You know, this is almost too stupid even for Trump, but of course, since it’s Trump, it can’t be too stupid. But you tell me. How stupid is it to turn a hush money payment that handled properly isn’t even illegal in New York state, and turn it into a political circus that could annihilate the GOP in 2024?

It’s already started. Emperor Numbus Nuttus is already putting on his martyr hat by running around on Bullshit Social predicting his arrest on Tuesday, which is impossible since Trump’s own lawyer says he will voluntarily turn himself in if indicted, and and frothing up his mentally unstable far right base to protest, whatever bloody melee that turns out to be. But it’s what’s going on behind the scenes, in the GOP that is going to turn this into a neutron bomb for the GOP in 2024.

Look, I have no idea if Traitor Tot contacted House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy and told him to make himself look like a total asshole again, or if McCarthy jumped the gun to make sure he didn’t screw the pooch a 2nd time. Either way the practical effect is the same.

Following His Lowness’s social media belch, McCarthy took straight to Twitter to angrily proclaim that he would use the full weight of the federal government to investigate an out of control DA conducting a political prosecution of President Trump. Yeah, you heard that right. The House Squeaker is going to use his official office to conduct a politically motivated House investigation into a District Attorney properly discharging his duties as his oath requires. Remind me again, Gym Bag, who weaponized the United States government?

But whatever it was, it was sweet, sweet music to El Pendejo Presidente’s ears. Because McCarthy sitting there snapping and snarling like a terrier on the safe side of the screen door, it gave Trump his opening. Mainly his opening to turn his secret penance for getting laid 16 years ago into a GOP loyalty test and campaign issue for 2024. 

Now that McCarthy became the first domino by rolling over to get his tummy skritched by Glorious Bleater, Trump’s next move will be to demand a loyalty oath from everybody in the GOP by following Kreepy Kevin’s lead and blasting Bragg and the New York case. All GOP incumbents will know that their 2024 primary futures rest on their response to this crisis.

And that goes for every 2024 GOP presidential primary candidate as well. After all, primaries are an almost exclusively base affair, and the base that votes in primaries belongs to Trump. The most obvious victim here is Florida Governor Ron Pissantis. Pissantis is running as Trump without the baggage, but he still needs to peel off at least some Trump base voters to combine with disgruntled former Trump voters.

If DeSantis plays the game, and denounces the Manhattan DA case, then he looks like he’s still subservient to Trump, and loses the disgruntled former Trump voters he’s trying to snare. And if he declines, then he becomes a race traitor to MAGA world, and can forget getting votes even from dead relatives.

Oddly enough the ones who potentially benefit the most from this are candidates like Haley, Pence, and Pimpeo. They can announce support for letting the process work itself out, thereby showing their moderate independence from Trump. The problem is, that the kinds of voters they’ll be impressing are the very ones who don’t show up to vote in primaries. Ouch!

But here’s why this matters far beyond the GOP presidential primaries, and deep into the 2024 campaign. And that is because whether you’re talking about Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s hush money case, or Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s investigation, or Jack Smith’s J6 insurrection investigation, they all share one common thread, and that common thread is the last one that the GOP wants to pull right now.

  • Bragg’s case is about illegally paying hush money to a porn star in an effort to keep her story from costing Trump the 2016 election
  • Willis’s case deals with the pressure campaign Trump and close allies put on Georgia officials to overturn the results of the 2020 election
  • And Jack Smith’s J6 investigation deals directly related to Trump’s attempt to delay and overturn the results of the 2020 election

Yeah, all three of those cases deal directly with Trump either trying to sway the results of an election, or to subvert and overturn the results of the 2020 election! It all comes down to election fraud, and two of them deal directly with election fraud concerning the 2020 election.

Yeah, the goddamned 2020 election again. The same election and issue that every sane voter in the country, including most noninstitutionalized Trump supporters is sick to death of hearing about! But guess what, bunkies? Starting the day after the Fulton County DA indictments are unsealed, that’s all you’re going to hear about from the GOP, especially the House GOP.

And McCarthy made it possible. When McCarthy snapped off a stupid and frankly career threatening tweet about pressuring a DA from doing his job, he allowed Trump to turn it into a litmus test for every GOP incumbent and candidate. And a guaran-freakin-tee that the day after the Fulton County indictments are unsealed, McCarthy will go postal on her too. Which will allow Il Douche to make that a loyalty test as well. And if Smith comes down with J6 related charges including Trump, the feeding frenzy will be on.

Because finally the GOP will have something comfortable and familiar in their wheelhouse to deal with in the House. They have no plans, no agenda, and no solutions. And their vaunted oversight committee investigations are turning out to be mega turds. And after 26 long months of trying to relitigate and explain away the events of January 6th, that’s as cozy and comfy for them as Mr. Rogers putting on those slippers. They’ll re-task the committees into investigating the origins and tactics of the Bragg, Willis, and Smith charges.

Which is the last thing that moderate Democratic or GOP voters, and independents want to hear. But hell, if it comes down to a choice between winning a national election and taking power, or covering for The Cheeto Prophet’s mangy ass, the GOP has already made that choice over and over again. This is the hill they’re willing to die on. Maybe permanently.

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  1. It’s more of a problem for the GOP than you laid out. For criminal defendants, and usually for defendants in civil cases too a delay in the start of a trial is almost as good as winning. As we know, Trump does everything in his power to drag shit out. He will file motion after motion for a delay, and when he loses appeal on each and every one. Forget about his legal woes being handled before the end of this year. Nope. This stuff, and we’re talking multiple trials well drag on well into 2024! That’s the last thing the GOP wants or needs. Well, except for the KKKrazy KKKaucus types. And McConnell? I’m starting to wonder if he’ll even finish out his current term. His whole reason for hanging on at this point it to again become Majority Leader. With a Senate map that in normal times and with more traditional GOP candidates his chances of going out on-top (so to speak) would be pretty good. Trump has already made that problematic and now? Democrat’s chances of holding the Senate are going to be getting a big boost thanks to Trump! Worse for the GOP and what’s really causing the brain trust (the ones that actually know shit and how to win elections) heartburn is the down ballot losses they’ve started having. Trump’s antics are going to continue to hurt the GOP there too. As we’ve seen, even in some of the red states supermajorities have been broken and semi-sane GOP voters have learned from the Kansas experiment and shown a willingness to put a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion. Without the ability to override some of their extreme shit that gets vetoed it will give us a fighting chance to save our democracy.

    Again, because as you’ve pointed out Trump is TRUMP and he’s not going to change!

  2. You can always count on Lady Lindsey Graham, and sock-puppet Craven McCarthy to step up and make fools of themselves. After Donnie’s fomenting a riot on January 6, it would be great if the judge at his arraignment took into account his recent bleat and denied him bail until his trial as a danger to society. Let his fat ass rot in a holding cell. At least we wouldn’t have to hear from him.

    • As much as I’d LOVE tantrumthinskin in jail and NOT hearing from him for several months, he isn’t going to spend even 5 min in a holding cell. They may make him put on an ankle bracelet & turn in his passport (Altho I don’t know if ANY countries are eager to allow him entry into their borders anyway) he is under secret service protection for life. He might sit under house arrest at his banquet hall but he’s not going to jail.

  3. The voters had the chance to do far more damage in 2022 than in 2020, but still they returned the house to the rethugs. How I wish we could accurately predict what they will do. Jimmy Carter, bless his heart, was the last president to be elected because of shock and horror among voters. It was a kneejerk rebound election, even though Nixon was reelected in DURING the first publicity regarding the Watergate break-in. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average voter to get it right too often.


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