In my growing fantasy, escape world, where I tend to be spending more and more of my time lately, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that the Donald Trump administration will be coming to an end soon, in any event, barring some unforeseen miracle. Either Trump will soon announce triumphantly and with great pomp and hoopla, that he brought the United States the greatest economy in the history of the world, any world, but because of a Pandemic Conspiracy, led by the Democratic party, the Deep State and other un-named enemies, his grand, unprecedented accomplishment was destroyed. Therefore, he has decided to retire immediately and let others try to resurrect the great economy that he once so generously gifted us with.

The bad news is that the end of his administration will be a slow process, accompanied by a media blitz that will coincide with the establishment of what Trump had intended to do when he lost in 2016, and that is Trump TV. He and Steve Bannon plotted that out and then they found themselves in a situation like Mel Brook’s “The Producers” with a hit on their hands.

While every talking head in the country is busy expressing befuddlement, venturing opinions and predictions, hosting panels about how often can Donald be consistently wrong on every issue, and asking how long can he remain on the wrong side of history, Trump will be behind the scenes cobbling together the Trump Triumph TV Network and he’ll use all of the above-enumerated as fodder to spin on how he’s a winner.  Program topics will be endless; pick your own guesses or recommendations, for commercial teasers, such as, “Live at Four O’clock on Trump T.V. , the Greatest Former President Ever, Impeached, Indicted or Otherwise”, or Trump’s own version of the game show “To Tell The Truth.” Trump will hold forth on matters such as:

  1. Systemic Racism, Explained and Simplified: “It is only a few rotten apples”; or
  2. Black Lives Don’t Matter any more than all lives matter; or
  3. “Stop and Frisk” will improve lives in black communities almost as much as the Donald’s administration’s policies have improved black lives.
  4. Confederate Heros of the Past and Present: Trump will explain the need for a new fund to not only preserve the “heritage” of the past but to erect statues of current “Sons of the South,” (read modern-day southern outlaws and traitors) like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. And of course Trump will want a statue of himself and Bill Barr and maybe even a statuette for Rudy Giuliani.
  5. The real explanation of the “Kung Flu” hoax, which the Donald wisely decided to delegate control of to the governors of each state, suggesting that “benign neglect” would be the best policy to maintain the “low” numbers of death and suffering that were achieved.
  6. How Trump’s “confidence inspiring” example of not wearing a mask in public “saved” our economy from catering; and last but not least, always a popular topic
  7. The case that “Obamacare” should be abolished. After all, “only” 30 million people will lose their coverage during a period of a pandemic and a depression. What could possibly go wrong.

The topics are endless and endlessly nauseating. The gist and the grist for this ever-proliferating conspiracy mill, the latest TV/Radio Network for Wingnuts, will be the personal anecdotes and musings of one man, The Donald. The subscription for all of these pearls of wisdom will be for you, Mr. and Mrs. Right Wing American Consumer, only $9.99 per month. Keep in mind that your new mega MAGA media star will have more material to call upon then he has ever had before, so he can fill stadiums full of people to listen to his sermons or rants that will exceed all of the mega preachers from Billy Graham to Rush Limbaugh to Howard Stern. His fame and adulation will be as immense as his amounts of money rolling in. Music to Donald’s ears.

Trump will be able to luxuriate in the warmth of any one of his many mansions/homes, indulging himself in his favorite activities, such as eating, watching television and complaining, aided and assisted with the comfort of his hooker of the week. He will no longer need to waste his time reading tedious intelligent reports; no longer need to strain within unintelligible foreign entanglements in faraway places, whose golf courses he does not even like. Even the lawsuits and the prosecutions which he will have to defend, will not only NOT be a problem, they will simply just provide more grist for his conspiracy mill.

He will barely need to hire writers for his shows or lectures because his various indictments and investigations will write themselves.  Of course, he will still have the services of Mr. Charm himself, the otherwise eminently unemployable Stephen Miller, to provide him with as many three syllable words that he can possibly utter without fear of sputter, spittle, or stutter.  His fearful, hateful, vengeful, KKK/Nazi/fascist, white supremacist, devoted audiences will be near orgasmic in anticipation of his every word This is a true win-win situation for Donald and his fanatic supporters. A closed feedback loop with an endless supply of conspiratorial material to keep them in a state of constant mutual ecstasy.

If you think that Donald’s recent actions, the clearly and deliberately racist policy recommendations and rhetoric, make little sense as a winning strategy for a person seeking re-election, you may be correct. His recent actions are of a man who is focusing his appeal to a narrow group of rabidly loyal followers, who may not be sufficient to elect him, but who will certainly be a large enough fan base to ensure him post presidency wealth in the style of a Saudi Prince, a style he became accustomed to during his presidency.

Trump could make Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Joel Osteen look like pip squeaks by comparison. Isn’t life during 2020 politics just grand?

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  1. The thought of “Drumpf TV” makes me glad I cut the cord.
    Hopefully his appearances will be from a federal prison on visiting day.

  2. Mike, I take issue with you placing Billy Graham in the same category as Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. In spite of the self-serving, Christ-denying, “prosperity-gospel” preaching actions of his wayward son Franklin, I believe Billy was a true Christian whose life was lived without controversy or scandal. I have often thought Billy must be flipping over in his grave over what’s going on in our nation.

  3. I think this could be his plan. However, as the great Scottish poet Robert Burns said so famously, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
    Gang aft agley. ” And thinking his plans will go so far astray they’ll make miscalculating the iceberg that took out the Titanic look like a simple error.

    Especially if you take into account Letitia James, the fierce, take-no-prisoners AG for the great state of New York: she hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to investigating the orange pseudo-pretender to the throne. Further, we have to remain alert that a Richard Nixon calculus isn’t in the mix, and make sure Biden knows we don’t give a fig about the impact throwing Trump in jail will have on our democracy. Hell, Trump has already done his damnedest to dismantle much of it already. No pardon for him. Nada, zip zilch pardons.

    • As long as he resigns or decides not to run, I really do not care what he does. When he no longer has his finger on the nuclear trigger, I will sleep better.

    • I hope that you are correct about Letitia James or any other prosecutor who has a case to bring. True Justice for Donald would be an occasional guest speech at the Sunday services for the congregation of the Church at the federal prison to which he is assigned by the BOP to serve out his sentence. He will be a fine sight in his Orange Jump Suit.

  4. I am betting even his base will be over him once he loses. And slipping into dementia does not make for good TV either.


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