This explains the Saturday, all day meltdown on Truth Social. Donald Trump was massively upset at how “unfair” he was being treated and went on about all the “time” and “expense,” like this was new information that trials at law were time consuming and costly. This had people raising their eyebrows and wondering what he was talking about. Does he know the sky is blue, or is that new information as well? And bear in mind, the day before, he was moaning about how Fox News used unflattering photos of him, how dare they?

And in fact there was something else stuck in Trump’s craw all day. The Daily Mail is reporting that odds are being taken about how much Trump weighs. He won’t have Ronny Jackson there to fudge for him and tell the world how he’s going to live another 130 years when he gets booked in Fulton County. This is going to be real. Uh oh spaghetti-ohs.

As the deadline for Donald Trump to surrender for booking in Georgia looms, online sportsbooks are going wild with proposition bets on everything from his tie color to his body weight at booking.

One bookmaker site, Antigua-based BetOnline, on Friday offered an over/under of 273.5 pounds for Trump’s weight upon his surrender to authorities in Fulton County, noted gambling news Instagram account TheJuice.  […]

According to BetOnline employee Dave Mason, 77 percent of gamblers have taken the over bet on Trump’s weight so far, spurring the sportsbook to increase the total by eight pounds.

Trumpty is just going to have to do a Pinocchio kind of a deal here, except instead of his nose growing, he needs to gain about another 10-12 inches in height. Then he’ll have the BMI of an Olympic athlete. Maybe the bookies could make odds on that happening.

Other prop bets offered on BetOnline include whether Trump will be smiling in his Georgia mugshot.

Currently, the bookmaker heavily favors no mugshot smile, offering odds of 2-11 that the mugshot will remain dour.

On the subject of tie color, red is the favorite at 4-9 odds, or an implied probability of 69 percent. ‘No tie’ is the second favorite option at 17-4 odds, while ‘green’ offers the longest odds at 25-1.

Another online sportsbook, Curacao-based Bovada, is offering odds on whether Trump will be wearing a MAGA hat in his Georgia mugshot — an outcome listed on Friday at 25-1 odds.

He better be wearing a MAGA hat because you know he’s going to use this mugshot photo to fundraise. And he did well with the fake mugshot photo, so he might do very well indeed, with the real thing.

Or, maybe fundraising will boomerang on him and people are getting tired of being hit in the wallet.

We’ll know this week. As Kimberly Guilfoyle is so fond of predicting, “The best is yet to come.”


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    • I think he’s 300 pounds plus. I seriously do. He’s got a large frame, Germanic build and he’s tall and covered in blubber. Two hundred anything is too conservative a figure. And wasn’t 239 supposed to be a “good” weight for him, a non-overweight number? If that’s the case, then these people who quote 273 are saying he’s only 30 some pounds overweight. That’s bullshit. I’m 30 pounds overweight and I don’t have blubber like that hanging off me. He’s 70-80 pounds overweight. Trump has a weight problem, not just a bit too big but a lot too big.

      • If you place a bet on how much trump weighs in in Georgia, my experience tells me he’s about 325 in part he’s allegedly 6’3” and has fat legs and ass. Re a bet on a maga hat in the mug shot, they won’t let him. 🤷🏼‍♀️😳😂🤯🤪

      • I didn’t realize getting weighed was a thing for getting booked. Are they also going to check for tattoos or unusual scars?

  1. The MAGA hat is a sucker bet. I don’t doubt Trump might want to wear one to enhance his fundraising, but hat’s aren’t allowed in mugshots. As for the over/under on his weight if Trump wants to save face he should get his fat azz to Fulton County first thing Monday morning – because if the number jumped eight pounds as quickly as it did it’s going to jump a lot more with each passing day. My guess is that by Wed. it will be in the 325-330lb range. And THAT will generated enough speculation in the news that Trump will freak out about. Especially if he knows he will weigh in at an even higher amount. “Bigly” sacks of sh*t, whether made of cloth, plastic or nasty orange colored (thin) human skin are heavy! Which do you think will be more humiliating for him – having it reported he’s 325lb (or more) or being close enough to whatever the over/under number is that he’ll suffer through a “colonic” on his plane to lose a few extra pounds so he can “sell” that he was “under?” (Sorry for making anyone who read this run for the Brain Bleach)

  2. I can see it now, another Big Lie to bitch about as the scale accurately shows he’s a fat-ass but much like his election loss in 2020 he cannot take the truth. I suppose it will be a nice change from his constant whining about his election loss.

  3. I’d take the Over even if it was 300. No tie, Fulton County doesn’t want to risk Tre45on pulling an Epstein.

    Trump is clearly a danger to his own criminal defense, possibly even to himself in general. Will some judge remand him over on a 72-hour Psych Eval? I want to see how he spazzes out after that.

  4. “Trumpty is just going to have to do a Pinocchio kind of a deal here, except instead of his nose growing, he needs to gain about another 10-12 inches in height.”

    Trump needs only to live by the words of that oh-so-wise feline, Garfield: “I’m not overweight; I’m undertall.” (That is my most favorite line from Garfield, ahead of “Lasagna–nature’s most perfect food” and anything having to do with a hatred of Mondays.)

    • Garfield: fat, orange, egocentric, sometimes has a conscience and has been known to show remorse

      Trump: fat, orange, egocentric, without conscience, without remorse

      Garfield wins 2-0 on penalty kicks.

  5. Hey dumpy…if I were you, I’d lose that Depends you wear in favor of briefs. A wet Depends that size is gonna add 5-10 pounds, depending on how full it is. It won’t push you under 300 lbs., but it’s a start.

  6. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, weigh ~275, and don’t have anywhere near as much hanging flab as Traitor Tot! He weighs 325-350 if not more!

  7. I will go somewhere between 350 and 400. That’s just figuring he does play a lot of golf although he probably doesn’t walk much over 20 foot to the ball. I was looking at his waist and that’s gotta be around fifty. He just as big as Christy only he’s taller and more stretched out. I believe you have a good picture that shows his size where he with some young girl looking out some windows.


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