Desperate is as desperate does. The right-wing media machine’s newest churn is that the equivalent of a war crime was committed by the development of vaccines to combat COVID-19. One RWNJ who is on top of it is Stew Peters, frequently referred to as Stew Pidd.

As usual in wingnuttia, there are attorneys general allll over the country, who have secretly contacted Pidd, I mean Peters, because he and only he can set things right. When they’re not busy talking to Peters, they’re on the phone to Mike Lindell.

The AGs want to put together a Nuremburg-esque tribunal and get to the bottom of vaccines development. Why not? It will provide a little comic relief from the UFO madness currently choking up the news cycle.

I hope this tape doesn’t cross post with one of Trump bragging about how he saved millions if not billions of people by personally developing the vaccine. That could be awkward.

Citizen tribunals. Nuremberg tribunals. Executions. Gallows built in Washington. What a world we live in.



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  1. Note to the Maga crowd…just drink your goddamn cyanide grape juice to see jesus. Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up! And take that lying nazi turd with you!

  2. Well, if executions are due for the covid vaccines, the orange shit-gibbon and his pasty-faced ass kisser need to be the very first ones on the list. Hope this nut job realizes this.



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