There’s no fool like an old fool and this is Exhibit “A.” There are spies at Mar-a-Lago and what you’re about to watch is not the only piece of interesting tape that has been smuggled out of there, but it is one of the better ones.

I am willing to bet that Trump lies awake at night, just him and the ketchup bottles, wondering who is the club member(s) that need to be thrown out the door so that this doesn’t go on?

Or, it may be worse. It may not be a club member, he thinks, in the depth of his paranoia, it may be someone in his own family. Wouldn’t that be something? In any event, here is tough guy Donald Trump.

This is vintage Trump. Nobody can do anything better than him. He is the James Bond of all endeavors in life. Remember when COVID was raging and he bragged about how impressed the medical research people were with how well he understood things? He said it was a “natural” gift, understanding medicine?

And of course you heard ad nauseum how his political decisions were made on “instinct.” When you’re a stable genius, of course, your instincts are going to be better than anybody’s reasoned analysis. How could it be otherwise.

There’s no fool like an old fool should be put on a bumper sticker along with this image.

And did you catch this one when it came out? The Deity descends the staircase, presumably from Mt. Olympus.


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  1. He couldn’t win a shadow boxing contest. By the way trump…who the fuck are you pointing at?
    “You talking to me?” Travis from Taxi Driver
    It is clearly a cult. Given the blind suicidal nature of cults, including fascism, we should be prepared to fight. Listening to Rachel Maddow on the history of nazi infiltration in our history when 2 dozen members of congress, the most powerful at the time, worked with hitler’s nazi agent to use congress to his purpose. They were eventually voted out. Now, they’re voted in. Of course fascism couldn’t possibly take over America if you believe keyboard experts. They are gardeners in a war. Better to have warriors in the garden. It was no accident that a trained military man, unarmed, charged the armed murderer in the latest mass shooting in Colorado. He saved untold lives. Most citizens hide, run, or beg. Warriors fight. What’s the famous saying? If you want peace…prepare for war. Of course 99% of you have no idea what I’m talking about…you never spent 5 minutes in the military. Fire up your own fighting spirit. Your gonna need it.

  2. He thinks he’s brilliant, because one of his uncles was an engineering professor at MIT.
    And he has to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.

  3. I’m guessing the person getting the pic of the “boxer” did not get or did not show the one of trump knocking himself out with his own fists.


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