So much for the party of law and order, folks. NBC News has revealed a video, which you will see below. It depicts one Dylan Quattrucci, whose job title is (or was, when this hits home) the deputy state director of Donald Trump’s campaign in New Hampshire, Quatrucci was in Washington, D.C. on January 6 and he had choice words for a Capitol Police officer, one of many who were injured, killed, or died by suicide in the aftermath of that awful day.

And here’s yet another gem from this same winner in Trump’s circle.

Four officers who responded to the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, later died by suicide. The Justice Department determined this month that one of the officers, Jeffrey Smith, died in the line of duty as part of a process that awards survivor benefits to his widow.

Two people who are familiar with Quattrucci confirmed to NBC News that the man in the video is him. The video shows him wearing the same outfit he was wearing in tweets he posted that day that were first surfaced by WMUR-TV of Manchester. […]

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who testified in October at the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial, praised his former colleagues on Thursday night and called Quattrucci “a failure.”

“I hope Dylan Quattrucci will take the time to comprehend that 4 members of Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Dept did die via suicide and that the efforts to stop the certification of duly elected President Biden failed in part because of their brave heroics,” U.S. Dunn told NBC News in a text message. “You are a failure. Those men will be remembered for service to their country. And you’ll be remembered as the guy in the cheap suit during the failed insurrection.”

Trump has made defense of law enforcement a central tenet of his political identity, despite his supporters’ attack on police after the 2020 election. He has also portrayed the mob at the Capitol as patriots and said he would pardon a “large portion” of those convicted of crimes related to the riot.

Of course he would. Because life and death literally means nothing to Trump. The man is insane.

Quattrucci did not respond to a phone call and a text message seeking comment. Steven Cheung, the Trump campaign’s spokesman, did not provide a comment about the video and whether Quattrucci still works for the campaign.

Here’s another video. It cuts to (or should cut to at 6:48) Quattrucci jizzing over the fact that senators and congressmembers are “locked up in the Capitol.” Oh, yes, that was quite an exciting day. Quattrucci is just like Trump in one regard: this is a TV show to him. This is all a lark, a real hoot, even though people got killed, injured and disabled.

This is who works for the Republican party nowadays. This is who they are.

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  1. My reply to this festering anal boil masquerading as a human being is “take your own advice.” Hell, if he decided to do so but wanted it to be peaceful and painless I’ll happily help him set up his very own Dr. Kevorkian type suicide machine. Not that he deserves to go out so nicely but what the hell. He’s wasting space, food, water and oxygen decent human beings could be utilizing so the sooner he departs this life the better!



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