Parkinson’s. I took a class from him, and wondered if I should stay in it. His vice and movements were distracting at first. I am so glad I stayed, and took several more classes from him. He was brilliant, and a kind, warm-hearted human being.

  5. Peaceful except for the over 1,000 that got carried away. He’ll make a nice addition to the orange sh*t-gibbon’s ticket: very good at messing about with the numbers….and of course with the truth.

  6. I will reluctantly accept the governmental authority to define the LEGAL point at which life begins at the moment that the republicans willingly give the IRS authorization to declare a fetus an income tax exemption, whether carried to term or not, in the year of gestation, and if a child tax credit is paid or credited for each month of gestation before actual birth.

  7. Gosar has got to be one of the biggest ass holes

    Moderator’s Note: For those popping up recently trying to post bullshit, yes this kind of name calling is allowed. (Full disclosure – I’ve engaged in it myself both here and elsewhere) Call the bulk of us here names and insult our beliefs if you like. Just don’t threaten violence, or try to post disinformation. Stuff that’s been proven false by independent fact checking organizations, the tinfoil hat/Q/bat-shit crazy CT is NOT allowed. Sometimes I dish out the insults so I expect to sometimes get them thrown back at me. I’m a big boy and between all my coaches in high school and college, and later my DIs and Troop Handlers during my training in the Corps I’ve been through worse than any of you conservative peckerheads can come up with. But the disinformation and flat out lies will get you banned. We do at least try to offer a warning though.


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