The low-security federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut ain’t exactly Alcatraz, but it’s no cushy white collar only facility where handball courts and putting greens are more likely to be seen than iron bars and prison walls either.

Stephen “Three Shirts” Bannon, being a first timer and friend of the “boss” probably would have qualified for the easier time had he not been criming so damn much. But as he will be waiting to go on trial in New York for his part in bilking gullible MAGAs out of their Social Security checks in his ‘send me money to build the wall’ scheme at the same time he is serving time for not complying with a Congressional subpoena, his judge apparently thought the more secure incarceration location was appropriate:


(CNN)- “When former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon goes to prison, he won’t be serving time at what’s known as a “Club Fed,” the most comfortable type of facility in the federal system, as he had wanted, according to people familiar with the arrangements.

Instead of a minimum-security prison camp, where many nonviolent offenders serve their time, Bannon – now a right-wing podcaster with a following of loyal Trump supporters – is set to report next month to the low-security federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, one of the sources told CNN.

A federal judge ruled recently that Bannon must turn himself in by July 1 to begin serving a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress even as he appeals the case. His attorneys initially thought he may be able to do his time at a camp, the sources said.

But Bannon isn’t eligible for the lowest-level prison setup because he still has a pending criminal case against him in New York, where he is fighting the charges and set to go to trial in September. That case accuses him of defrauding donors in a fundraising effort branded the “We Build the Wall” campaign for a border wall between the US and Mexico.“

But let’s face it, sloppy Steve is not likely to do real hard time in Danbury either.

Though it does house some hardened criminal types, in such a testosterone fueled atmosphere, where most likely the one point of agreement between the cons and the cops who guard them might be their affection for Donald Felon Trump, Bannon is as apt to be hero as a pariah.

Still, we’ll count the fact that the gross one will be behind a wall where he belongs as a small victory.

How much better it would have been if Steve, after helping Trump and his fascist followers to acquire power had ended up in one of Stephen Miller’s dog kennels… but perhaps none big enough for an adult was available.

And although it is unlikely that such a coward as Bannon, after getting a taste of the loss of freedom that he would gladly impose on so many others will dare risk exposing himself to such deprivation again.

More’s the pity.

But we can always hope…

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  1. Will Decidedly Dirty Steve be made to wash, shave, have a haircut and clean his nails? Will he require help in doing so? As a Newby in the slammer, even a quasi-decent one like Danbury, Steve could well be put through some interesting initiation rites. Not everyone inside likes a scumbag.



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